Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Two years ago, when we were still living in Italy,Wilf was poisoned. He went out into the garden one morning and found some tantalising chicken nuggets under an oleander bush, less than twenty metres from the door, in our fenced off front garden. These lethally tasty, irresistible morsels had been liberally laced with organo-phosphates and left there by the local hunters to kill off foxes. To this day I get furious at the cavalier way they came into our garden with their poisons. It was a searingly horrid experience. Within ten minutes he started to shake uncontrollably, lost control of his bodily functions, and his breathing became sharp and raspy. After a forty five minute hectic drive we got him to the emergency room just in time. Perhaps because of this trauma he later developed severe pancreatitis. To this day he routinely gets a sore stomach and loses his appetite once every ten days to two weeks. The ailment lasts about twelve hours and seems to come no matter what we do to control his diet, his routine or his stress levels. Yesterday was one of those days. He lay uncomfortably in the hallway, stomach acid growling, trying to sleep it off. Poor old fellow.

This morning he is fully restored and was at the front door, basking in the morning sunshine and ready for the trip in the car to the light industrial park to christen the fire hydrants. I really wonder who enjoyed this return to normality more - Wilf or me?

This afternoon the pool man is set to return. 'The font' has arranged this at a time when we are 99% sure our saintly housekeeper will be at her 'golden years' dancing class. For the peace of the world let's all hope so.


  1. Poor Wilf, glad it is only a temporary thing. Horrible to watch a sick animal.

    Hope there isn't a fresh outbreak of hostility over the pool.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Oh poor Wilfy, I am so glad he's feeling better.
    Wishing you all a peaceful afternoon (and we are wondering here if this 'golden years dancing class' is actually a front for a dry run for the fertility ritual....)
    Toodle pip!

  3. Pancreatitis is common among terriers so our wirey guys are a bit deprived when it comes to certain treats.

    I'm so glad Wilf is back to normal. And lets hope Madame Bay doesn't decide to surprise you today -- to regale you with more tales of the locum. Must confess, I couldn't translate her "il est bandant" the other day so I let my imagination roam.

    Our ESPN was speculating on the greeting the French team would receive when they returned home.

    xxx Joan

  4. Glad Wilf is better today. The callousness of some humans never ceases to amaze us.

  5. Hey there Mongoose
    I'm really pleased your scare with Wilf is over!
    mmmm....At least you're not thinking of the Domenech handshake! (or lack thereof)
    Give Wilfy a loving head pat from us.

  6. I'm so glad that Wilf is feeling well today. I get an occasional bad tummy myself. My past being largely a mystery,we don't know why. I lick everything in sight and refuse food - even treats - for a day or so every now and then. Sometimes there's vomiting. And then it passes. Just had one, as a matter of fact. Anyway, I hope he doesn't have to endure that again for a while.

    wags, Lola

  7. poor Wilf, he does look a bit sour in the photos, esp the 2nd one...what a horrible thing that people would not consider they are poisoning pets! and why do they poison fox?! so glad he's feeling better!

  8. Happy that Wilf is feeling betters today!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  9. Poor Wilf - glad he is feeling better.

    Are you sure Madame Bay can go to the dancing class - after all her poor knee is bothering her.

  10. That's horrible! I wonder how many other unsuspecting dogs tried the meat--and how many didn't make it to the emergency clinic.

    Poor Wilf :( I'm glad he feels better, but it must be no fun having your stomach act up so often like that!

  11. I'm so happy this recent bout is over. Poor fellow. I hope today will be a good, happy day for him.

    How dare someone come in your own garden with such evil! Were the poisoners caught??

  12. I can't imagine trying to kill any animal that way. I knew he'd had an incident of some sort that brought on the pancreatitis, but I had no idea it was so horrific. I'm so glad he's feeling better today!

    Perhaps Madame Bay will twist an ankle or something during dance class, requiring another visit to the local physician. I hope peace reigns in your household today!

  13. Oh poor Wilf! It is so hard to see your dog in pain and unable to do anything about it. My Dexter, who looks like Wilf has K9 Epilepsy. Even though we give him phenobarbital, he still has seizures about every 3 weeks or so.
    I never get tired of seeing pictures of your Wilf. He is darling!

  14. I'm glad that he's feeling better too, but I am very sad that he has to go through this every few weeks.

  15. I understand how you feel! A few winters ago, some people left poisoned wieners in our leash-free dog parks. A number of dogs became quite ill and, sadly, a few well loved canine friends were lost to this evil act.
    Our perps were never caught but I do wish a strong dose of karma comes back to bite them, and yours as well, in the a**, ahem, arm...

    To Jake of Florida, and in the interest of international communication, " Il est bandant" means "He is a dish, and should he say Yes I certainly woudn't say No..."
    Disclaimer: the Bougalou Bear takes full responsability for the translation but accepts no liability for any mental picture(s) thus conjured.

  16. Poor Wilf, I'm glad he's feeling better today. I hate to think of any animal suffering.

  17. What a howwific could they do something so unthinking and invasive??
    poow Wilf..I'm so happy that he's back to nowmal and welaxing in the lovely sunshine. I hope the bad tummie doesn't come back fow quite some time. Hope peace weigns wif the pool guy
    smoochie kisses

  18. what a terrible event. the nerve of those hunters to trespass on your property and then place poisoned food. i am so glad that wilf made it through. hope he's been feeling great today.
    i see mme. bay is practicing for the bon fire! haha!

  19. oh your posts do make us smile, the thought of madame bay missing her dance class only to encounter the pool man is a fun thought for sure... poor wilf can't believe all you have been thru, loves and licks

  20. Wilfie: Any chance you can run to Paris and drop in on the meeting between President Sarkozy and Henry? I think you'd be the perfect mediator, plus, you could then tell us what was said. Anyone ever hear of the president calling in the soccer star for a 'discussion'??? Please go and let us know what is said...