Friday, October 21, 2011

Cardiovascular workouts .

The lady who drives the little market towns ambulance also doubles up as the local taxi driver . She comes to collect me at the airport. I ask her what would happen if there was an emergency while she was away . '' Oh, that's no problem . My daughter works the radio so she could drive the ambulance. She's got the keys " . Prior to this she had just proudly told me her daughter was seven months pregnant .

On our wayback Madame Bunelle is evidently still in ambulance mode . The little Renault weaving and darting through the Toulouse rush hour traffic oblivious to white lines, speed limits and roundabouts . Things become even more enervating when we get out into open country. Cars, trucks, buses all overtaken with a style that requires the taxi to get as close as possible to the vehicle in front before suddenly whipping out blindly into the face of oncoming traffic. By the time we draw up at the rickety old farmhouse yours truly has had several full cardiovascular workouts .

Angus has bought a little oil painting of three chairs at a gallery in London . Done by an aristocratic Victorian woman who suffered from such deep depression that she was unable to leave her house for months at a time. To cope she painted the every day objects around the house. When she died the attic was found to contain scores of her works - none ever shown or exhibited. Her husband blind to her talent . Every picture tells a story but not necessarily the most obvious one . A hundred years later her brilliance at last recognized . How much of her work has disappeared ?

Home as the sun is setting . Wilf is tired . He stands up to greet me but after a lick from him and a tickle from me he's soon asleep . I look at him and for the first time see an old dog . A very old and very tired and very loved family dog .


  1. Let's hope the pregnant daughter doesn't end up driving her own ambulance to hospital into a couple of months....

    Hugs to Wilfy - we hope you can feel the love pouring out of this Aberdeen kitchen this morning.

  2. Sometimes a lick and tickle is all I can manage as well.

  3. Oh Angus, your last words seems so "melancoliques", and i can understand what you mean. Wilfee is a fighter, but a tired heroe...
    I send you all my thoughts, and all my love and bisous to the little polar bear.
    May be the afternoon will be a better moment ! I wish you the best.

  4. Love that painting (more than the clock)!

  5. Oh Angus. I too have read your last line . After reading the blog for so long I know when you are telling us something . I'm crying and preparing. I pray that's it's weeks not days. Jeanne.

  6. It's especially exciting I find when the taxis overtake on the bends.
    I do hope Wilfie is just having a doggie duvet day - we all need one occasionally. Normal service will resume tomorrow I'm sure. Big kiss on that delicious nose xx

  7. Beautiful painting, but it feels sad

  8. Angus, the painting is lovely and intriguing. It's always interesting to me when an artist finds such a high degree of creativity when dealing with an illness like depression that is so consuming.

    We continue to send good thoughts and prayers for Wilf!

  9. I am sure today is a better day for dear Wilfee! Love him to bits! He looks very pensive in the photos - probably he was worried about you in the car being driven home - your recollection sounds like a Luis de Funes scene - well only the police missing.
    Hugs to Polarbearli - bacetti sul naso - Susanne, Daisy and Foxiietrottie (looking older too) Yesterday saw a blind arthric Yorkie - going three steps forward - two sidewards and one back - so he kept going...

  10. Nothing like a cab driver to get your heart pumping, welcome home.
    Hugs for sweet Wilf. We are with you every step of the way...

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  11. Love the little painting and especially...we Love the dear sweet Wilf.

    Buzzy McDuff, the Pip and da Mum

  12. I really like that painting! I wonder what the story behind it is.

    A cardio workout where you never have to leave your seat? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me! Just be glad her daughter didn't call while you were en route and say that she was going into labor.

    Some days those old dogs seem to feel age a little more than others.

  13. but it is wilfee's pattern to go down a bit when you're gone. he will rally now that his best friend is back!
    i am in the high desert country and the morning is brisk. a beautiful morning... made more so by a visit to you and your little buddy.
    tammy j

  14. Perhaps it is your absences that are more difficult for Wilf to manage. He will rest better knowing you are at home!

    Jo and Stella

  15. Perhaps Wilfie was just more tired than usual after Madam Bay's babysitting. Let us hope that is the reason and that he feels rested and better today. The last line-yes, it is sad when suddenly you see this. Been there.

  16. That painting is beautiful. What an interesting story.

  17. I hope that Wilf lack of energy was just concerned because one of his sheep was not home. Perhaps after a day of cuddles and coconut ice cream, he will be his old self again.

    Please give him a cuddle for me!


  18. I have tears in my eyes at your last lines because I just said the same thing to my husband this week about my own loveable and much loved family member.

    Wilf, your strength and passion for life gives us all hope and a lesson to savor what is so important in, in whatever guise they come in.

  19. Please give Wilf some love from his Alaskan friends.

    Haunting painting.

    Happy weekend!

  20. Let's keep fingers crossed Wilf had an exhausting day waiting for your return. All that excitment you know....fingers crossed. Keep on going Wilf, lovely boy!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  21. That painting is beautiful and will look wonderful in the rickety old farmhouse. We're here with you, too...

  22. Sounds like SHE was driving.

    So sad about the lady and her art.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  23. Loving pet owners all recognise the gradual recognition of seeing your pet with new eyes - being away will have given you a new perspective.
    As usual I wipe tears away from here in New Zealand...

    Sad to read today's papers - I do so hope this does nto come to pass. Tomorrow's match will be hard enough to watch without seeing any one resort to these tactics - from either team :(

  24. I'm glad this sad Victorian lady's work is now being appreciated so greatly, she truly did have least she used her gift, which could have been placed there for the soul purpose of her survival.
    I hope tomorrow brings a few more licks and tickles before the napping begins know he was jumping up and down in his heart though, don't you?!
    xo J~

  25. Lack of energy in the body doesn't make the heart love any less. We'll all, hopefully, be "old dogs" one day. We hope that our lives are of love, peace and contentment.
    Your new painting is wonderful! To me, there is definitely a sense of delight and pleasure in the simple there. It has a very strong life force about it. The use of colour is amazing. Looks more current than it is . Agoraphobia maybe? Home, privacy as a safe haven?

  26. Hope Wilf has a better day today, and tomorrow. Surely having both Angus and the font at hand will bolster his spirits. Gentle hugs.

    The picture is definitely a better investment than that clock. Maybe the clock can go in the barn :) There's a bit of a Goldilocks feel to the painting, with what looks to us like a baby Lab on the 'just right' chair.

    Jed & Abby

  27. I really thought that painting was chairs in your house. That artist did an excellent job because they're so realistic.

  28. Those last two lines brought the tears...and the realization of just how short the time grows. This continues to be one of the more bittersweet journeys I have ever been blessed to be able to participate in. My prayers continue for Wilf to be pain-free and for you and the Font to have the emotional fortitude to bear all that lies ahead.
    You are an amazing family. May God bless.