Sunday, January 10, 2010

It snowed and snowed and...

The snow started yesterday morning and fell, gently, but continuously all day.Confused by the darkness the villages eight street lights (the source of much civic pride) stayed on for most of the day while the only noise that disturbed the heavy sepulchral silence was the rumble of the occasional tractor taking straw to the cattle. Wilf and Digby forgot that they are at the 'senior dog' stage of life and fuelled by a healthy portion of breakfast porridge they reverted to being puppys. Boy did they romp, bounce, leap and belly flop in the snow. Noses and muzzles got covered as the two of them raced round the fields, ears flying aerodynamically behind them in the cold air, incompetently following the scent of long gone deer or stoats. Thankfully, we have no visitors this weekend so the hallway and corridors are covered in a double layer of old blankets and towels in a (vain) attempt to soak up some of the melting snow from their fur. The two boyz take on the day? Bliss!


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  2. Thank-you for the comment left on my blog! I found yours last evening by "skipping around" from others and I really enjoyed reading about your new life and adventures! Wilf & Digby are 2 very handsome boyz! We have a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier--I'm not sure how closely related the 2 breeds are, but there is certainly a strong resemblance--But there is nothing like a good snow-fall to bring out the puppy in even the most "seasoned" of dogs!! I'm glad they enjoyed their day!!
    ~Stay warm!~

  3. It is amazing how snow has the power to turn all dogs into puppies! The view of the street is very beautiful...not to mention Wilf and Digby.

  4. I have to agree with the above comments - there is nothing like a good snow to bring out the puppy in a dog - or the child in an adult - I love snow too.

    Beautiful pictures of the lane and lights.

  5. Kim - Welcome. Looks do not tell you what their behaviour is like. Border Collies are related but I'll need to look up to see whether there is any Wheaten in their mix.

    Farley - With 8 houses in the village and a similar number of street lamps we thank you for calling itn a street!

  6. I absolutely love the snow-covered muzzle photos! Those are gorgeous.

    I'm glad that the boyz loved the snow so very much. Snow brings out the puppy in all dogs, I think. And, the photo of your village with the lights on could be a postcard. It looks idyllic.

  7. Snow must be the universal age nullifier for dogs. Ours aren't playing that much outside at the moment, but in the house, well, I'm starting to feel like our living room isn't big enough.

    The boyz look so cute! It's like you rolled snow up and made little snowdogs in a few of the pictures!

  8. Ahhh, there really is nothing like a good snooter full of snow! Petey loves the white stuff and his pure joy has made me fall in love with snow all over again. For him, it turns the city into a giant Easter egg hunt, sticking his nose into every snow drift and more often than not, coming up with a tennis or rubber ball! Glad we got a good dump of the white stuff in New York before we headed South, although our temperatures have been cold enough lately for snow. Our lagoon has a layer of ice across it this morning. Deep below the surface, the hibernating alligator must be reaching for another blanket!

    Your pal,


  9. Hey there Mongoose
    Those pictures are truly awesome!!!! They are some of the cutest pictures we've seen yet! Obviously your boys are truly in their element.
    Enjoy and keep warm

  10. Though sadly, we didn't have the amount of snowfall that graced your landscape, we had enough to cause the same sort of play that your boys enjoyed. Rolling and running for hours in 17 F weather! The good thing was that the snow this time was so dry.... no sloppy fur to be seen!

    Of course both curled in front the fire last night, Edward sprawled out like a rajah on the sofa. Life is so good.

  11. What wonderful photos -- and eloquent narrative to accompany them.

    Sadly, we got the cold but not the snow -- so we're all bundled up with no white stuff to romp in.

    Glad you enjoyed your return to puppyhood!!!

    Wirey woofs,

    Jake and Just Harry

  12. So where can I go to get away from all this snow then? Australia perhaps?
    Cheers, H.

  13. Dogs everywhere seem to love the snow and age is no barrier either. Love those shots of the snow-covered snooters.

    Woos, Phantom and Thunder

  14. OMG!!!! those two are INSANE!! and I LOVE them for it!!! looking at those two adorable snow caked faces makes me a little sad all my dogs are short haired..... thanks for the kitten comments, when do you want me to ship the boys their pet kitties? .... :) hugs to all

  15. You made our day when you stopped by our blog just as we were finally getting our moma to spend some time catching up. What sweet happy faces in the snow ... you look like you are truly in a snowy heaven of happiness. Those expressions are priceless. Enjoy it and please keep sharing your adventures. We love them!

    Jake and Fergi xxoo