Friday, June 4, 2010

Croissants and Garibaldi biscuits.

Off bright and early with Wilf in the car for the breakfast croissants - hot and straight from the bakers oven. One of lifes simple but peerless pleasures. At six in the morning the town was deserted apart from a group of gentlemen cyclists of a 'certain age' who were milling outside the newsagents. Most of the cyclists stood amiably chatting to each other in the early morning sun but five or six hyperactive individuals performed endless circles between the kerb and the market hall. Whenever a car came past they scattered like startled lycra clad seagulls. We watched this contrast in activity from the comfort of the cafe, Wilf and his bowl of water from beneath the table , me at the bar, until the arrival of the early morning beer and absinthe drinkers focused our minds on the day ahead. On the way back to the car the shutters on the square were looking very 'provencal'. Perhaps we should be braver and ditch the taupe and choose a brighter colour for the house ?

A good day for Wilf. Yves, Ross his wild haired Irish sidekick, and the morose lad in the blue bib overalls came to finish the library and the decking. This is the third time they've been to 'finish' the library and true to form within an hour they disappeared to cut another strip of wood for the cornicing. 'Back in a minute'. Their disappearance coincided with lunchtime and I can only assume that it was pressure of work that prevented them from showing up again later in the day. None of this bothered Wilf because Ross spent much of the morning slipping him illicit Garibaldi biscuits. Garibaldi biscuits don't rank as highly in the pantheon of illicit treats as Jaffa Cakes but they are illicit and therefore not to be refused.

At lunchtime 'the font' took Wilf down to the vet for his annual check-up. He's fine. No after effects from his run in with the processionary caterpillars and the lump on his head is benign. A discussion about whether to vaccinate him against piroplasmosis . The vet , who is currently vaccinating 15 dogs a day, thinks that the treatment is only 60% effective, requires 3 separate sets of injections spread over a couple of weeks before it becomes effective , and then only works well on young dogs. He is convinced that Avantix is the best repellant together with a tick collar - which on long haired dogs must be kept close to the skin - ie the hair must be kept trimmed short around the neck. Unfortunately, Wilf has a severe reaction to something in Avantix so we'll stick with Frontline but spray it on rather than use the treatment that goes between the shoulder blades.

A follow up meeting to be held in the church at ten this morning. We have 84 chairs in the village church and 200 seats pre-reserved ( if the mayors wife mental arithmetic is correct). Panic time. Full details tomorrow.


  1. Good days are always the best. It is always nice to see Wilf's wonderful smile too.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  2. Angus, you need to be writing a book about your life - your colorful use of words is phenomenal. I can always picture the workman, your sleepy little town, the townspeople and Madame Bay - and of course I see your handsome dog daily. Strange as it may seem though, I don't have a mental picture of you and "the Font".

  3. M-M-M...I can taste those croissants from here!
    Your pictures are always great. What type of camera do you generally use?
    Wilf doesn't discriminate much like my Sophie doesn't...if it's food then away it goes.

  4. So, we need to know, Angus. When the bicycle purchase is finally made, will you be joining in with the flock of lycra clad seagulls??
    Just curious,
    Bertie and Gail.

  5. I wish you much luck on that village meeting! I can't wait for the recap on that one.

    I rather like that burgundy color on the shutters.

    I didn't know Frontline was available as a spray on. We can't use several of those flea and tick repellants on the greyhounds as it eats a hole right in the skin. Frontline works for us and we stick to it!

  6. Wooos!"lycra clad seagulls", fur some reason, Mum is still laughing...( we totally agree with the scotties !)
    Thanks fur the smile, and yes, go fur a fun shutter color, we like the burgundy wine color.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  7. I was wondering the same thing as Bouncing Bertie?? Do tell...

    I'm glad that Wilf had a good day, with illicit treats and fun! It seems that he'll be sad when all the workers finally leave for good.

    200 people and 84 chairs? What was the mayor's wife thinking? I agree - it sounds like the biggest town crisis possible!

  8. I would like to echo two of the commentators before me....
    RS Scotties...We want more of the 'Mongoose' character!
    Bouncing Bertie...Are you indeed going to join those cyclists and take your wine along?
    Enjoy the weekend and all that it offers. I was also wondering if the Tour-de-France will pass by your village?

  9. I thought you were cycling to the boulangerie these days?

  10. I agree with houndstooth - I like the burgundy colored shutters as well. And oh, I can just taste that croissant! mmmmmm.

  11. Ditch the taupe and go for real color!! You are in FRANCE, after all :). Wilf is looking very good, I must say. The single life seems to be agreeing with him.

  12. Once again, thank you for sharing. It's all the small details that bring your posts to life!!

    And I'm glad Wilf is doing well, caterpillars and all!

  13. we lost our scottish terrier maddie a few days ago
    will you get another dog?

  14. I first visited your blog when Wilf got sick. I came back to check now and again and then Digby got sick. I kept coming back to check on his progress and prayed for him. (I still pray for both of your dogs every night.)

    I keep coming back though not just for Wilf, although I do enjoy seeing his pictures and hearing about him immensely, but also for the posts on your everyday life. I love your descriptions and the pictures always make me feel like I was right there with you.