Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wannabe .

Is it better to live in the country or in town ? At the bakers the two ladies in the queue behind me are lamenting the fact that the house with the cream shutters is up for sale . '' Only Parisians will buy it. They've got all the money " they intone as if being Parisian somehow guarantees the riches of Croesus . I've always admired this little medieval house with its pleasing run of arches and deep, sun sheltering arcades . There again it's right opposite the market square which is the site of many an impromptu concert . Last night it was the unusually named Lonesome Wally who were holding the townsfolk in thrall .

In the village salle des fetes a laminated poster concerning conduct has been tacked onto the notice board . A guide to good behaviour for five year old wannabe rugby players and their wannabe , again , fathers . I read it and smile . An innocent and uplifting guide to life .

Hot and humid . One of those days when you expect a thunderstorm to come barrelling down from the mountains at any moment to clear the air . I say Savannah weather . ' The font ' says ' more like Shreveport ' and stays indoors . Wilf , driven by the need for a pit stop , ambles with me down to the village pond . Above two buzzards are chasing off an eagle that's strayed too near their young . Down at pond side the sun drenched frogs register an annoyed ' ribbit ' before hoping into the cold water. Wilf settles down in the shade of a pomegranate tree and falls into a gentle sleep . Not much bothers him these days . Wisdom begins at the end.


  1. Wisdom comes at the end when we stop running for...what??
    Wilfie you look super gorgeous - my life is surrounded with wonderful dogs - at home my trovatello's one a patterdale and one a black corgie like - friends have a white JRT (he has cancer in terminal state too...), then a Westie - where I work 2 white swiss sheperds - other friends a whippet and a hound dog, another friend a chihuahua and a Swiss Bernhardiner - another friend a Portoguese water dog...
    Each and every one so special - and you are there with all my canine loves on the very top of my list -
    cuddles from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  2. The vision of Wilf snoozing, unconcerned by anything, next to the pond makes me smile.

  3. We've had no internet connection at home the entire weekend, so for now I think living in town is better--When all service is restored, I'll change that opinion. But in real estate as we all know, it is all about 'location-location-location!'

    Kim @ Golden Pines

  4. I wouldn't mind joining Wilf for a lazy snooze by the stream!

  5. Hope you have had a lovely Sunday in your beautiful country of France profonde.
    Lots of bisous to my beloved Wilfee, and amitiƩs to you, Angus, and the "Font".

  6. i would take your lovely french farmhouse with all the charming 'fix-its' over town any day. feel sad for lonesome wally... but still wouldn't want to hear him sing all night!
    love and special hugs to my wee polar bear.
    his simple happy days make my day!
    tammy j

  7. Country life seems to suit Wilf beautifully. No frightening sounds, the familiar scents and lovely grass beneath his feet certainly sound like an ideal environment for a blind senior. But as long as he was giving his whole hearted love to you and the font and receiving your boundless love in return he'd be just fine anywhere.

  8. Wilf
    You know betew than to bothew wif city ow countwy mattews ow how wich people awe..the shade of a bootiful twee, some fwesh cleew watew, the familiaw scent of youw family and home and those lovely tweats you get awe all that is to be savoowed each know that my deew fwiend...many hoomans don't
    smoochie kisses

  9. I think that our "hot and humid" days are behind us now, at least I hope so.
    Wilf looks sad in his picture today, makes me love him even more.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  10. But surely the suburbs were designed to offer the best of the town & the country?! One's own little plot of land but with electricity, gas and city water laid on. No septic systems to worry about. No communal walls with the neighbors. We, like Goldilocks, consider them the 'just right' between the 'too much' of town and the 'too little' of the country.

    We actually watched the USA-Ireland rugby game today, after all the fuss Angus made about the anguish and last minute trill of the Scotland-Romania game. We lost. Guess that means we're out. Not knowing the rules at all, mama found the game a bit puzzling. But we sure like the Irish national anthem! What a rousing, singable song - as opposed to some played not 5 minutes after theirs today.

    Good to see Wilf is still largely enjoying the best that every day has to offer.

    Jed & Abby

  11. I bet that house would be a lot less costly than where you currently live! lol