Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A quiet Tuesday morning.

It rained all day yesterday, grey and continuously. Not just rained but plummeted down like a power shower at full pelt. More like the west coast of Scotland in October than the south of France in June. Wilf would not be coaxed out. He stood with his nose poking out of the front door, resolutely refusing to move . As I put on a hat and coat and profered the lead he just looked at me as if to say ' you might be mad but I'm not'. Forty minutes of late night rug surfing stopped him from going completely stir crazy. The routine is simple - hurtle down the hall at top speed, leap on a rug, and whoosh dog and rug go surfing over the polished floor tiles. Eventually he fell asleep, tired and content, rug surfed out, beside the bedroom door.

This morning he was charged and ready for action . We raced through the light industrial park, visited the fire hydrants by the railway line,made a high speed circuit of the town square and were at the beer and absinthe cafe by six thirty. A bowl of water and a 'Bonjour Veelfie' and it was time to buy the croissants and get the morning paper. As we were about to leave a batch of freshly cut asparagus was being delivered to the greengrocer. He beckoned me over to tell me that the sweet sugars in asparagus turn to starch within hours and that these had been harvested barely an hour ago. We will be having asparagus for lunch.

Thank you all for your comments yesterday. We roared with laughter reading them . Yes, it is quite illogical to assume that flies wouldn't land on an upturned spoon.


  1. No-one can make an early morning walk around a light industrial zone sound more appealing! And if only my hallway here was big enough for rug surfing on those rainy days (of which we have had many recently).
    Hope the lunchtime asparagus tastes as good as it looks!
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. We hate the rain, too. Glad it did clear for the daily routine.

    Asparagus is a bit expensive.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Humidity and rain here in Virginia as well, which brought up the word "sauna" more than once from patients I saw yesterday. I think I would have taken Wilf's side and waited until today especially if it meant a trip to the bakery and market for fresh asparagus afterwards!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful leisurely morning. Hope you enjoyed your asparagus.

    Teddy hates the rain too.

  5. I admit, I envy your morning walks!

    Asparagus sugars? I'm not a fan of asparagus, but somehow, I'm thinking he wasn't completely honest there. I do hope you enjoy the asparagus for lunch, however!

  6. The asparagus looks so delicious! The market presentation is exquisite. I love the postings!

  7. Your description of rug surfing is so funny! For the past few days, I wished that my dogs had an indoor game like that to play!

    I hope that the asparagus was delicious!

  8. Rug surfing is quite a lot of fun--I've never seen a dog do it though! Wilf has the right idea :)

  9. We play ball down the hallways when it rains. One of us is stationed in the bedroom, usually my husband as he has the better throwing accuracy, and that person throws two yellow squeaky balls down the hallway, one after the other. The hallway is long and leads to the entry hall eventually. The dogs fly down, taking turns, squeaking maniacally all the way. Edward usually tires of this amusement before Apple does. Apple would continue till dawn. But it's such a great way to tire the little buckaroos right out on the days when going outside is, to them, simply not an option to be taken seriously.

  10. Have you ever roasted asperagus? A bit of olive oil, salt, and pepper is all it takes. Roasting brings out those mysterious sugars (carmelization the chefs call it) and it's delicious.

    xx Joan

  11. I don't think you've ever mentioned... do you have your conversations in French? I would get so frustrated trying to think of the correct words each time I was in France - and I wasn't shopping at the local markets!

  12. Sorry about the rain. My dogs think they're too special to have to go out in the rain. They don't like to get wet. Today I saw the strangest sight! It was raining in one part of my back yard but not the other.

    That's so funny that Wilf likes to rug surf! It sounds kind of fun, actually!

    ^^^I've wondered if you have your conversations in French too. I don't think that's your nationality but that's where you're currently living. I only speak English so I've always wondered how people can speak more than one language and not get words confused.