Sunday, October 17, 2010

Choucroute heaven

At seven last night the mobile discotheque sprang into life sending the sound of Tequila Boom Boom through the village at 140 beats a minute. We wandered over with Wilf at nine for a glass of wine and the prize ceremony for the most ' floral house '. As we crossed the green Madame Bay could be seen dancing happily in the middle of the petanque court. She was wearing what appeared to be an alpine hunting hat complete with pheasant feathers and a deep purple velvetine, diva style, evening gown. Imagine Jesse Norman onstage at the Met doing the chicken dance and you're three quarters of the way there.

" Wilfeee ! ". 'The font ' and I were treated as mere appendages as the family fellow became the centre of the saintly septaguenarians attention. The long suffering Monsieur Bay was sent to the kitchen of the village hall and returned with a paper plate of choucroute. Wilf sat patiently, an angelic smile etched onto his face, while it cooled down. A tongue rolling, paws curling combination of sauerkraut, sausages, boiled meats and potatoes. The look in his eyes said " this must be heaven ".

This morning he was up bright and early, keen to be out exploring. Left out of the gate, right past the war memorial and the church and onto the end of the village by the horses field. No need to direct him. He knows exactly where he wants to go. Today, it was a trip to the layby where the works department stores its gravel. Up and down he went like a mountain goat, climbing to the top of each two metre high pile and then triumphantly sliding down the other. So much energy,so much enthusiasm, so much fun. If only we didn't know about that little 55 millimetre by 63 millimetre growth . Still, there's no time for sadness . The extra days have brought equanimity and an understanding that these rule relaxed , choucroute filled days are simply the best.

Thanks again for all your kind support. I sometimes feel that there's an invisible world of well wishers following us down the lane - a watching pack of Labradors, Airedales, Boxers, Greyhounds, Scotties,PON's and all. Wilfs extended family.


  1. Another day and Wilf is as strong as ever. Thank god for small miracles. Thank you for sharing Wilf and your days with all of us...the world is not that big after all and we are not so different.


  2. A pat for Wilf (all the way from Nigeria)...we are thinking of you all :)

  3. After nearly a year of following your blog, I have this image in my mind of Madame Bay. However I never imagined her dancing in an alpine hat and evening gown--What a picture you have created of someone I continue to think is a mix of Martha Stewart and Julia Child! Does she have any idea that she has a world-wide fan club? :-))
    It's heartwarming to know that Wilf, you and 'the font' are enjoying good days together. I know how much they mean to you. Please know that I continue to keep you all in my prayers and think of you during the day, hoping all is well, and I'm thankful when I read that for now, it is.

  4. Time for us all to treasure. Thank you for taking us for the ride. I can't bring myself to write yet so I appreciate what you are glad the steroids are doing their thing so well! Hugs to Wilf.

  5. Hey Mongoose...
    This is no 'imaginary' world...the "Power of the Paw" is as real as can be! We love you!!!
    Wilfee's 6th 'Days of Grace'!!! How truly wonderful!
    Sending lotsaluv

  6. Rock On Wilf ! xo Winnie Dixon, Susan & les Chats

  7. We ARE all with you!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  8. so glad today was a good day for handsome Wilf....i only wish i could see M Bay in all her glory!

  9. Hello Wilf!

    We are enjoy this weekend for you. Celebrating another day of grace.

    We got our paws crossed for you. Hang in there, Wilf!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  10. Hugs to all of you and have a very special Sunday together.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. We cherish each and every "extra" day with you.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  12. We are definately no imaginary, we are all all following you down the lane and have been for a while you just never realised it before. Your descriptive and colourful narratives make your posts a feast for the imagination. I can visualise Madame Bay dancing away and the gleeful expression on Wilfs face sliding down the gravel or when rug surfing.
    I know when my Molly was sick it was such a comfort knowing everyone in blogdom was behind us and 'watching' over her. It is such a wonderful community of like minded people and genuine friendships have come out of it too which is amazing to me.
    Have a wonderful Sunday with the lovely Wilf and I am sending him big cuddles
    Mollys Momma Tea
    xx xx xx xx

  13. And wire fox terriers.....

    Choucroute!!!We've never had any, but with sausages, it sounds delicious.

    Jake and Just Harry -- and Joan

  14. Now I have yet another image of Madame Bay in my mind. The wonderful woman is an enigma. I think that I have her pegged, and then you change the image!

    I love your description of Wilf embracing life for all it's worth, loving his treat of eye-lash curling food and climbing piles of gravel like an alpine creature and then sliding down in glee like a puppy.

    It's wonderful to read about these happy days that you are having with Wilf. He is leading the way - showing you how to embrace each day. That's one of my favorite things about dogs.

  15. And Border Collies and Bossie's :) We are here even when we don't leave a comment.

    Enjoy these precious days.

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  16. Thank you!!

    The image of you and Wilf walking down the lane with a loving, if somewhat motley, ever-larher canine retinue is one I will never forget.

    These days are indeed precious.

    xxx Joan

  17. I think sometimes we're given special gifts of time, and when you know how precious it is, it's even sweeter to realize you have it.

