Friday, September 23, 2011


The old farmer visits his wifes grave every day . Out of the front door, right across the village green and then sharp left past the church . A journey of two hundred yards . He sits under the yew tree by her tombstone and then chats away aloud for an hour . An unchanging routine of continued devotion . We pass the graveyard on our afternoon saunter . He sees us and shouts out " just telling her to keep the bed warm for me ". I wave back unsure quite how to respond .

' The Font ' is making Selle d'agneau sauce aux cepes et son soufflet de carotte for dinner . Wilf and yours truly are sent to the supermarket for cepes. It's the foire aux vins . Hundreds and hundreds of different wines . We return an hour later with a dozen cases of burgundy and some chocolate . When asked where the cepes are we have to admit that they have somehow been forgotten . We get a rare '' Oh Angus ! " . Wilf gets a second visit to the supermarket . This time with ' the font '. He also gets a bowl of water and a piece of wholegrain bread at the supermarket cafe .


  1. Wilfie - you are the most beautiful wine shopper - we are saying our Farewell's to a beautiful Westie - who is passing - he was called "Un vero Barone" --he had a long and great life but it is always to early - I hope he keeps the house "warm" up there and when we arrive we meet all our pets and have a winetasting party with all our loved ones that would really be paradise...
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  2. Love is eternal. That's comforting to know, and truly pitiful never to have known. Nice the farmer is not to be pitied.

    Mongoose, time to start putting a rubber band around your wrist to help you remember stuff - or make a grocery list & remember to take it with you :)

    Jed & Abby

  3. A touching image of the farmers daily routine and his devotion to her and of their life together that is yet to come...I think of that too.

  4. A dozen case of long will that last?

  5. At this rate, Wilf will always prefer going with the font to the store instead of you. And I had imagined you walking with Wilf to the store until you came back with CASES of wine. That put it in perspective. Bev

  6. When I pass, it better be in sox and a down coat. Sad.
    Wine for now or later?

  7. Blame the double trip to the grocery store on Wilf, he knew there was something good waiting for him. What a touching story about the farmer visiting his wife's grave.

  8. What a sweet image of devotion! He must be a lonely fellow.

    Sounds like it was Wilf's lucky day! Two trips to the supermarket where he was no doubt spoiled both times.

  9. This post is the tale of life in rural France. The farmer walking to the grave of his wife to visit each day. Not many of us--living elsewhere could do that. The picture of the cars in the lot of the supermarket. Even with high gas prices our lots are full of SUVS and much larger cars. I think Wilf made you forget the cepes (??) so he could go back for bread !!
    Zach's mom

    PS Susanne: sorry for the loss of the'll see him again.

  10. A dozen cases of wine is enough to make anyone forget a few mushrooms. And what dog doesn't love multiple cars trips?

  11. My dad visits my mom at the church everyday too... just to chat and to light a candle. Such devotion is very touching.

    With so much wines in so many colours to see... i would have forgotten the cepes too ;)

  12. how can your mouth water at ten words, when only three or four of which you understand? the only thing better than adorable pictures of wilf and beautiful pictures of the village and farmhouse would be pictures of the font's culinary creations! (take that back... second better to wilf's face). i just can't get enough of those.
    you have a gift for mixing humour, eccentricity and pure human emotion. believe me... it is a gift. and we thank you for sharing it always.
    again... i'll stand in line to buy the book. and if i were forced to come to france for the signing, and dine on words i can't pronounce ... well... i would somehow endure it! lovely ongoose, just lovely.
    tammy j

  13. The story of the old farmer is touching. I wouldn't have known how to respond either... but I'm glad that the man gets comfort from visiting her grave.

    Wilf looks very happy in his photos today. I smiled right back at him.

  14. That certainly is devotion!! Brings tears to my eyes. And Wilf certainly looks apprehensive about the 2nd trip to the shops!! His looks slightly echoes "again????". Have a happy weekend and keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. I enjoyed this post so very much! I always love seeing your photos ans reading your words. Give Wilf a hug from one in Utah!

  16. Wilf
    It sounds to me like pawhaps you had a paw in making suwe those cepes wewe fowgotten and you got an extwa outing wif tweats, hehehe
    The stowy of the old man shows that even hoomans can have devotion and twoo love, even though mostly it's us woofies who show that.
    Ummm, If you have a few extwa bottles fwom all those cases of lovely wine, could you bwing them to my Biwfday pawty on my bloggie pleez?
    smoochie kisses

  17. What a wonderful life the farmer and his wife must have shared. Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  18. The devotion displayed by the farmer is rare & beautiful

  19. I would suspect that older people in the USA, who have been left behind, might do exactly what the old farmer did if it were not for miles to travel, kids who beg them to stop feeling so bad and "get on with life", and attempt to fill their days with activities. Mr. Farmer knows what to do and does it without a magazine to tell him How to Manage Grief.

    Jo in MN

  20. Are you stocking up for tonights game Wilfie? We are very very excited!

    Julie and Poppy Q