Monday, October 17, 2011

A very French night.

All things shall pass. Even voles. After an uncomfortable 48 hours Wilf and the dessicated rodent have finally gone their separate ways . Usually we would give him a food free 24 hours to let his stomach settle but with diabetes that's impossible . Today normal service has been resumed. The family fellow joins me for the croissant run into town . The beer and absinthe set at the cafe look up from their pre-breakfast card game and greet him with a hearty '' Bonjour Wilfee " .

Mid-Sunday morning . Monsieur Bozo's septic tank cleaning truck arrives . €179 to clear out two of the old fosse septiques that the builders uncovered last week . '' Sunday rates mate " says the driver / operator when I ask him how ten minutes work could cost so much . ' But you were supposed to come on Friday ' I reply. '' Take it up with the office mate " and with that and a shrug of the shoulders he goes .

Three accordionists sitting on the village green playing until gone midnight. We sit on the terrace, eating dinner and listening to the music .
Pintade au Banyuls, poireaux grilles followed by poire rotie, sauce au vin et noix de pecan . Wilf lies asleep under the table his paw on my foot . Not a cloud in the sky . A very French night .


  1. Oh good. I was worried that the truck was there to help remove the vole! :)

  2. And the septiques- Wilf's & the rickety old farmhouse's - are fresh & clean. Cheers!

  3. My french food vocabulary is improving no end reading this blog. Please keep it coming Angus, as I am planning a cycling trip in France next summer!
    Cheers, Gail.

  4. Oh Angus, you do make me very wistful for my crumbly old convent, up the road, in the Aveyron, with it's eccentric septic tank. Must get there soon and take Merlin, my Pon, with me for a spot of French vole. Big kiss on the nose for Wilfie x

  5. Sounds like a good way to forget the inflated bill.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & bella

  6. Bon Jour Wilfee! I still wonder how big the canine population is in your village - especially at village gatherings - how many JRT are jumping around??? Well inflated prices - my constant living condition in Southern Italy -
    lucky ones the menu sounds so delicious -
    love and mille baci fromSusanne, daisy and foxiie
    Both of them shared the remains of something the cat left over...

  7. At least the day improved after Monsieur Bozo left. I'm pretty certain you're more diplomatic than me, because I don't think I'd have paid him his "Sunday rate" for being two days late. I'd have mentioned charging him a late fee and suggest he show up on time in the future.

    Oh, to be Wilf under your table! Without the vole episode, though.

  8. That sounds like a sweet and relaxed night, a suitable reward after yet another round with the septic tanks.

    I am glad that the vole episode has passed...

  9. i can hear the accordian music. so french. and though i recognized only three words in the dinner on the terrace... am on my way to look it up... it sounds fabulous.
    the topper is the wee pon falling asleep with his paw on your foot under the table...
    best dessert in the whole world.
    tammy j

  10. Sounds so nice.
    Well, minus the vole and the septic tank, that is.

  11. With everything that has been going on the past few days, it sounds like a lovely way to end the weekend!

  12. Sounds like a perfect night to me, as we settle in for what looks to be an EARLY Canadian winter. Glad to hear the vole has "left the building". And could those pictures of Wilf get any more cuter? I don't think so!!! Keep on going Wilf, handsome boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. JackDaddy's comment made me laugh. :) Your very French night sounds wonderful!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. The farmstead cries out for an archaeological excavation. Seriously. There's probably a Roman wall under there someplace.

    Glad to read Wilf's tummy is feeling better. Abby is still trying to catch her first vole [as far as mama knows] - or her first chipmunk.

    Jed & Abby