Saturday, July 30, 2011

I've installed an alarm

The old farmer from the other side of the lane appears at the front door to tell us that he's off to Brittany for a family wedding . He's wearing black track suit bottoms , yellow running shoes, a string vest and a tartan cap ; the latter worn at a rather jaunty angle . I congratulate him on his wedding outfit but he looks back at me blankly in much the same way as one might look at someone with Tourettes Syndrome . English and French humour remain a universe apart . ' Would you keep an eye on the house for the next week ? ' he asks before adding , ' don't worry . I've installed an alarm ' . 'Self installed ' - the two most truly terrifying words in any language . For a brief moment I conjure with the idea of asking him why anyone in their right mind would want to break into his house but think better of it .

Out for our early morning walk . An overcast , cloudy , start to the day but sun is promised . Wilf makes it to the war memorial just as the old farmers motor home heads off down the road . The becapped figure inside beeps the horn , crashes the gears and waves . " See you soon " he shouts from the window and with that he's off , a faded length of chintz curtain hanging forlornly out of the back and flapping in the wind as he goes . Holiday time in France Profonde .


  1. Ah, I see you have influenced him to wear tartan.
    Well done!

  2. So sorry to read about your recent troubles, sweet Wilf. I was in the wilderness fly fishing, but checking on you was a priority when I returned to civilization.

  3. I hope he told you how to deactivate the alarm if it should go off... :)

  4. Hope all your home renovations have been completed now that August is here.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  5. Masterpiece of storytelling -
    I hope Wilf gets some time to hang out with his girl Kellie and I am sure there are some culinary and cuddly delights on his menu today - I hope the alarm system stays calm during the next week.
    I wish my neighbour would dress like this.
    Love from Southern Italy from Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  6. Hoping you have a quiet week alarm-wise while he's away!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  7. Oh dear, self-installed, the French may not understand our humour but they are enthusiastic bodgers - good luck !!

  8. Oh dear...I don't suppose your dapper dressed neighbor told you how to turn off the DIY alarm system? Let's start a contest! I predict it will go off (unattended) Monday night at 2:00 am - during a thunderstorm.

    Sweet Wilf looks so very handsome today. Wishing you a wonderful (and alarm free) day.

    Buzzy, the Pip & Camille

  9. oh! i love that second picture especially. he looks like the gentleman he is, out for him morning stroll.
    i so envy your mist, rain, fog, whatever! we'll take any moisture we can get. over a month now with temps in the 100's.
    is there a tres inexpensive shack in france profond that i could rent? not up to a packback and a tent at my age! SMILE.
    love to the three,
    tammy j
    ps: would like to have seen madame bays wedding guest attire!

  10. Uh oh... the self-installed alarm sounds like it might be trouble... but I think that thought already crossed your mind!

    Love the description of his outfit!

    Sweet Wilf looks so innocent.

  11. This sounds like a recipe for disaster...hope there are not any problems. Wilf looks so cute, I hope the nose drops help. Have a great weekend.

  12. NPR called today Black Saturday -- with miles and miles of traffc jams as most of France took off to go someplace else for the vacances d'aout. Happily, you're where you want to be (and we would too!)

    Hugs to Wilf. We hope the drops are helping and that the dangled treats get eaten once the process is completed.

    xxx Joan

  13. The words and accompanying pictures perfectly capture the gloomy prospect of rain! Madame Bay could spruce up the Old Farmer!

  14. I am sitting here laughing to myself at the image of the farmer rolling down the road in that RV! That is my smile for today! I'm not surprised that for once Wilf didn't have a bit of PON wisdom to share on that one.

  15. Angus, I enjoyed your post this afternoon! I hope you've had a quiet night with no alarms and that Wilf is on the mend!

  16. Angus, you are not to touch that alarm under any circumstances! The last thing anyone needs is for you to be electrocuted. The whole house is probably "hot"! Just have a stroll by in the AM and count the "fried" birds.
    Although we may laugh at the old farmer and Madame Bay's choice of clothing, we admire, terribly, their spirit and zest for life as well as their courage to be exactly who they are. To deny nothing about themselves. To find life zestful and still exciting in their later years; dhow magnificent!

  17. I hope the guy shared his alarm info with you in case it goes off! lol I knew someone who had a collection of junk and he had a sticker in his window saying that he had an alarm. He really didn't have one, he just was afraid someone would try to steal his stuff. I felt much the same way about it as you do your friend - who would want it?