Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Village dog + village cat = disturbance

Off to the village market with Wilf for a baguette and some croissants. On the way we came across Amilee the village cat. We know the cats name is Amilee because all the village children and their parents say ' bonjour Amilee ' to it when they're on their way to the bus stop. Naturally, they also say ' bonjour Vilfee ' as Wilf trots along unconcernedly beside me on his morning constitutional. Such is the innocent, unselfconscious nature of life in our little community of 67 souls.

Wilf usually ignores Amilee and vice versa. However this morning Amilee decided that Wilf had crossed some invisible line in the sand. There was an arching of the back, a hiss, and the next thing Wilf and I knew was that an aroused Amilee was bearing down on us. When faced with a fiery French feline female Wilf did the only thing any sensible male can do - howl and retreat. Back safely at home Wilf gave me his 'Blimey ! That was a turn up for the books' look.


  1. We hate cats...especially uppity ones.

    XXXOOO Daisy,Kendra & Bella

  2. Well I have to say that' Vilfee' did the right thing there. That cat has a distinctly evil look.
    Enjoy the croissants....
    Gail and Bertie.

  3. Hey there Mongoose!
    It sounds like you are having such fun in your village...bees, cats, kilns! Whew! That Bee-keeping story brought back lots of memories...bees in the roof can be rather dangerous!
    As for Wilf's Kitty experience....he did the very best thing!
    ...Was wondering if Schleck and Contodour were perhaps in your neighbourhood?
    Sending greetings to you all,

  4. We have a cat and the new comers are always told right away by "CC" that she's something to be worshiped, admired and respected--Perhaps Amilee thought that Wilf wasn't doing that!

  5. Oh we think Kitty Amilee was just having a bad morning - her breakfast must have been spoiled.....

    We see the kitty cats as "Little Debbie SNACK Treats"


  6. Amilee looks like one tough kitteh Wilf, so I thinks you handles the situation correctly. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  7. I'm laughing so hard! I can see it so clearly in my mind! One summer we had a feral cat here in town who stalked us every night on our walks. It wasn't nearly as good as Amilee, though!

  8. Having grown up under the tutelage of our senior cat (now 20.5 years old) Petey mistakenly assumes all cats are his pals...until one evening when the 25-pound tabby that patrols the local bodega began stalking him down the aisle like a hungry jaguar who just spied dinner. Petey approached with ears up, tail wagging and as the cat approached, suddenly released "uh oh" and also beat a hasty retreat. He's refused to so much as enter that bodega ever since!

  9. I can visualize the scene perfectly and I'm laughing. Glad that Wilf took the sensible course of action and retreated with a howl!

    The roof story is still too much. Keep us posted!

    Your sunflower photo yesterday reminded me of many scenes in the TdF with the peloton passing fields of yellow. Yesterday in the Pyrenees was a dastardly day... I don't like Contador. Enough said.

  10. Nothing aimiable about Amilee. With whiskers that look more like a mustache, she definitely has a mind-your-distance-lad look about her.

    Not to be too discriminatory, but our Boyz do not like C.A.T.s

    xxx Joan

  11. I have never seen a mustache on a cat before! Amilee has some serious attitude going on. What a cat!


  12. Never confront an angry cat! Amilee looks like she has a big temper.....

  13. Blimey! That is one irritated looking cat.
    Our neighborhood cat is Milo.
    Edward and Apple detest him with a passion usually reserved for creatures straight from the pits of hell. Milo, for his part, is completely nonplussed by both of them which naturally makes the situation worse.

  14. I've never seen a cat with a mustache before! That Amilee sounds like she might have a bit of a temper. My little ones would've barked and barked. My smaller dog would've probably gotten up in her face, at least until she swiped him with her paw.

    How's the roofing coming along? Is it being fixed now?

  15. I don't blame you for running! That's one fierce cat!

    Glad you made it home safely!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  16. Maybe she got out of bed on the wrong side of the milk carton this morning! :)

  17. hahahaha poor Wilf!!! she looks crotchety!!!

  18. Oh Wilf, that Parisian Persian looked like she meant busines...you were wise to retreat--it's the better part of valor, hahameow!