Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Beauty sleep.

Bright blue skies, the most vivid of sunrises and sub-zero temperatures greeted Wilf and Digby on their early morning excursion into the village. Wilf went racing off with 'the font' on his weight reducing regimen while Digby and I gently sauntered down the road like two octogenarians taking the air at the seaside. The snow is slowly retreating as the weak winter sun warms the ground and hopefully by the end of today all traces of it should have gone.

Wilf did not want to get up this morning. When I opened the curtains he grumpily placed his paw over his eyes in a ' what do you think you're doing getting up at this unearthly time ? ' movement and snuggled further down into his mattress. He eventually wandered in for breakfast twenty minutes later and slumped noisily on the floor letting all and sundry know that a boy has to get his beauty sleep. Laughter just comes naturally when you live with these two.


  1. Your two boys look wonderful with that backdrop!...and in that weather, I don't blame Wilf for insisting on an extra lie-in!
    Keep warm and happy

  2. sounds like the weight reducing regime is going good for Digby...that Wilf, what character! so fun to see the snow in your area...?!

  3. They sound like such charming characters!

  4. I completely understand. Petey woke me up the other night, talking loudly in his sleep.

  5. Well I totally sympathise with Wilf. Haven't you ever heard of the expression 'let sleeping dogs lie', for goodness sake!
    Cheers, H.

  6. I felt just like Wilf this morning :o)