Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Greater even than love .

It's chilly when we venture outside for our early morning walk . 15 degrees according to the thermometer by the door . Under his thick Polar Bear coat Wilf is completely oblivious to the cold but Angus quickly goes back inside to find a jumper . The first sartorial sign that autumn can't be far away .

The locals in the croissant queue at the bakery deal with the morning chill by wrapping up in parkas and scarves as if they're off to the Arctic . At the cafe the beer and absinthe crowd are all clustered inside for warmth . This morning it's only the family fellow and yours truly who sit at an outside table. Angus on a chair with a cup of coffee , Wilf underneath with a bowl of water . The regulars , half drained glasses of beer in front of them , peer at us through the window as if we're mad , or foreign . Same thing .

On our way home we stop the car for a walk across the fields. Blue skies , the sun now warm in that tender end of summer way . Wilf loves to wander , off lead , down the hill and across the freshly ploughed furrows. A canine assault course . There would have been a time when he'd have charged off through the walnut copse after the scent of a rabbit or a fox . Now he prefers to stay close by me . As blind dog owners learn ' to be trusted is an even greater compliment than to be loved ' .


  1. Angus, as you know, 15 degrees is cue for vest tops, mini skirts and bare legs in Aberdeen.

    I am curious to know if Wilf ever show distrust of strangers due to his blindness? (Hamish did after he became deaf).


  2. Glad to see Wilf is still soldiering along.

    15° is positively tropical for Derbyshire. It's the wind and driving rain that makes us reach for our scarves and wellies. September is usually a pleasant month here but it's horrible today.

  3. There is something very special about the trust a blind pet gives it's human, our Molly was such a sweetie we only ever had one grr from her and that was not directed to us but a chow that stuck his nose right in her face and it was not a malicious grrr more of a ' ohh do go away you nana ' type grrr.
    Wilf is such a credit to your love and devotion and his is the first blog I hit when I get up. We all adore him here and always send him our best healing thoughts and prayers.
    Much love to you all
    Momma Tea

  4. Mr Wilfie, that sounds like perfect snoozing weather to us. That too, is the temperature we are having here in New Zealand, our sign that spring is on the way!!

    Julie and Poppy Q

  5. Enjoyable post at the start of a rainy, chilly day in Virginia! You are right about love and trust with dogs. I've found you can't have one without the other.

  6. Love and trust go together.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. like momma tea above, your site is the first i visit every morning. it just starts my day right.
    i also visit a blog of a lady who lives on a boat in california. her yellow lab is blind. she's a small lab so is easy to lift on and off the boat. but once on or off, she's like wilf..
    she simply enjoys the life she has.
    oh to learn from and be like these wonderful creatures ... unconditional love and contentment with what life brings... and trust.
    hope you and the font and your little fellow have a beautiful day. it's cool here too. FINALLY!!!
    tammy j

  8. We are stll roasting away with temps of 41 degrees! Not good weather for PONs or people either. Wilf is living in the present and not fretting about what oncw was. A lesson on aging for all of us
    Ah trust. One takes it for granted until it's lost. And it's never appreciated more than when it's gone. Sad.

  9. Just like here in Italy - as soon as it chills the parkas and shawls are out - still in a pleasant heat wave - less for my cardiopatic doggie Foxiie - Wilf so happy you always have a great time with Ongoose and Lady - love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy, Foxiie and the Castrati - DAndy, Mickey and Leopoldo (Cats... by the way)

  10. It's feeling rather brisk here, too, but after the crazy heat this summer, autumn's chill is a welcome change.

  11. Brisk is the word - no more AC but no heat on yet either; did pull out the blanket. Wilf has his priorities correct. always had.
    Unless a miracle, Allie Mae will wait for Wilf in heaven :(.

  12. Trust is a beautiful thing, for both canine and human alike. However, we wish for cooler temperatures here, but are only graciously allowed that for the evenings and overnight. Daytime is still hot as blazes. Climate change is a funny thing. However, we welcome whatever comes out way, just happy to be alive!

    Keep on going Wilf, lovely, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

    PS Can only post anonymous when I am at work, they must have something on the network blocked. Apologies!!

  13. To have the love and trust of a dog is a good thing. :) Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. The mornings are getting colder here too. Still plenty warm during the day though.