Thursday, January 21, 2010


A beautiful start to the day marred by a long rambling rant on French radio by some supposed expert criticising the American military 'takeover' of Haiti. The entire speel a reminder of that time honoured European propensity to criticise without having to take responsibility. The interviewer didn't seek to compare France's pitifully small response to that of the US or ask what life would be like in Haiti without America's huge relief effort. Recognising generosity and efficiency doesn't make for good breakfast radio but whingeing does.

The parallel universe negotiations with Volkswagen over re-registering the dog car continue. In return for €120 the Italian office of VW has, after eight weeks and 42 telephone calls, kindly produced the registration documentation showing that the vehicle was bought in Italy and can be exported. Unfortunately, the document is in English and the French authorities at the local prefecture consider it to be as valid as a Venusian passport. Back to square one to get the paperwork re-issued in French.

Wilf has digested a mouse or something equally inedible on one of his forays into the fields and is feeling rather sorry for himself. Boy, does Wilf know how to do sad. He is currently lying in the hallway and turning doleful eyes on any, and everyone, that passes. I'm betting that a voracious appetite will reveal itself at lunchtime.

No matter what I do Google seems to think I'm Gauguin like writing from an atoll somewhere in the Pacific. It's Thursday January 21st here at the keyboard but Wednesday the 20th on the blog. It's been like this for three weeks now. Me and technology!


  1. Hey Mongoose, why so gloomy?
    Here's our positive take:

    1. The mouse will pass and hopefully it can't relive its experience!
    2. In terms of Google you have an extra day to live! Yay!
    3. Red tape has to benefit someone! (Even if it's not you!)Besides, comedy breeds in red tape!
    4. Good news and serenity doesn't seem to sell, so if its only bad news or the pompose idiots in their ivory towers...You still retain the power to turn off the telly and blow off steam on your blog!
    5...and most important....WE LOVE YOU!

    We really hope that Wilf will "pass the time away"!

  2. I wonder if the bureaucrats would have been more amenable had the car been a Renault or a Peugeot?

  3. Awwww, poor Wilf! I still feel sorry for him, even if it is mostly drama!

    I can't believe it's that much trouble just to move a car! That's it, I'm never moving to France!

    As far as Haiti goes, I'll just keep my Yankee pie hole closed. Damned if you do and damned if you don't. The suffering there is just unimaginable and heartbreaking.

  4. Max - Thank you for your (as usual)uplifting take on life. Everything will be better when Wilfs problem has passed!

    WW - How could you think such a thing in a barrier free Europe?

    Houndstooth - Yes, it is mostly drama but Wilf certainly knows how to ham it up. Yes, there are those around the world who will open their mouths and criticise America before thinking about what they're saying.

  5. Well, since my idiot Marine human brother was part of the 22nd MEU, I'm gonna hafta wrap myself in my red/white/blue tartan today and go...pfffffffttt!
    Why would anyone want to 'take over' Haiti? Yeah, lets just pull out and watch people die from lack of food water and civility. Did anyone notice that the Marines aren't carrying weapons? They are totally unprotected and all it would take is that humongous crowd deciding to riot and they'd be goners. Most of those 'Marines' are 18 years old. Just left Momma a few months ago. Probably never seen anything so violent in their lives.

    Oorah! Semper-Fi!

  6. I hope that Wilf recovers rapidly. Funny, the dogs never ever remember what 'dietary indiscretion' led to them feeling so bad. He'll eat the same thing again without a second thought.

    I find myself unable to listen to any radio, except the pure news variety, here in the US. It makes me so angry how both parties try to paint the others as 'Un-American' for their beliefs. It seems like the trenches are being dug deeper and deeper, so there's no escaping them. I thought that our new president would pull people out of the trenches but it hasn't happened. I still have hope though... I have to.

    Within the past two days, I've talked to 2 friends who are well-off financially (middle-class) who cannot afford health insurance. They're one accident (or surgery) away from disaster.

    OK, enough whinging from me. Things have to look up. I demand it!

  7. Oh, don't worry about French radio ranting about us. We grow our own right wing ranters who have nothing good to say, not even about this. Seems to me politics should take a far back seat to Haiti. Everyone should get over themselves and do what they can in light of this horror.

    On another note, poor Wilf. One good thing about my two. Apple is the only one who is ever tempted to eat something despicable, and she throws it up immediately in embarrassment.