Sunday, June 27, 2010

The great day arrives.

The great day has arrived and the village is gearing up for its saints day festivities. By seven, when we came back from our morning walk, the mayor was already in his office preparing for the day ahead and the first of the bric a brac stalls was being laid out under the lime trees on the village green. I waved at Monsieur and Madame Bay who were happily squabbling over something inconsequential and slipped through the open door of the church to take a quick photo. The statue, high on its pedestal in the nave, has been freshly kitted out with a garland of olive branches in readiness for its annual outing. There was something timeless and welcoming in the way the clear early morning sun had settled on the drab,hallowed old figure as if to say 'it's your day'.

Outside the village is looking at its best. The shrubs around the war memorial have been trimmed and weeded, the gravel swept, and the grass cut short. The two committees have done their work well. As I walked back across the village green to the front gate all I could hear was the frantic buzzing of the bees hard at work on the lime trees and the croaking of the frogs sunbathing on the water lilys in the pond. France profonde as it has always been.

Wilf is going to have a trim later on today. He doesn't know it yet and is sitting out unconcernedly by the pool in the shade of a large old damson tree.


  1. Look out Wilf!

    The day seems to be building up to the grand bonfire. The anticipation is getting to us...we want to be there next to the fire. (It could be because it is quite COLD here.)

    Hope your phone can take photos in dark conditions.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. A damson tree - my Aunt is always on the lookout for damson jelly.

    Have a fun day - I look forward to tomorrow's pictures and post.

  3. We look forward to reading about the big excitement. Everything looks beautiful, especially Wilf. I"m sure he'll still be just as handsome after his trim.

    wags, Lola

  4. Wilf does seem totally'll make him easier to catch for the trim :)

  5. Everything looks so lovely. Can practically smell the scent of the lime trees! Oh please... Just one photo of Mme Bay for her adoring fans??? S'il vous plait?

  6. Run Viflie Run...

    although if it's still hot, you will feel better, trust me.

    The little black dog

  7. What a lovely day it looks like! Well, Wilf, you've got to look good for the celebration tonight!

    I am hoping for lots of pictures of the evening's festivities!

  8. The walls of the church are truly divine! What a marvelous place. So many of the churches here in the US look like gymnasiums these days.

    Have fun tonight!

  9. Yes, I've wondered about Mme Bay myself! :)

  10. We didn't realize there was a M. Bay. Does he know about the "tres bandant" locum, we wonder.

    Have fun ce soir -- with lots of photos, please.

    xx Joan

  11. The picture of that church is beautiful!

  12. Have fun at your festivities! Can't wait for the pictures!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. can't wait to see the pictures from the bonfire. ;)