Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Illicit pleasures.

As the afternoon wore on Wilf and Digby seemed rather put out that we weren't hosting another gathering in the house . They sat by the front door waiting to greet their guests - all that post funeral attention has clearly gone to their heads. Faced with two energetic bundles of fluff we loaded them into the back of the car and drove into the countryside for a long walk in the early spring sunshine. There wasn't another soul to be seen and we strolled along roads free of vehicles for almost an hour before Digby's sore hip started to bother him. Amazing that in Europe there are areas that remain so peaceful and bucolic.

Awoke this morning to the news that the UK has officially and finally exited the recession after 18 months. The economy grew by 0.1% in the last quarter. Call me old fashioned but it doesn't seem a great rate of return for the £200,000,000,000 of additional debt the government has taken on. 'The font' helpfully points out that every man,woman,and child in the country is borrowing the equivalent of $100 a week. Doesn't sound much until you multiply by 60 million and then by the number of weeks in a year.

The new kitchen range was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I phoned up the store to ask them what time it was arriving only to be told it won't be here until late February. No apology was forthcoming and the only excuse profered was that the factory had been closed for Christmas. 'Surely you knew that at the beginning of December when we confirmed the date ? ' I half heartedly grumbled. The joiners arrive this morning to fit the new kitchen - so much for all that carefully choreographed planning of deliveries , plumbers,electricians etc. On balance I thought it wiser not to tell the kitchen fitters about the non-arrival of the stove - better to get them started rather than get into the never ending spiral of rescheduling. The joys of restoring an old house. Wilf and Digby like the joiners - the young one smuggles them jaffa cakes. Digby in particular is of the opinion that there is nothing as enjoyable as a forbidden pleasure.


  1. Does this mean no cooking duties for the "Font" until the new stove arrives? February sounds so far away but it will be here next week, but I totally understand how you feel - it appears they could have informed you either when you ordered the stove or prior to its delivery date.

  2. That's a lot of take out until February! Is there another place you can order a stove from that can get it there before you starve to death? That's just crazy!

    I love that picture of the boyz in the header! All they need is a road map and they're on their way!

  3. At least Jaffa cakes haven't been outlawed by the EU yet

  4. Thanks so much for reminding Gail about the pleasures of walks WITH DOGS in the countryside!
    Cheers, H.

  5. I redid my very small NYC apartment kitchen a few years ago. Basically replacing items with newer ones in the exact same place, as the whole kitchen is only 5' x 8'— you can cook on the stove, add water from the sink, pour in an ingredient from the fridge, take down a plate, eat the meal and put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and never move from one place. NONETHELESS, even with all that brusque NY efficiency, it took almost 6 weeks to complete. And of course pieces were sent that were the wrong size. Anticipate cold cuts and take-aways for dinner until March!

    A big wide open beach awaits us!

  6. No party for the dogs. Oh well... I guess there can't be a funeral every day (thank goodness).

    The French seem to have no sense of promptness or being apologetic when they're going to be months late with something. It seems like the same scenario keeps replaying. Very odd... I guess that it's part of getting used to a new culture.

  7. Rocky Creek - The old malevolent stove with its singeing gas buners lives to fight a little longer

    Houndstooth - you echo the fonts sentiments exactly

    WW - Never in my lifetime!

    Hamish - yes , early morning walks would cure your gentlemans malady.

    Petey - We are on European time - after Italy it seems as though everythiong here is going smoothly despite the odd hiccough on timing.

    KB - Wilf and Digby will find some other way to party. They've recently discovered Woody Guthrie!