Saturday, June 12, 2010

France:0 Uruguay:0

The entire population of the village gathered on the green outside the church to watch the first match of the French team in the World Cup. After much waving of hands , testing and retesting of electrical connections and some decidedly unsporting language the mayor finally managed to nurse the widescreen tv into life. For ten minutes there was a party spirit as the less conservative members amongst us performed an impromptu conga to the ever present sound of the French World Cup song - Allez, Ola, Ole . Google it, once you've heard its manic rhythm you'll start singing the lyrics in your sleep .

Then at 8.30 pm just as the referee blew the starting whistle the skies opened and a gargantuan co-joined rain and hail storm swept down from the Pyrenees and sent everyone scurrying for cover. Sadly, no World Cup recipes from our conga leading Madame Bay this morning.

Today dawned bright and fair so off with Wilf to the light industrial park and the Saturday morning market. The first of the seasons local melons were on the greengrocers stall and were added to the list alongside peaches, strawberries and white asparagus. Our fruit buying completed - 'au revoir Veelfie'- we moved onto the newsagent for the morning paper. En route we passed a clothing stall fronted by a display of mannequins. With their dangly sleeves and billowing skirts these naturally attracted Wilfs undivided attention .Only a timely and judicious intervention by yours truly saved the pedestals from his early morning christening routine.

This afternoon there is a World Cup gala in the next village along the road. We shall go and post pictures of the revelry tomorrow. Max in South Africa I promise you we won't let you down - deepest France profonde is getting into the swing of things .We might not be able to match the party spirit in Africa but we'll certainly try.


  1. Our World Cup revelry will begin at 3:30 AM on Monday when one of the pubs will open early for breakfast. They may join the beer and absinthe drinking brigade. Alas, as Oz faces Germany for the first game, no one is expecting a win. We will undoubtedly miss the wild celebration.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Hey there Mongoose
    You've not let me down in the least!...YOUR TEAM IS HERE!!! What more can I want?!
    Wow...wish you could have seen the festivities in our city yesterday...I'm still shaking. A new energy, unity, awe and wonder has embraced our nation. I am proud to be South African simply by the diversity of global friends which I have!
    Thanks for riding with me on this SWC bandwagon!
    (The photo on my post today is specially for the Mongeese....Sunset over Camps Bay!)
    Wishing them a fabulous time in South Africa!...may they return rejuvenated and imbued with the African Spirit!

  3. Too bad about the weather just as the match started. Your village sounds like a fun place to live!

    I'm glad that you saved the mannequin from a christening. When I had my first young dog, a long time ago, he couldn't find anything to christen, and to my utter dismay, he chose my leg! I never let that happen again!

  4. Today we celebrate UNITY in DIVERSITY with you and with Maxmom and with all of the wonderful dog-blogs that have taken the spirit of the World Cup and made it MORE - made it an exercise in understanding, tolerance and community.

    Today we cheer for the United States of America on our bloggy and welcome you with open paws to celebrate with us☺

  5. Your village sounds infinitely more fun and exciting than mine! I'm sorry about the rain storm, though.

    Are you still going to look for a new puppy? Will the little chap have a French name, or a proper Irish monicker? I giggle everytime I imagine the calls of "Veelfie" through the town!

  6. oh my, yes. the allez ola ole is firmly stuck in my head. did you join in the conga line? ;)
    sorry to hear about the rain.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  7. It must be fascinating experiencing all the excitement in a new country - thank you for sharing it with us!

  8. It was windy, chilly and rainy here yesterday. Today was beautiful and sunny though. The weather can't seem to make up its mind what it wants to do. It's beautiful for a few days, then rainy for a few.

    My little chihuahua likes to christen anything and everything for some reason. My bigger chihuahua isn't as bad but he picked up the habit from the smaller one so I have to watch them both.

  9. It's too bad the rain spoiled the party. We always enjoy a good lively party. We'll be cheering on the Portuguese team later in the week, watch for us.

    Bailey has a monkey like yours. It's her favorite toy.
    Morgan, Tsar and The Porties