Thursday, July 28, 2011

Has anyone given their dog nose drops ?

Has anyone ever had to give their dog nose drops ? Wilf has developed polyps in his nose . The cancer is on the prowl again .These have closed down his right nostril. The most important thing - he's not in any pain and the vet is hopeful that a course of eye and nose drops six times a day will alleviate the symptoms . Applying eye drops is easy but has anyone got any tips on how to apply nose drops ? Not as simple as it sounds ! There's nothing on Google or in Dr.Fogle . The vets is now closed for the day . Someone on the dogosphere will know .


  1. Oh, poor boy ! Sorry to read such bad news Angus.
    I asked my vet, and she said to fall his head over and put the drops in his nose. I am sure that's what you did...
    May be you can try to put him on his back, like when he is rolling in the grass, and fall his head over.
    Do you know that the lacrymal canal will send the drops to his eyes and his nostrils too ?
    I am so sorry to be unable to help you more.
    AmitiƩs to you and of course, lots of bisous to Wilfee.

  2. Thanks for the advice . As you can imagine with both eyes and ears being attacked it's not that easy ! We'll revert to that tested old standy - sausage bribery .

  3. you're right, it isn't easy....grasp his muzzle and tilt his head back, place drops...he'll likely sneeze and/or snort and you'll think the drop has been the best you can! and he will catch on and resist....:) sneak attacks can work too, gentle petting, tilting his head back, applying the drops...good luck!

  4. Distraction techniques - roll him onto his back and dangle an irresistable treat above him, dropping the drops in just as he takes the treat.

    (Little pieces of smoked salmon glued to smoked ham with cream cheese worked for my old standard poodle !!)

    (Although the eye drops may travel down to his nose via the lacrimal canal, they may bipass it and go straight down his throat - my knowledge of dog anantomy is a bit scanty.)

  5. Hi Angus,

    I had to give Mica (my dearly departed cat) nose drops and I found that a method for giving babies nose drops worked well. Saturate a cotton swab (Q-Tip) with the drops and press it into his nostril while he's lying down with his head back. If you've just held something he likes - like sausages - he may also try to sniff your hand, thus inhaling the nose drops at the same time. Expect some sneezes! Hope this helps!

    Jane (and Petey)

  6. kks/Jean/Petey - Thanks . We might have got the hang of it after a few more goes ! Cammbert in the palm of the hand works as a pretty good decoy .

  7. Sending love and ear scritches to Vilfee...

  8. Another option is to put the nose drop solution into a small syringe and squirt into Wilf's nostril.

    Hope it helps and we hope Wilf gets better soon.


  9. I have given eye and nose drops to cats ( bring a cat lady). The angle of the head and how quickly you apply the drops as well as how far you introduce the dropper into the nose can make the administration of the meds less traumatic while ensuring that the meds are not sneezed out.
    You will find what works for you with trial and error. I always scratched the muzzle to distract the kitty from feeling liquid running in the nasal canal. Eye drops are easier but you can limit medication run off by placing the drops in the lacrimal sac and then gently closing the eye. This lessens the chance of the animal squinting the meds out of the eye and is more comfortable that having them dropped directly onto the cornea. Sorry I can't be of more help. I will continue to keep Wilf in my prayers.

  10. Oh just two other things. When your are playing with or petting Wilf be sure to touch the area around the nares gently. This will allow him to become used to being touched in that area. Also be sure to stabilize the dropper against the nose. Nothing is more distracting to the animal than feeling the dropper bouncing about the opening or inside the nose. Love to all.

  11. All good advice, trial and error is the only way to find out what works best for you and Wilf. Good luck and keep us posted. :)


  12. I called Edward and Apple's vet and he said to roll him over on his back, tickle his tummy and distract him with a bit of food. (Sausage??) I do hope this helps!

