Monday, January 25, 2010

Impish behaviour.

The grey squirrel from Harrods survived the weekend with its stuffing intact . Thankfully, after repeated close contact with Wilfs jaws the irritating squeaker had given up the ghost by ten o'clock on Saturday morning. With the annoying peep-peep-peep sound gone normal conversation could be resumed and household sanity reinstated. There is nothing Digby enjoys more than grabbing the new toy and scampering off with it impishly into the garden - it annoys his big brother no end!

The village has a funeral this afternoon - a huge event for a community with a population of just 67 souls. The funeral cart , which has been used for the last 140 years, is parked dolefully in front of the church . On the morning walk with Digby I saw that six handsome black stallions with plaited manes have been moved from the farm in the valley to the paddock by the stream. The timeless,well practised rituals of life in France Profonde. The mayor has suggested that even though we'd never met the deceased we might, as new residents, wish to attend the service- as close to an order as one can get. I have brought up a case of champagne from the cellar in case new residents are also expected to help with the wake afterwards.


  1. You must start writing a book about your life in France, Angus

  2. glad the squeaker has finally died! i agree they can be quite annoying....
    your whole case of champagne may be gone by the end of the day.....

  3. The silence after a new squeaker has bitten the dust is almost deafening!

    The funeral sounds like it will be an interesting event. I hope you end up with some pictures!

  4. I'm anxious to hear about the funeral - hope you didn't start with the champagne beforehand - well maybe you should have.

  5. It's quite amusing how new folk are encultured!