Monday, October 24, 2011

It goes on .

A case of New Zealand Cloudy Bay Chardonnay proved to be just the right thing for the early morning barbecue . The local farmers expressed amazement that New Zealand produced wine . They then grudgingly admitted that it was 'quite good '. Strong praise indeed for a product that isn't French .

The village hall was full to bursting but the mayor had saved a space for us on the floor right at the front by the wide screen television . So there we sat. Wilf with his chin on my lap. Me, cross legged, with a barely cooked hamburger in one hand and a glass of Chardonnay in the other . I was worried that the lusty singing of the French national anthem might worry the family fellow but he slept through it all . Every so often his nose would twitch in the vain hope that another hamburger was on its way .

This morning the skies are cloudless and blue but the Autan wind is blowing . In Scotland a 70 kilometre an hour wind would be considered inconsequential. Here weather warnings are being broadcast on the radio. Wilf loves the wind. There must be something in a sheepdogs DNA that responds to it . He managed another kilometre walk this morning . Quite something for an arthritic old chap . He has that determined sense of purpose to him that says : " I can summarize everything I've learnt about life in three words - It goes on ".


  1. Keep on going on - forever! Love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie
    Today and yesterday's post make me very happy and thankful.

  2. Happy to see Wilfee on his legs, nose in the wind, walking for such a long promenade !
    Happy Monday to you three !
    Belle journée à vous trois. Bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  3. That's great news... would have liked to be a fly on the wall during the match, but was busy here suffering anxiety overload myself.

    Glad you enjoyed the Cloudy Bay Chardonnay - nice little drop from further north. I celebrated last night's win today with a Pinot Gris...

    {{hugs}} for dearest Wilf

  4. New Zealand Chardonnay to a French rugby crowd . Farmers at that ! How deliciously , dry humoredly, wicked . Glad Wilf enjoyed it . Glad you lived to tell that tale .
    Monique and kittens.

  5. I does indeed 'go on'. What I mentioned in my post yesterday about 'perseverance' is something Wilf certainly exudes!!!

  6. We were drinking NZ Chardonnay as well - lots of bottles here in Wellington. My friend had French Steak though, so a little bit of a cultural exchange.

    I had to almost hide in the bathroom for the last ten minutes, it was a little too much to bear, and my finger nails are all gone.

    Tell all the farmers that we have much admiration for their team, they played so well and we are sure that sometime soon it will be their time to kiss the cup.

    It has been a great tournament, and if we win the Lotto we will be coming to the UK in 2015. It has been marvelous having all the supporters in NZ, with their costumes and singing.

    Kisses to Wilf, he is a handsome dude.

    Julie and Poppy Q
    Wellington, NZ

  7. Glad Wilf's arthritis seems to be less severe.

    Love the NZ Chardonnay touch.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

    It WAS and exciting game.

  8. Cloudy Bay is delicious, but was it really the right thing for yesterday? In France?

  9. We watched the match on this side of the pond- no undercooked burger for us but we enjoyed a handful of spiced pecans- France had a good comeback for a while!

  10. Sorry about the outcome; your choice of a New Zealand wine seems prescient. Oh, Wilf, the wind carries so much more than movement; you smell what has gone prior to it coming - what does it tell you? You live well - would that we all.

  11. Every photo of Wilf that I see emanates so much happiness. To be an old dog must be one of the best things in the world to be :)

  12. I'm betting there were some rather dejected spectators around you while you enjoyed that wine!

    I always love Wilf's message about going on. I needed to read it today! Thank you, for always saying things so eloquently!

  13. Well done for taking NZ wine to the French farmers! France played well, exceeding media predictions and making the last ten minutes anxious viewing, with many here unable to watch, drink or momentarily breathe as we knew the outcome of the game could have gone either way.

    Wilf's words of wisdom about life apply to us all after the RWC. A wise PON indeed.

  14. Keep on keeping on sweet Wilf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  15. A stiff breeze with its eddies brings a kaleidoscope of odors all richly intermixed, presenting the past, present and future to a discerning nose -- and is easy on the knees to boot!

  16. Woof! wilfon, You have another day again, I love those pictures, you look great!

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  17. Wonderful post. Wilf is such a wise soul "life goes on", thanks for sharing.

  18. You brought wine from the same country as the opposing team? And the locals admitted it was "quite good"? Oh Angus, you took your life in your hands, now didnt you? And the crowd must have been quite sotted prior to your arrival!
    Goodness it was quite a party! We understand one must consume lots of wine to get those undercooked burgers to digest. Yes, we understand.
    Another good day for Wilf! Answered prayers. Love how he is accepted as just another fellow watching the big screen. Bless your townspeople.

  19. Hi again Angus,

    I forgot to see if you knew that although Cloudy Bay (best known for it's Sauvignon Blanc) is wine that is grown and bottled in NZ the company is owned now by the French. The owners are LVMH (Louis Vuitton Möet Hennessy). I don't know if contributing to French profits would have changed the farmer's opinion of what they were drinking or not.