Friday, October 7, 2011

A clash.

Work has moved from outside to inside. Broken or uneven floor tiles lifted, relaid, and in some cases replaced. Wilf is kept downstairs to avoid the obstacle course in the upstairs hallway . The builders have brought biscuits so he is quite content to lie in the sunshine by the font door.

Madame Bay is in the kitchen when I return from the croissant run . Wilf has positioned himself on the floor his nose pointing towards the thick slice of buttered toast held in her right hand. '' It is simply impossible for me to work today M'Ongoose. I must be in the kitchen ". It soon transpires that Madame Bay means the salle des fetes kitchen .

It is the weekend of the village fete and our saintly cleaning lady and the ladies of the Village Fleuri Committee are preparing tomorrow nights dinner. Pouring a second cup of coffee she passes a xeroxed flier across the table to the font.

19.30 : A la salle des fetes - Mounjetade

Veloute d'automne
Terrine au foie gras sur son lit de salade
Jarret aux haricots de Soissons
Pastis gascon
Vin, cafe et digestif

Bal Disco avec Best System.
Venez nombreux.

We'll see you at seven thirty she says before rearranging her lime green turban and heading out of the door to the gold metallic ' wild child ' voiturette parked outside. Amid the crashing of gears and the hearty revving of the two stroke engine she's off the full forty yards to the village hall.

" I wonder if she knows that France are playing England in the rugby tomorrow ? " I ask ' the font '. A battle royal over access to the kitchen between the rugby crowd and the Village Fleuri ladies looms large.


  1. Although I had to look it up, would it be possible for you to send me some of the pastis gascon? It looks delicious.

  2. My money is on the Village Fleuri ladies.

  3. I agree with Bouncing Bertie, but because the Rugby crowd has the Jack Russell Terriers, it may be hard to call.

  4. The French know how to eat... but I bet that the rugby might win, unless the two events can somehow be combined. Now, that would be a clash!

  5. Sounds a great menue for humans and.... Wilf, of course.
    I hope there was some jaffa cake for him today - workmen are a very special breed, I mostly fear them when I need someone to come - imagine it in South Italy where men are always right??? I wish I could cuddle and tickle Mr. Wilf - love from all of us Susanne, dAisy and Foxiie

  6. Watch your step!! Looks quite hazardous underfoot at the old farmhouse!

  7. No clash! The Village Fleuri Committee are the spouses of the rowdy rugby crowd. Better food will keep the ingestion of gas producing foods and beverages to a minimum thus ensuring happier evening hours for all. Good work V.F.C.

  8. The photo of Wilf on the pebbles, some of which match his blind eyes, is terrific and touched my heart; the Alfalfa like stuck up hair adds flair. Hope for very good food springs eternal :).
    One of my old rescue (and adoptable) Coonhounds literally lives to eat. I got up at 3 AM the other morning - before I was out of the room, I heard nails in the breezeway in a crate - looked out and there was Hickory Dock, looking back at me ala Wilf, waiting for food. Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

  9. We think Kari has it right, although if we had to bet between them, we'd bet with Bertie. Sounds like you have a most interesting Saturday coming up, replete with tasty nibbles for Wilf.

    Jed & Abby

  10. Sounds like another wonderful and exciting day! Hugs for WIlf!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. I'd be more worried about the battle to get the Village Ladies "vin" supplies if France do or don't make it into the semi-final of the RWC!

    Enjoy the festivities.

  12. France vs out. Maybe you'd better hope the Village Fleuri wins.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  13. Wilf amidst the rugs warms my heart.