Saturday, October 15, 2011

Never dent the enthusiasm just redirect it .

Whatever it was had long curvy tail. Before I could shout out ' No ! ' the end of the tail was just disappearing down Wilfs throat. A look of unrepeatable jubilation on his face . Dessicated vole . For a dog, nothing, but nothing , like it . Wilf lies behind me on the kitchen floor as I make the coffee . Content with life and his lot. ' The font ' has been warned that there may be ' vole ' trouble ahead .

In the window of an antique shop in London earlier this week a nineteenth century dress . It's made out of the same original William Morris material that used to be batoned on the walls of the flat in Edinburgh . Now, apparently, very rare. The new owners of the flat ripped off the fabric, smashed the William de Morgan tiles and papered over the original Ashby wallpaper . A hundred years of history gone in a flash . If they knew the price of the dress they'd be having second thoughts.

Lava lamps. I phone ' the font ' to suggest that I bring one home . For some reason this idea is met with less than wild enthusiasm . '' We need a clock for the kitchen. Why don't you look for one ? " comes the reply . All those years of child psychology - never dent the enthusiam just redirect it - now directed towards Angus.

The salle des fetes a riot of red, white and blue flags for this mornings France-Wales rugby match . Amid the parked tractors and white vans a mobile 'throw the hoop over the ring' and ' shoot the duck ' stand . Seven thirty in the morning but there's already a queue of little farmers waiting to have a go. The Jack Russells are leaping in and out of the windows. Amid clouds of drifting smoke the big farmers are setting up the barbecue. Vole and the possibility of some underdone cheeseburger . What a way for an old PON to start his day .


  1. Looking forward to the rugby here too.

    Bertie has a joke for Wilf.
    Do the Germans have a favourite rodent?

  2. Wilfie - wishing you a PON-Day with your family -hugs and cuddles to the best looking polar bear in Europe - love Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie - soon to be thrown in a bucket full of thermal water for his JOhn Wayne walk after a ride through the desert

  3. Let the undercooked cheeseburgers roll! Best wishes to your adopted county!
    Wilf will surely enjoy the celebration. Love to the Font.

  4. Isn't it amazing how dogs "know" to swallow very quickly when their human yells "no" about whatever is in their mouth? I hope that the vole is easy on Wilf's system.

    No lava lamp?

  5. excitement in the france profonde!
    will he or won't he be able to digest the vole?
    i guess by now you know and i hope the answer is yes.
    why oh why with the cuisine of the font would he want to eat a rat?!!! only pons know!
    i would kiss that nose anyway.
    love to you and happy weekend,
    tammy j

  6. I am in actual physical pain over that Edinburgh flat with the smashed up treasures. Lord, they should have been jailed for that.

    Here, we had a mole in the family room last week. Edward wondered why he was sequestered with me in the bedroom for an hour or two. If he only knew that my husband was busy catching the chap, he would have been sorely displeased. Unable to kill the fellow, husband took him down to the bottom of the garden and released him. No doubt he'll be back soon. At least Edward hopes so.

    Love to Wilf!

  7. Oh, Wilf, so like my Emma, RIP: she snatched a live mouse when I said "Emma" in a forbidding tone and I watched in horror as the tail slid through her teeth like spaghetti. Egads. Vet just laughed, said to call if any trouble - and there was none. Hope same for you, Wilf and family!

  8. Mmmm vole...does it taste like chicken? Better wash it down with a cheeseburger and a sip of wine :D


  9. Hope this day saw Wilfee in good health, after eating the vole !!! What did the Font cook today ?

    Sooooo, France is in "finale" at rugby, even if the match wasn't a good one played by french rugbymen. No doubt that they will fall next week !

    All my love to you, Wilfee, the beloved polar bear, and amities to you, Angus, and the Font.

    Bonne soirée !

  10. I too along with Pamela feel truly ill about all of the beautiful history that was lost in that flat...why aren't such treasures protected and cared for and the perpetrators reprimanded? So sad.
    On another unpleasant note, recently I had to frantically dig a dessicated mouse head out of Miss. Ginger's mouth, she found it in the ivy and was so taken with it that she started chewing it like it was a cube of steak. I think it was her little mouth that saved her from swallowing it whole (Dachschund)...she recovered, while I on the other hand am still trying to.
    Hope Wilfy's tummy stayed happy...
    xo J~

  11. Funny how you can beg a dog to take some delicious morsel of food with a pill hidden inside and they have the daintiest manners, but something you don't want them to eat goes down with gusto!

    My grandma had a lava lamp. It fascinated my sister, cousins and me for endless hours! I say go back and get one! Surely there's some little Angus corner of the house you could tuck it into.

  12. Can't believe Lava Lamps are back. Are we condemned to repeat lunacy? Vole sounds interesting...we're trying to try skink at the moment; but they're too fast!!!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Does vole taste like chicken? ;) I have a lava lamp, it's yours if you want it. Hugs for Wilf.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  14. A recent headline in the Minneapolis Star Tribune seems to have come from Wilf, probably about mole eating:


    Tell me, is Wilf's first name Zygi? He is quite international,isn't he?

    Jo in Minnesota