Sunday, October 16, 2011

Behold a star !

Another warm, cloudless , start to the day .We always ask for four breakfast croissants but this morning we get given five . When I point out the mistake the lady behind the bakers cash till holds her forefinger to her lips and whispers " It's for Wilf ". Yours truly doesn't have the heart to tell her that the last thing Wilf needs after eating a vole is a full butter croissant .

The builders have found the foundations of another house under the gravel of the forecourt . '' What do you want us to do with it ? " asks the jovial foreman . Angus bites his tongue .

Saturday night. The village is holding an impromptu party to celebrate the French rugby teams victory over Wales. The total population of the commune is 67 but there must be at least three times that number spilling out of the village hall. All the components of a memorable night are in place . On the petanque court Monsieur Bay can be seen dancing with Madame Bay. He is waltzing, she appears to be doing something that requires a lot of arm movements. Around them the village pre-schoolers are creating havoc.

At one end of the salle des fetes the mayors wife is singing '' the answer my friend is blowing in the wind '' on the karaoke machine . At the other end a disco ball has been suspended from the ceiling and two heavy duty speakers are pulsing out hits from the 80's. Kelly the hover dog is settled in a corner by the kitchen as is Hugo the bad tempered Maltese. The Jack Russells, hurling themselves relentlessly out of the village hall windows, ignore them . Around the barbecue the farmers and their offspring are flipping burgers. Novelty rooster hats are much in evidence.

As we turn in for the night ' the font ' notices that it's as bright as day outside . The old farmer has switched on his 10,000 lightbulb Christmas star. Pilots on night flights into Toulouse airport will now have a much easier job .


  1. How much good luck can a rugby team have
    Before it reaches the final?
    The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind,
    The answer ia blowing in the wind.
    (With apologies to Bob Dylan).

  2. Bon Dimanche Wilfee !
    A full butter croissant to begin the day, great job sweet boy, you really are the "mascotte" of the village !
    May be the ruins discovered, are the one of an antique roman house ?
    I wish you all, the most lovely Sunday. Bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  3. We think we're coming to meet you at the final. We are having a little party at our place too!!! Except mum is on call, so there is no drinking, just a little dancing and tears of joy. We'll all be sleeping well here in NZ, for the first time this week.

    Julie and Popppy Q

  4. Did you eat the croissant, Wilf?


  5. So if I come flying in a helicopter looking for Wilf I will easily find him...
    Your village sounds like a film set - happy Wilfie is having a good day - love the fotos.
    Have a great vole free Sunday - mille baci sul nasino di Wilfino - Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie plus Mickey - Dandy and Leo (the cats)

  6. Oh Angus, your favourite! The star!
    It was surely lighted early in celebration of France's victory and will shine brightly in anticipation of France's meeting New Zealand for the World Cup.
    After that, it will continue to burn either celebrating a win or in consolation for a valiant effort. And then, it's almost the Christmas season anyway, isn't it? Beyond that, those cold winter's nights could use some brightening....
    Black out shades, maybe....
    How us Wilf feeling after eating the vole? Butter croissants and voles: Check that one out on your diabetic exchange list!

  7. I saw on the news that France reached the final, and that it was a match that was marred by controversy--Regardless, if France wins, your village may never be the same! I hope that Wilf is 'the same' after eating the vole!

  8. a scene from a movie! but what would you call it?
    wilf's world ~ of course!
    in your words i can see madame bay dancing, hear the mayor's wife singing and the echoy sound in the old building... too wonderful for just here. you must write a book! wish you had permission to take pictures of all the characters in it!
    love and special hugs to our little vole smacking wee polar bear!
    tammy j

  9. A perfect description of the celebration. I didn't know that the French would ever reduce themselves to flipping burgers! I learn something new every day. It sounds like pure, unabashed fun.

    I hope that the vole has been quietly digested and is a memory.

    The energy consumption of France must have just skyrocketed with the lighting of the star. Christmas is months away!

  10. Amazing & vivid post!! Would make a great movie scene. & 5 croissants are just a perfect vole antidote of course!

  11. A croissant of his own? Oh Wilf, I envy you so! That second to last picture had me giggling helplessly. I see that Wilf still hasn't lost his sense of humor!

    You have got to get us a picture of that star!

  12. Congrats to France. We got knocked out....not that anyone is surprised.

    We think Voles might be a lean meat, so a buttery croissant would be okay.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. I have to agree with some of the other comments, what a crazy fun post! The fourth paragraph is my favorite! Hopeful that Wilf got at least part of his croissant. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. I think he should have gotten the croissant ;)

    Swing on by for a visit some time!