Monday, September 19, 2011

A squiffy PON .

As I come down the stairs Wilf sits bolt upright . He's spent the night curled up asleep in the office . The sound of my footsteps waking him from a deep , untroubled, sleep. By the lopsided look of him he must have been happily dreaming of chasing squirrels. One decidedly squiffy PON .

A few moments to stretch out , collect his thoughts and work out where he is. Then it's onto his back for an early morning tickle. Much yawning and swallowing as all the built up stress melts away .

To town for croissants, the newspapers and our ritual visit to the cafe . The waitress sees us park the car . By the time we've sauntered across from the bakers to the arcades the coffee is already on the table and Wilfs water is ready in a white porcelain bowl under it . '' Bonjour M'Ongoose. Bonjour Wilfee " chorus the beer and absinthe crowd .

Wilf returns home and immediately settles down in exactly the same spot in the office . Time to catch up on a few zzz's after an exciting excursion with his flock . Old PON's know that you live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted .


  1. I see that I can win thirty thousand euros! If I win, I'll buy Wilf his own croissant! :)

  2. And yes, I had to look up squiffy! :)

  3. Ah, Wilf looks so comfy in that last photo.

    Re JackDaddy's comment - no country has more expressions relating to excess alcohol consumption than the Scots. It's like Eskimos and snow.

  4. Wilfie - you look wonderful today - happy snooze - I am sure you will wake up for a gourmet lunch - I ponder should I reincarnate as a fortunate dog??
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie - the trotty lies under a blanket for the heavy wind he is terrified of...

  5. I didn't notice Bouncing Bertie's comment and also looked up 'squiffy.' Wilf does in that first photo look that way, and perhaps so do I first thing on a Monday morning!

  6. Wilfie, I look like that in the morning too. Enjoy your naps.

    Julie Q

  7. Wilf has his "posse" trained to his liking. As I always say "he can get by on his good looks", I guess it is proving true in Wilf's case. Happy Monday to all.

  8. Monday mornings are rough on all of us, Wilf! I love the idea of a place where everyone knows you and gets things ready for you. It always sounds so madcap and idyllic at the same time!

  9. our family has just watched much suffering and finally a loss. there has been no time in the last many days to check on my beloved wee polar bear.
    feeling numb this morning, i opened your blog and read thru the posts i've missed. my heart began to open a little like a reluctant flower once again in the sun... and i'm grateful for the smiles wilfee always brings to me. and for his quiet wisdom translated by m'ongoose. and for the wonderful humour that makes me laugh.
    my thanks again to you three in france profonde
    for simply being on the planet and sharing your
    love of life itself with all of us!
    tammy j

  10. Absolutely LOVE the plaid sofa. And Wilf's little downstairs nest looks cozy as well! And isn't he just so handsome this morning with his lopsided look? Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker