Saturday, January 23, 2010


'The font' stopped off at the Harrods pet store on the way to the airport and bought a large grey squeaky squirrel toy for Wilf and Digby to play with. The unveiling of this present, after the standard tail wagging and back flipping family reunion, brought forth an uproarious fanfare of delighted gurgles, moans, whines,whimpers, yelps, grunts, howls, and barks . Who would believe that dogs had such a repertoire of noises? It would be an understatement to say the present was a great success as the two clowns managed to rush backwards and forwards with it along the hallway for a full hour without a break. They were oblivious to everything else in their happiness. Even though he'll be nine in March Wilf hasn't quite got the hang of going round things - he's very much by temperament a go through it rather than round it type dog . His enthusiastic straight line trajectories , disdainful of walls,furniture,and people, as he chased his new furry friend had us chuckling away. Thankfully, that thick Polish Lowland coat acts as great padding. This morning at seven o'clock ,as a sign of his unfettered devotion, Digby kindly delivered to 'the fonts' bedside the still miraculously squeaky squirrel .


  1. one of the great pleasures of having dogs...watching them play!! so sweet..
    looks like the sun is shining! beautiful!

  2. Glad the Boyz had a great time with the new addition to their collection, and that it made it through the night--That doesn't happen often in our house!

  3. Gosh a Harrods toy! Obviously a superior design if it's still squeaking...
    Cheers, H.

  4. Do the Boyz, like Petey, enjoy the most vigorous squeaking of the toy when you're on the phone, trying to hear the crucial final moments of a TV show or when you're just drifting off to sleep?

  5. kks - Last night it wasn't so much sweet as side splitting.

    Kim - the squeak survived the night but expired this morning

    Hamish - the best choice of toys in town but not one of them will last 12 hours in a Polish Lowlands jaws!

    Petey - That's uncannily accurate. Do you know them by any chance?

  6. I just love the mental picture I have of the boyz playing and of the laughter that must have filled your home.

  7. Edward and Apple eat out of dog bowls from Harrods. One black and one white... appropriately enough. It's a treasure trove of doggie loot.

  8. I can just picture them playing! Are Wilf and Digby the same age? I always assumed they were littermates, but I've never seen that for sure.

    One of ours once had a screaming monkey that she got lodged under the bed in the middle of the night. That's a rude awakening! At least I know what the squeaker sound means and can sleep through it!

  9. I feel quite dizzy listening to your heady description of dogs in motion. Angus you certainly have a way with words and I continue to be extremely envious and your greatest fan!
    Please give the boyz a muzzle rub from us all.