  13. Eyes and nose are connected, but never had we had to give our canine beasties nose drops. Every other drop, yes, but never nose. Good luck. Keep on going Wilf, hopefully the polyps will quietly disappear.

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  14. I've never had to do this, but just wanted to send some loving thoughts to help in the process.

    xxx Joan

  15. Angus, I don't know if this is helpful, but our wirey pal, Ms. Snickers, had developed nasal carcinoma last year, and her mom, Linda, has a note on her blog (Butchy and Snickers) saying if anyone would like information to drop her an e-mail:

    xxx Joan

  16. You've gotten some great advice, I hope it's all helped Angus!

  17. Thanks to everyone .

    It's definitely a two person job . One to hold out a tempting piece of ripe camembert , the other to pounce with the pipette when the patient is looking skywards in anticipation !

    Jake of Florida - we'll e-mail Butchy and Snickers .

  18. It's wonderful to see how much great advice you received! Nose drops is one of the few veterinary techniques that I've never had to do so I have no advice.

    I hope that you successfully get some drops in his nose!

  19. We have not had that experience.....yet. Good Luck!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  20. Two ideas - the first is if you're using the camembert method I'd warm the drops to body temperature (e.g have them in your trouser pocket for a while, or put the bottle in some warm water fist) as something lukewarm is less of a surprise than the unexpected sensation of something cold.

    Second, and I don't know if you could try this with his drops, but Riley now gets his kennel cough vaccination up his nose, rather than as an injection. Our vet uses a little hand spray pump bottle (the same type of bottle you buy at the chemist for human nose sprays with no aerosol propellants) and Riley stands beside him and gets a puff up each nostril which coats the inside surfaces. A one person job, and much easier to administer than flipping a dog upside down.

  21. Glad to see the experts have replied to this call for information. I have never had to give nose drops to any of my dogs, here and now across the Bridge. Sorry to learn about the progression of the insidious and unwelcome cancer.

  22. i'm late in seeing this post...
    and i know it's late there, like 10pm or so?
    you're right... it would definitely take both you and the font.
    I would hold his cradle his body between my legs on the floor then hold his little muzzle firmly and let the other person put in the drops. that way he couldn't squirm and hurt himself by jerking his head?
    THEN the treat time! And make it a good one dad!!!
    my heart goes out to you. All three.
    what a stinking dreaded disease is cancer. it has stalked me my entire life. it took my mother, my husband, my little pon zeke, and now it is taking my sister-in-law.
    our beloved wilfee will beat this thing. he has more spunk and spirit in his wee left paw than most of us have in our whole selves!!!
    much love to you,
    tammy j

  23. Sorry - no magic vet video to send you - but the advice you have is good so far...

    Vets squirt intra nasal vaccines in with a syringe... fairly quickly!
    If you can hold him, coming over from the back of his head as if doing eye drops might be another technique. DIstraction with a whiff of coconut ice cream might help...

    the official advice is:
    Tip the dogs head back so his nose points upwards and he can't see what you are doing. Apply several nose drops to the nostrils, but don't touch the nose itself with the dropper. The drops will work their way in with gravity and the natural breathing motions.

    good luck

  24. The only time we've had to do nose drops, it was a nasal spray that they just inhaled. It sounds like the bait and switch routine is the best advice so far! :) I hope that it goes well and Wilf is feeling some relief soon!

  25. Aww, hearing the cancer is on the prowl just breaks my heart! I know Wilf is extremely lucky to have each and every day on borrowed time but that doesn't make this news any less painful.

    I've never had to give my pets nose drops but have seen the vet do it a few times. It always seems so easy for them. I wish you much luck and hope that it helps.

    Wilf remains in my daily prayers.

  26. I have tried dog will NOT let me put drops in his nose! I have to put them in both nostrils, and if I'm luckly enought to get some meds in one nostrils he will fight me tooth and nail and the other nostrils goes medicine free! He already has trust issues (rescue dog) and this doesn't help things. good luck!