Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The diet.

Wilf and Digby are settling into their post Christmas diet and neither of them is exactly happy about it. Each time one of us goes to the kitchen there is a brief pause followed by the sound of scampering, and then one nose appears at the door followed in short order by a second. Expectation runs rampant and the boyz well honed 'I'm just a sad, poor wee doggie that's never had anything to eat' routine is much in use - learnt behaviour after a house full of surreptitious treat feeding guests. Why does that scene from Oliver with the little boy asking for more keep on coming to mind?

The new French vet has said that each of the troubadors has to lose at least a kilo so they are on half rations and rice cakes until their waistlines are under control. I'm thinking of joining them in their girth diminishing misery by giving up wine and chocolate for a month - I'll probably start tomorrow or maybe the day after. 'The font' thinks that rice cakes are fattening and should be cut out- I don't think they are. Comments supporting my hypothesis welcome.


  1. i'm laughing as i write this....ask the font if pumpkin is less fattening...i've heard of adding that to the dog's food to increase fiber...
    you could always start monday...but then again, why give up two of the pleasures of life....after all, the vet didn't say you had to join the dogs! ha

  2. Well, you could keep putting it off until the end of the month... Actually, when I was dieting, I ate rice cakes a lot and really lost weight! They helped me feel full without packing on much weight. Good luck to you and the boyz!

  3. Puffers is always on a diet due to his advanced age and kidney issues. The vet recommended carrots and melon as treat replacements. At first SHE had to boil the carrots to make them soft, but he's finally learned to love em raw n crunchy. Now he likes em right out of the bag, the ones sliced like coins. I like em too. And we loooovvveee melon bits. Now the special tasteless kibby...not so much. He has ancient doggie kibbie, low fat and I have sensitve tummers kibbie. SHE mixes em up cuz we fight if we think the other has something special. And I win! Cuz I'm the swift warrior princess!!!
    Scotties RAWK!!

    Bonnie, the wee demure scottie

  4. I have a better idea - perhaps you could walk further with the boyz but keep eating your chocolate and drinking your wine. But, I guess that the doggy bum hip is something of a concern... Hmmm, maybe you should give up the wine and chocolate.

    I think that treats of rice cakes are practically calorieless so I wouldn't worry about it.

    Watch out for the boyz running off to eat animals in the forest if they're so hungry. We, er, have had recent experience with that.

  5. kks- I'll take your advice and delay joining the boyz on the diet trail. Lent seems a good time to cutback on the wine. As for the chocolate that may have to wait!

    Scarps of Me - Boiled carrots! We might tempt Digby to try melon or boiled carrots but Wilf is very much a meat and two veg dog - nothing fancier than a rice cake or a Ryvita for him!

  6. Ahh, we have a saying here in the States "Nobody on their deathbed ever said 'I wish I'd eaten more ricecakes.'" Swear they're made of styrofoam. Life is too short not to eat good chocolate and wine! Besides, dark chocolate and red wine are chockful of anti-oxidants so one might argue they are health foods.

    Your pal,

    Petey (and his wise Mom)

  7. Houndstooth - Your comment is taken as vindication of the fact that the boyz can continue on ricecakes.

    KB - Spot on apart from the giving up wine and chocolate bit

    Petey - You are clearly an expert nutritionist so will gladly follow your advice and embark on a red wine and chocolate health diet. Wilf and Digby can have rice cakes.

  8. I'm thinking that the only way rice cakes would make you gain weight would be if they held water - and I seriously doubt that they would - I would think they are so dry that water would just go right on through.

    As for giving up chocolate and wine - you know both are heart healthy and we don't want you to have a sudden heart attack. So I don't advise giving up either one.


  9. January diets. The ubiquitous woe.
    And really, I think rice cakes have about the same amount of calories as cardboard. And a much similar flavour as well!

    Love to the boys!

  10. If we find any rice cakes around here, we will gladly ship them to you:) The holidays are tough on all of us when it comes to the girth, but so much fun too.

    Tail wags, Phantom and Thunder