Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer sleepiness.

One of the unanswered questions about French villages in summer is what happens to all the people ? Our little village is deserted - not just quiet - deserted. From dawn to dusk not a soul is to be seen and not a sound , apart from the crickets and the amorous serenade of the frogs in the village pond, is to be heard. Yesterday a grand total of six cars and tractors passed along the lane outside the rickety old farmhouse, and two of those were post office delivery vans. Summer torpor has arrived in deepest France profonde.

The pool man and morose lad in blue bib overalls #2 came to clean the pool yesterday afternoon. Despite her recent locum induced hypocondria Madame Bay was at her 'golden years' dance class in the nearby market town so everything passed without incident. We took it in turns to haul bucket loads of wayward swimming pool frogs back to the village pond to be reunited with their kith and kin. This morning 'the font' has re-netted eight little blighters who have hopped back from the pond during the night to reclaim their highly chlorinated habitat.

After his trip into town with me Wilf has settled himself down on the cool grass in the shade of the oak trees. Last night he scratched at the door at one thirty am to be let out - a sign that this latest stomach upset was a bad one. This morning , the problem passed, he is as bright and as happy as a dog can be. He was even allowed to get a piece of fresh croissant from the girl behind the bakery counter. Bliss can be seen on a dogs face.

Have to rush off to the airport to go and give a speech to a group of men in suits. Back on a six am flight tomorrow. Did you know that if the Chinese continue to buy cars at the current rate then with thirty years all the worlds oil production will be needed just to keep the motorists of Beijing and Shanghai on the road ? What interesting times we live in.


  1. Wilf indeed looks much better - I love his tousled look. Did I notice an adaptation to the blog title? Very apropos. Please, if Wilf and his late brother Digby are Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, from where does PON come? How good of Madame Bay to be well enough for her dance class...:).

  2. Wilf looks completely happy.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. Wilfy is looking more and more photogenic...I think he's rising to the occasion of being the only model around!
    Glad your pool is turning blue...when are you going to swim in it?
    Good luck with your speeches and back safely.

  4. Frogs are strange little creatures, but undoubtedly they like the taste of chlorine.

  5. Every time I hear you're off to give a speech to men in suits, I wonder what their reaction would be if, instead of giving what I assume is a serious -- hopefully well compensated -- talk -about things you know a lot about -- you regale them with hilarious tales of life in la france profonde with dogs, frogs, caterpillars, and an accompanying cast of human characters.

    I can see the dropped jaws and then hear the deafening applause!!! Right?

    Safe travels!!

    xxx Joan

  6. Is that dignified fellow in the bust behind Wilf perhaps our very own Mongoose?

  7. My face would show bliss, too, if I enjoyed a French croisssant for breakfast! I'm glad to hear he's feeling better.

    Also glad to hear that Madame Bay seems to be off the warpath for the moment!

  8. I've read about you giving your speeches before and have wondered what it is you talk about. Whatever it is, I'm glad that you're still able to find the time to blog about your interesting life.

    Does Madame Bay know about the blog?

  9. Greetings from Virginia, U.S.A., and The Scottie Chronicles. So happy to have stumbled on your blog through my dog blog friends. Yours is an excellent mix of dog-isms and human hijinx. We love reading it at Our house and long to live abroad. Some day maybe.

    AArrooo (that's Scottish Terrier for "bonjour" among other happy things), Stuart

  10. looks hot there.....
    post some photos of your house I would love to see it

  11. I always love seeing Wilf's eyes! He just seems so bright!

  12. You certainly have your hands full with those frisky froggie pool partiers! So glad Wilf is feeling better. So sorry that poisoned chicken nuggets were so carelessly left in your yard and have compromised his health. My friend and I were reminiscing about Digby and his struggle to live and your post about Digby's burial and the shepherd who came along. We both are certain you were visited by an angel. Hope you all have a nice weekend!