Monday, January 11, 2010

The south of France.

The arctic conditions continue to sweep across the south of France - the blizzards are more like Forfarshire than Gascony. It fell to minus nine last night turning the roads into treacherous skating rinks for both cars and pedestrians. Digby ventured out on his morning walk but soon found that the ice, coupled to his sore paw and arthritic back leg, made progress difficult. After slipping and sliding his way along for 100 metres or so he finally sat at the corner of the village green and decided that he'd had enough exercise for the day. Wilf by contrast returned from his hike ready for ball games in the snow drifts. Two brothers, two totally different characters.


  1. It's the very cold, icy days that are the hardest for pups of all age, and thier people too! Hope you get some relief from all the weather very soon!

  2. Didn't we think that global warming was going to be, well, warm? We're sending some polar bears your way to keep the boyz company!

    Your pal,


  3. Awwww, poor Digby! I think I'd rather be in the house on a day like that!

  4. Gosh! If that's the south of France, I wonder what the North looks like? Brrr....Looks like curling by the fire weather to me...and walking about some other day.
    Stay warm!

  5. I don't understand. What is the POINT of the South of France if it snows there too.....
    Cheers, H.

  6. Kim - They love the snow for a while and then their joints remind them they're no longer puppies.

    Petey - I bet the summer is a scorcher!

    Houndstooth - Yes, just as long as his brother doesn't decide to go out and have adventures without him.

    SoM - I dread to think

    Hamish - Agreed - that is apart from the food and the wine.

  7. If it is any consolation, we have had your weather for a couple of weeks now, and finally the warmup is here. The pups aren't happy about it but the humans are sporting big smiles.

  8. two brother i want to snuggle after the snow melts off them of course!!!!

  9. We love the snow photos. That looks like so much fun!