Friday, October 28, 2011

Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

' The font ' heads off to look after ' granny font '. Wilf and yours truly are left alone . It pours with rain . The tree surgeon doesn't show up so the drive remains blocked by fallen branches. Madame Bay unexpectedly arrives but just as quickly departs . Aude, the bi-polar decaratrice, works for a couple of hours then also leaves. She brings with her another oat crunch from the womens cooperative so Wilf is happy .

We aren't alone for long . Mid-afternoon the mayor comes to look at the fallen oak tree. We have a conversation about grinding out the remains and removing the roots . The conversation is one sided as the mayor speaks quickly and my knowledge of French technical terms for destroying tree stumps is limited . Not that it matters . The mayor finally announces that it's quite impossible to remove and that I should grow roses over it.

Ten to five. The mayor returns with Tweedledum and Tweedledee - the regional archaeologists . They're here to inspect the foundations the builders unearthed while looking for septic tanks in the courtyard . These have now been reburied . Tweedledum says somewhat self-importantly " they should have been left for us to inspect. They might be Roman ". Angus doesn't think it wise to admit that it was he who'd ordered the builders to cover them over . Instead he exclaims "Builders ! ". He then repeats it again for effect . This response seems to work . The two archaeololgists tut, shrug their shoulders, mutter something gallic , announce that ' we'll be back ' and then go .

" What was all that about ? " asks Wilf over dinner . ' Good question Matey ' I reply in between mouthfuls of overcooked beef . Wilf has a little overcooked beef with his kibbles . He settles down and is soon dreamily asleep.


  1. Wilf doesn't look the matey type to me. :)

  2. Overcooked beef? In France? Are you not now living in fear of being deported?

  3. Good response! Maybe some of those septic tanks are Roman.

    The mayor and tweedles didn't notice the beef, did they? Actually, we don't mind overcooked anything.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  4. I think it was a good move to blame the builder. Now you just have to hope that Tweedledum and Tweedledee don't know them and return with them to uncover the foundation.

    I hope your day is a quiet and uneventful one!

  5. I knew something was coming about these remains...
    in Italy nobody seems to bother, but as it gets official... other story.
    Love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxie
    Wishing you an oatcookie day!

  6. There is never a dull moment in your "sleepy little village". Wilf looks happy to be in out of the rain.

  7. I burst out laughing when I read "Builders!" As many things as they've done wrong, I'm sure you've more than paid for the right to blame them, and they did cover them over!

    Sounds like you and Wilf are at least cozy inside out of the weather!

  8. Overcooked beef, an oat crunch and a glimpse of Madame Bay... ahhh.... have a great weekend!

  9. wilfee looks like he's actually posing for you.
    adorable little bear.
    sorry... i'm all for archaeology, roman or otherwise... but it is after all your HOME! for pete's sake. does this mean they can come and wantonly dig up your beautiful lawn? oh my!
    cuddles to my wee polar bear,
    tammy j

  10. You might just find the duo back with shovels, digging up what was covered! You just never know in your neck of the woods! Wilf looks positively happy in those snaps! Keep on going Wilf, overcooked beef or not!!

    With love from your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  11. No one destroyed the archeological "dig," so they can come back. Rain postponed the World Series one day; last night (Thursday here in MO, USA), the St. Louis Cardinals blasted back after being down twice (with a Dalla/Fort Worth TV station declaring Texas victory before the "fat lady" sang) past the Texas Rangers in overtime - the home grown young man, Freese, hitting the winning home run! It is bedlam here - only Wilf could sleep; one more game tonight in St. Louis. I don't have TV - but I work anyway. At least most people won't be on the road till way late in the night after the game - wait, I work night shifts - egads.

  12. You've got more going on than I did when I lived in L.A! But it is good amusement for Wilf and those specially baked oat crunches certainly don't hurt.
    It does worry me, just a bit, as to what exactly the maker of those biscuits thinks are suitable ingredients for a diabetic dog.
    Our regards to The Font and wishes for good health to Granny Font.