Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hectic activity ahead of the July 14th holiday . The workmen were back at the crack of dawn to fill in the trenches and lay new drainage pipes. Shortly afterwards Madame Bay arrived to inventory the cleaning materials in the cupboard under the sink . Finally , the arc welder and his ever attentive wife arrived to solder some new ' privacy ' panels onto the gates that lead out to the lane. Wilf dealt with all this excitement by curling up on the doorstep , the perfect place from which to supervise . As PON's would say : ' Give light and people will find the way '.


  1. It is all go over there at the moment, no wonder Wilf needs a much needed rest, he has his supervisory duties to attend to as we know. The house is looking very lovely, as is Wilf! but that is a given.

  2. Have a great party day Wilf. The photos of you made me smile today.

    Julie Q

  3. The news here is buzzing about the womens soccer team beating France yesterday and advancing to the finals. I have decided that the part I like the most is seeing the human spirit at the moment of triumph--I'm wondering if you and 'the font' will have this same look when all the work is completed, and your peaceful life returns!

  4. Great wise Wilf - love Susanne Daisy and Foxiie

  5. Haven't commented for so long - but love the pics and enjoying seeing Wilf appreciating life so much. He is an inspiration.

  6. This Thursday sounds like a beautiful day for Wilfee ! So, enjoy it my sweet boy.
    Mrs arc welder seems to be a true pin up, oooops !
    Have a beautiful day Angus and the Font. AmitiƩs to you, and bisous to lovely Wilfee.

  7. Happy Bastille Day! Rickety farmhouse and grounds look great--you won't let the side down.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. Wilf seems to have everything under control. :) Have a great day!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  9. Happy Bastille Day! Wilfie looks so good it is hard to believe he is sick. Attitude is everything when dealing with situations such as this, and he certainly has plenty of it. Hugs to all, enjoy the day.

  10. Oh pretty over there today. The rickety old farmhouse looks nothing of the sort anymore. Instead, just beautiful! Enjoy the holiday. Hugs to Wilf.

    Buzzy & the Pip

  11. to see the wee wilfee laughing is my tonic of the day! he just gets more adorable.
    what... no special menu for bastille day to tease us? at the very least you could have mentioned frosty coconut ice cream!!!
    i guess you know you'll have to keep posting til you're 99 yrs old.
    what would we do without your glimpse of the world? (oh... no pressure of course. lol)
    much love and hugs and tummy rubs,
    tammy j

  12. Wilf looks attentive and handsome in front of your lovely house. Your workers seem very diligent. Such a bustle of activity! It must be Wilf's supervision that keeps them in line...

  13. C'est le quatorze!!!

    We agree with "anonymous" above -- what's on the menu for a proper celebration? Jake and Just Harry would be happy to share with Wilf the peanut butter/carrot cake they received as a gift from two of their foxie friends!

    xxx Joan

  14. Angus, may I ask what plant is growing on your home? I have a brick home and love the look of ivy, but have been told it will eat the morter, etc. I can't make out the plant on your home, but it's lovely!

    If you have a moment

  15. I wonder how anything would ever get done there without Wilf's supervision! *grin* It's good to see he's a master of supervising from the porch.

    Okay, I admit that I had a giggle as I saw the welder's wife still gazing on over his work adoringly. It's not that I don't love my husband, but the thought of standing around and watching him work all day, well, I don't think I'd be gazing at him with adoration all day.

  16. Wishing all a very happy holiday!
    Can a Scotsman adequately celebrate Bastille Day I wonder??

  17. Oh yeah, it's Bastille Day or something there, I think.

  18. Wilf! You look positively adorable ! We love your laughing face! Happy Bastille Day, dear. Will The Font be preparing something special for you in celebration? We hope you enjoy a lovely dinner with your family. Our special love to you.

  19. Joyeux Anniversaire! Those pix of Wilf are "light" in and of themselves! What expressions he has - just happiness personified!
    Sammie, Avalon and Oz

  20. Wilf
    I know that evewything gets done because of youw pawfect snoopewvision and of couwse youw pmewe pwesence makes life pawfect and bootiful
    Happy Bastille Day to all of you
    come see how I dwessed up fow it
    smoochie kisses

  21. We know the tourists have descended on your little village during the summer, but we are surprised at the need for privacy panels on the gates in a small village in France Profonde. Neighboring cows getting nosy?

    Hope you had a nice Quatorze with good food and - if Wilf doesn't mind them - fireworks.

    Jed & Abby