Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Red sky in the morning ...

At last the snow has disappeared to be replaced by a light, warm breeze and a thin layer of high wispy cloud. Digby fairly raced along on his morning walk,the balmier temperatures clearly helping him forget the arthritic pains. The sky this morning is tinged with a palet of red,orange and gold - a wonderful backdrop to the walk and a sign of another weather front sweeping off the Atlantic and heading to the Pyrenees, and us. Hopefully, after five days in a row of freezing weather this time it will be a warm front.

Yesterday was spent re-registering the cars from Italian to French jurisdiction and getting new number plates. The Land Rover was no problem - the paperwork needed to complete the process and satisfy the authorities was sent through from Paris within twenty minutes and the local dealer made and fitted new plates on the spot. The dog car is another matter. Volkswagen France say that as the car was bought in Italy it is nothing to do with them and they can't issue a certificate saying it is safe to drive on European roads. Volkswagen Italy say that as the car is out of Italy it is no longer their responsibility. Volkswagen Head Office in Germany eventually connected me to a young man in 'customer service' who was suffering from a charm bypass and who rather unhelpfully suggested I drive the car back to Italy. Todays task is to continue this one way Faustian dialogue with Europe's largest car manufacturer . Being the European Union there is no such thing as a car registration document that is recognized in all 27 members. Naturally, without a French approved Certificate of Conformity ( in French) re-insuring and replating the cars is impossible.

Digby is outside in the garden telepathically imposing his will on a ball (so far the ball is winning) while Wilf is upstairs in the kitchen optimistically hoping 'the font' drops the baking tray.


  1. Love Digby trying to move the red ball with his mind. Petey has that amazing kind of focus that somehow has eluded his mistress.

    Craziness about the car registration. Can't VW France inspect the car to see if it meets their standards? Our state-by-state licensing is crazy enough, but you've got us beat, having to go through the manufacturer. I had a problem getting insurance for my Honda down here in SC as I am a registered driver in New York. Same country, people!!!

    Ahhh, just when you thought the last of the red tape was used to wrap up the Christmas presents...

    Petey and his Mom

  2. "suffering from a charm bypass" this is the best thing i have ever heard. can i borrow this genius quote? LOL. 0-Digby 1-ball, poor digby.... and wilf is right where i would be, close to the food. warm weather wishes.

  3. My Mom always said "red sails in morning, sailors take warning" and I find it's fairly accurate where we live. I also watch the cattle's habits and can predict bad weather by what they do.

    Good luck with the car predicament. It always seems as if the left hand.........

  4. It seems it would be easier to sell your car and buy another. Thats what the Loo Ten Ant does when he moves from country A to country B. Sells all his furniture too, says it's less stressful then moving and loosing/breaking it. He's not the sentimental type either, gives his pooches away too. Heck, forgot about his wife once too.
    I'm glad you're getting warmer weather, we are too, it's making Puffy the Ancient happier about getting up and about.


  5. That Divine paintbrush is at it again! for car registrations... I told you to move to SA: We can register a wheelbarrow here for you too, if you like. Anything goes - NO PROBLEM!

    Keep warm and send lots of cuddles to your beautiful boyz.

  6. Yegads! It's just a car, French Authorities!

  7. Apple does the exact same thing with her ball, although it is yellow instead of red. I think she's waiting for it to move.

  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful sunrise :)

  9. Fabulous photo of the dawn! Sorry to hear you're bogged down in Eurocracy