    I doubt that I'm the only one reading who is disappointed yet again that there's no video footage of that dance! I wonder if Madame Bay realizes that she's famous around the world! *grin*

  18. You can also include the Poodles and Shelties in Wilf's invisible support team! xoxo

  19. I am so happy to see that you're having these lovely times together. I'm crossiing paws that there are a lot more, but they say with us doggies it has to be the quality and not the quanity of time that counts the most. You've certainly both got the quality part down.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  20. alright, wilf! you scored the sausages! :)
    you are may not be able to "see" us all, but we are there with you and watching over wilf.
    enjoy your sunday together!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  21. Your descriptive narration of your day with dear Wilfee is wonderful. We imagine ourselves there with you and Wilf down the lane each and every day.
    The Power of Paw is real. And closer to you than you'll ever realise. All the doggies in the world are crossing their paws for Wilf. Many many more moments for you to capture to treasure.
    Thank you for another day of great smiles.

  22. Hugs and good thoughts to every buddy
    Benny & Lily

  23. Before I discovered Wilf and Digby, I was not aware of their breed. Wilf is darn near human. What a beautiful companion. I am glad that he is not in pain and seems to have renewed strength for the path ahead, although I am certain that is not the case for his family. I pray that each day will bring miracles for all of you. Thank you for sharing Wilf and the joy of this wonderful doggie breed with all of your followers. Lots of Lickers Left, I pray! Carolyn in NC

  24. You bet we are with you !! Pan and Kalen are my Weimaraners and they are right there following Wilf down the lane on his adventures.

  25. I love that image of all of us following in a protective pack down lanes filled with beautiful autumn light -- or gravel, or leaves. Add three rottweilers to the mix. We enjoy every day with you. Happy Sunday!

  26. I probably should start reading your blog in the morning instead of in bed at night. Your description of Madame Bay dancing had me laughing so hard I had trouble falling asleep. Too funny!!!

    Love to Wilf!

  27. These are truly blessed days! Wilf is teaching us all to enjoy every day as if it were your holds barred, living and enjoying every minute to the fullest! Power of the Paw, love and pawsitive energy to you Wilf and blessings to your wonderful family!
    Love from Connecticut USA
    Skye,the Moondance Huskies, kitties and mom Joan

  28. Please consider us part of the invisible wall of well-wishers walking alongside you both. Such a brutal knowledge you are bearing, Angus. But so blessed is the unknowing Wilf, to have a best friend such as you.

    And I do so wish for a photograph of Madame Bay. Never more so than after that rich Normanesque description!

  29. Long walks,Touch Rugby (well I am a Welsh PON) followed by Roast Chicken would be my perfect Sunday Treat...What do you think Wilf?
    Maybe followed by more walks, rug surfing, oh and jaffa cakes lots of jaffa cakes.

    Lots of PON love,

  30. I'm so glad has enjoyed another wonderful day. I can picture him on his gravel slide - fur and paws in motion. Like so many others, we are with you on Wilf's journey.

    Sending love and woofs to Wilf,

  31. You get back what you give. And you are giving so much to all of us.

  32. Oh so true...we are indeed walking with you...I really need to buy something less than my four inch heels for all this adventuring...hmm...maybe three my signature purple, of course...

    My brothers are walking also...perhaps you can smell Scruffy...he usually makes his presence known one way or another...

    That sauerkraut concoction had Mumsie drooling...sound amazing!!

    Love you lots,

    Lacie Girlie!!

  33. I almost didn't see your post on my dashboard today and got upset wondering if something happened. Whew, good thing I double checked!

    I am most definitely part of that invisible wall of well-wishers walking alongside you both. I think of you both often throughout my day and hope all is well. Well, as well as it can be considering the circumstances.

  34. Another great day. I have hugged my little dogs more tightly the last few days...thinking of Wilf. Add dachshunds to the list of those that have Wilf in their thoughts. I've added you to my blog list as I've found I can't stand not knowing what is going on with Wilf. I'm praying you have many more days like this.

  35. we have to say each morning we hold our breath, wait and then sigh with relief that you are still living life to the fullest wilf! we love you guys... for spoiling him rotten!!! todays imagery of madame bay... priceless - we also can't believe the resemblance between the powlish lowland sheep dog breed and the cavoodle... loves and licks xxx

  36. they are all good days, until they aren't. we're happy that Wilf is enjoying his. this is the way life should be every day.

    our thoughts are with you.

  37. We, too, are surrounding you with love everyday -a Boxer-beagle mix [Abby] and a Nova Scotia Duck Toller/Tolling [we've seen both] Retriever mix [Jed], two rescue dogs who accept all miracles gladly. Wilf has a virtual pack of hundreds; so do you and the Font.

  38. Digby passed away just weeks after my finding your blog...and I have treasured the account of Wilf's courageous journey on... I adore the photographs that you capture and share with us! Their beautiful eyes and expressions tell so much. They reveal great satisfaction for the love and happiness in their life.
    Your comment regarding the belief that there are no dogs in heaven, was extremely heartwarming. For those unaware of the souls inside our four legged friends, are missing the most immense joy.
    Offering prayers of peace and comfort for Wilf, 'The Font' and You.

  39. Oh what a joy to hear about Wilf and a delightful meal.......a remarkable Spirted fellow who will continue to remind everyone what matters......and how unfortunate that many will never know the joy our four leggers bring!

  40. We're with you on your walks. We're with you when you sleep and when you wake and when you run and when you play. Wherever you are with Wilf you will find us. You will know that we are there because if you look really, really close, you will see little ladybugs and fairies and bumblebees here and there - going about their business but with a glance over to you and Wilf every now and then just to make sure that you are out of harm's way.

  41. With you indeed. Every day. As Stormy said, the world isn't so big and we aren't so different. I'm a bit smaller than you, Wilf, but my Scottie spirit is huge and my hope for your continued pleasant days is enormous. (That's what Scotties do - THINK BIG!)

    AaroooOOOooodles! Stuart