Saturday, January 16, 2010

Don't touch the dial

Madame Bay loves to listen to music as she majestically dusts and vacuums her way through the house. This morning I found that every Radio in the house had been tuned to the 'nostalgie' channel, a sanity straining station which plays saccharine ballads of the 50's and 60's for hour upon hour. Usually the featured artistes croon away with a repertoire of French Beach Boy spin offs but today,the gravely, basso profundo voice of that American chanteur,Mr.Barry White with his ' You know you want it girl, I want it too' greeted my first coffee of the day. Some early morning shocks to the system should be outlawed.

Wilf and Digby are in fine form. The little one joined Wilf on the morning walk and kept up with him for the first five hundred metres. Both the paw and the hip seem to be on the mend.


  1. What lovely pictures of Wilf and Digby. They do indeed look on fine form. I'm wondering, do they ever try to singalong with Barry White?
    Cheers, H.

  2. I continue to thoroughly enjoy reading about your every-day adventures! The Boyz are certainly in fine form! Maybe they would like the musical stylings of Three Dog Night, or Snoop-Doggy-Dog, and maybe, just maybe, Stray Cats! ;-)))

  3. You know you should make this "adventure" into a book - it would be a best seller. You never cease to put a smile on my face.

    Hope Digby starts feeling better soon. It's hard to watch our beloved companions age.


  4. Hamish - Neither Wilf or Digby like to sing. Digby however is always ready for a wee chat and a biscuit.

    Kim - Who let the dog out? is more their style.

    RCSJ - Thank you.

  5. The boyz look quite handsome this morning! I'm glad that Digby is feeling better!

    You know, my mom's dog (a tiny bichon/maltese terror) likes to dance to Margaritaville. I guess I'm just saying, it could be worse!

  6. Gosh, it looks so GREEN after the snow melted! Who would have thought it would be so nice so soon after the blizzard! I'm glad the boyz are up and about together today.

    Be thankful you have oldie/goldie music to listen to....the idiot Marine plays head banger music, quite often louder than anyone else appreciates!

    If the boyz have time between naps, walkies and snackies, can they drop by my bloggie and help me pick a picture to send in for the Mango Minster dog show? I'm at a loss which one to choose.

    Thanks so much!