Monday, June 28, 2010

Action photos.

Wilf is not enjoying the heat. Activity has to be squeezed into a cool three hour period between six and nine in the morning and again from nine thirty to eleven thirty at night. He will deign to venture out to bark at the post lady or the plumber at other, more humid, times but his heart really isn't in it. You wouldn't know it from the photos but he's now sporting the PON worlds version of a Marine Corps buzz top - this aggressive trim has done something at least to help him deal with the soaring temperatures.

On our early morning, post coffee, walk we came across these fresh new carrots at the greengrocers - perfect for Bolognaise. We also saw the World Cup toys in the local supermarket being discounted from €10.50 to just €0.50. What a difference a week makes!

Rushing off to the airport to take a flight to speak to another group of men in dark suits. Will post tomorrow. Did you know that worldwide, life expectancy is increasing by five hours a day?


  1. Looks like there's still enough to be tousled.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Beautiful carrots!!
    I didn't know about the life expectancy increasing--That's good, because it gives me more time to spend at my computer! :-)
    Have a safe trip!

  3. Apologies to the barber, but Wilf's coiffure looks unchanged to us! Those vegetables look gorgeous and at first glance, the heap of World Cup mascots looked like some hybrid broccolini!

  4. I adore the greengrocer pictures!!

    And I have my sights on living a century - at least.

  5. PON buzz cut, huh? Wait until you see us after what has been programmed for our Fourth of July three-day weekend: the celebratory (for others, not us) stripping of our respective two pounds of fur. Gone our roly poly porky dog look and back to our lean mean terrierist machines. We will have before and after photos.

    When we looked at the World Cup toys at first, we thought they were strange artichokes with faces. Obviously someone needs glasses.

    As for those five hours a day, we suspect that lots of folks are spending them attached to their favorite electronic gadgets (instead of sharing them with their four-legged companions)!

    Safe travels!

    xx Jake and Just Harry (and Joan)

  6. Listen if Wilf needs a break from the heat and humidity...come to my beach and surf with dude...seriously the temps are perfect!!

  7. Looks like Zakumi isn't too popular in France :)
    I've never seen him sold in America which seems a little odd, but maybe I'm just not going to the right places.

    I hope for Wilf's sake that your humidity decreases soon. Sounds like it's way too hot for the little guy :(

  8. We can only assume that a number of the World Cup lions made their way to your home for a certain shorn PON? At that price we would have bought the whole crate and sent them to our friends all over the world (hint, hint). We'll just go check the post in case you overnighted us a few. ~ Dozer, Dottie and Cooper

  9. I just hope those five extra hours are cool ones.

  10. I hope Wilf got a lion! He can attack it in a fit of hair envy.

    Those carrots look like something you'd see in a magazine! Wow!

    You have the best random facts!

  11. I always enjoy your photos - such an intersting cross section of daily life in a country far far away.

  12. Poor Wilf! I don't like extreme heat either so I have some empathy for him.

    I'll have to run that random fact by my father and see if he knows it. He loves random bits of information like that.

    Safe travels to you!

  13. great action shots...Wilf is not a stuffed animal after all?!