Thursday, January 28, 2010

A quiet day.

The long ( and what will doubtless prove to be eventful) process of restoring the ramshackle old house began in earnest yesterday - the kitchen fitters and builders showed up at eight on the dot to start work. Wilf and Digby were out to greet them, alert for the possibility that a jaffa cake might be in the offing. It turned out to be another beautiful spring like sunny morning so off with the two boyz in the car to the local market. It is clearly the radish harvest - rows upon row of stalls selling radishes. What in heavens name do the locals do with them ? There has to be a limit to how many a person can eat. Madame Bay will doubtless enlighten us.

En route to the market we stopped off for a walk through the fields and came across this rather unsettling figure on a bench by the church in the neighbouring village. If I'd come across it at night it would have been decidedly scary. Memories of Wickerman. Neither of the boyz paid it any attention - clearly not jaffa cake material.

The spring bulbs have been encouraged by the arrival of the warmer weather and their shoots are sprouting everywhere. Digby has found a quiet, shady spot by the well which he can retire to when seeking peace from his big brothers boisterous antics. He somehow seems to think that he's quite invisible in his little daffodil filled woodland corner.


  1. That figure has clearly been overdosing on radishes

  2. I can only dream about hints of spring here!

    That thing in the forest would have creeped me out on a dark night, too! Good grief!

    I'm a little curious about what they do with the radishes, too.

  3. Spring - I can't even imagine the feeling of spring right now. Shoots from bulbs? Wow. We're still months from our first signs of spring. You asked once on my blog if I get used to the cold and if it hurts my back. Actually, I have built up an entire closet of very very warm clothes. I can go out in almost any weather and feel warm. My clothes are cold but not me!

    And, radishes are always the first veggie that we harvest here in the winter world! But by the bushel!!!!!

  4. A quiet day. That's my sort of a day, these days...
    Oh but it sounds like you have a nice life there in deepest France.
    Cheers, H.

  5. Im surprised the boyz didn't claim that scarecrow as their the usual boyz' fashion! :)
    Thank you for sharing some awesome pictures of your environment...a really enjoyable change!I can't wait to see the daffodils display their cheery yellow heads.
    Take care and good luck with the renovations.

  6. I am teased so easily by spring--Even one warm day and a picture, and I'm totally taken by the thought of warmer weather!! The radishes are lovely!!