Sunday, July 3, 2011

All's well with the world.

We get into town early . Too early . The cafe owner is only now beginning to set out the umbrellas and tables . " Come back in five minutes and we'll have the croissants ready " he shouts out simultaneously waving at Wilf while unstacking a pile of chairs . The two of us sit on a bench by the town hall enjoying the warm early morning sunshine and watching the shadows lazily stretch across the deserted market square . The newsagent rolls up the shutters on his windows with a noisy clatter as the man on the motability scooter turns into the marketplace scattering pigeons as he heads towards the cafe . There's something about the unhurried pace of life in these old French towns that signals deep down all is well with the world.

Back to the village for a leisurely amble across the village green with Wilf. The soft , cool, grass ideal for his tender paws . By the small holding behind the salle des fetes we come across a man setting up an old, and very rusty , barbecue . ' Perfect day for eating outside ' he says by way of explanation although the reason for being so active at seven thirty in the morning remains moot.

' The font ' had a sleepless night . The students at the university where the residential course is being held are still very much in evidence . Loud music emanating from the communal kitchen until three . " Great fun " I'm told, somewhat unconvincingly . Wilfs attitude ? " I'd rather regret the things I've done rather than regret the things I haven't done ".


  1. Love those quiet early mornings just as everything comes to life.....of course, we enjoy the quiet nights so we can sleep, too!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra

    Looks like the tall guy (above)is in a Piaf mood.

  2. What a beautiful day. I love the photos of Wilf asleep on his back, he is SO cute.

    x (for Wilf)

  3. Lovely pictures of Wilfee rolling on the grass, as Joanna said, he is so so cute !
    Your village is really beautiful Angus, and the morning sunlight gives a special atmosphere to the pictures.
    If the Font is too worried with the students, she will be welcome in my home, in Cotes d'Armor, sunshine, beach, lovely countries to discover, etc... and french conversation of course.
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Angus. Lots of bisous for my beloved boy, and, amitiƩs to you.

  4. Love those top two photos of Wilf. Diane

  5. A good southern barbecue always starts early in the morning--However I have my doubts that this is the same kind of barbecue that so many of us are enjoying here on a July 4th weekend--But perhaps you'll not have to cook and can enjoy your lunch there!

    Angus, your pictures of Wilf are a good start to my day, he looks well, and I hope his paw continues to mend as it should!

  6. i love to start laughing when i see your post. and this morning i did! he is a tiny polar bear clown!
    and i can smell the smoke from the cooker, and hear the scrape of the chairs, and the shutters clinking & opening up on the newsagent!!
    now if i just had a fresh croissant to go with this cuppa joe.
    thank you angus for another flight of fantasy for me in the beautiful and slow france profonde.
    love to you and the font and my little fellow,
    tammy j

  7. All is well here too. So happy to have your good news... WELOVEWILF- from Southern Italy we rejoice Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  8. Your posts do make me smile.
    Just as you and Wilf head to the village for croissants each morning, Edward and I head here!
    Happy Sunday to you both!

  9. Student accommodation the same the world over then. The early morning scene at your market square sounds much more appealing. (That's middle age for you...)
    Cheers, and hugs (and a gently paw stroke) to the dear old polar bear. Has he worked out which way is 'up' yet today?

  10. It sounds like you and Wilf are getting the better part of this deal! I think I'd much rather have been in your town early in the morning than staying awake until 3:00 am!

  11. The Wonderful World of Wilf! :) Thank you for sharing it with us.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  12. Thanks for my smile for the day! Your early mornings brings back memories of country walks with my cousins in southern Poland when we were kids!

  13. Love descriptions of the scene there at 7:30 in the morning. Hope Wilf got to scarf down a yummy fresh croissant!
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz

  14. Think back to our university days! If they were similar to mine, it's a wonder anyone got any sleep at all! Ah, but we were young then and sleep was for babies and the elderly.
    Love to see Wilf happy and enjoying his life. When the time comes, you could get a zippy mobility scooter and tow behind, in a small cart, a laughing PON with the wind in his hair!

  15. Wilf is precious upside-down, right-side-up, no matter what direction you look at him. I wonder at how you take such great photos of him! Love works through the camera!
    It's Independence Day here, so the grills are smoking up goodies for all. Your description of the morning croissants with Wilf sounds like a perfect celebration of life there!
    All the best to you and Wilf!