Thursday, September 8, 2011

Don't leave me this way .

The young man with the shaved head comes back to dig a hole in the gravel by the rose border . His arrival is unexpected . 'My grandad said I should check all the septic tanks " he says by way of explanation . After an hour he goes . He seems less than happy when I ask him to make good all the damage he's caused . Through it all Wilf lies on the grass, nose twitching , until the excitement gets too much for him and he falls asleep .

Across the lane the old farmer has put up another string of lights. The front and one side of his house now ready to exude Christmas cheer . So far no sign of the Christmas star .

Three solar panel engineers are staying at the gite by the crossroads in the village. On our evening walk we pass them . The boiler suited figures are outside , frying sausages on the barbecue while disco dancing in best 1970's, arms in air , fashion to a Donna Summers medley on Radio Nostalgie . '' That's not something you see every day " I say to the font . ' Indeed not ' comes the reply . Wilf is much taken with the smell of sausages and wanders over to introduce himself .

Life in France Profonde.


  1. i love your life in france profonde!
    but i expect the 3 of you would live an enchanting life wherever you found yourselves. it's all in the insight and the creative soul. and you have it in spades my friend!
    a tammy j hug to my beloved wee scent-smeller!

  2. Why do I suspect Madame Bay will soon make the acquaintance of the dancing sausage grillers? I love how there is always something going on in your little corner of the world. Did Wilf approve of their sausage cooking technique?

  3. Isn't it funny how dogs love any septic tank activity? Ours is going to be pumped soon and the dogs have declared that they will supervise :)

    Are the solar panel guys trying to drum up business? It sure sounds bizarre! I'd bet that Wilf signed you up for a roof full of panels in exchange for all the sausage that he could eat.

  4. You may send the solar panel guys to MO, USA; Wilf looks esp. tousled and comfy today. BTW, Allie Mae is holding her own - I believe she is channeling Wilf - perhaps as he sleeps, he helps dogs in need all over the world!

  5. I'm wondering if and when Santa will make an appearance? Perhaps by Halloween?

    I do so enjoy each day escaping for a moment to read about life in France Profonde!

  6. I can't believe that young man dug a bunch of holes in your yard and then was none too happy at being asked to clean it up!

    Wilf looks happy today.

  7. I am sure Wilf got a bit of sausage, who could resist his charm? ;)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  8. Did you score a sausage, Wilf? Seems like at least one should be gifted to you!