Saturday, October 30, 2010

An ecstatic place.

Wilfs dinner kibbles were supplemented with ginger infused pork tenderloin, rice and broccoli. This was followed by a small portion of crumbly tarte tatin with home made ice cream. He thoroughly enjoyed the pork and rice but the ice cream somehow transported him to some ecstatic place. ' The font ' and I looked at each other as he did a soft shoe shuffle of delight across the floor and wondered why we'd never fed him ice cream before. Dogs are the ultimate conduits for transmitting pure, unsophisticated happiness.

Later that night he sat in the kitchen, joy etched on his face, listening attentively, as the font told him that Saturdays dinner will be Roti de Macreuse braisee aux jeunes carottes. The three lady professors from Ohio will be joining us. Wilf is hoping they will be messy eaters.

Out in the afternoon sunshine for a walk through the walnut groves. The Autan wind had reappeared and was blowing down from the Hautes Pyrenees in sixty mile an hour fury. Perfect PON weather that tousled Wilfs fur and caused his ears to trail in a streamlined path behind him. He's getting tired more easily now. Much more easily. A definite change. At the top of the hill he stopped, sat, and turned his nose into the wind. For ten minutes he was lost in a mystery of wind bourne promise. Only a few brief weeks ago I would have hurried him along but now the rhythm and structure of the day rightly belongs to him. On this final part of the journey time becomes a privilege too precious to be squandered in pointless hurrying.


  1. I'm so enjoying reading about Wilf and all the goodies he's getting to eat. I've always fed my dogs bits of people food. They know that whatever I am eating they get some of it. I'm not eating as fancy of things as you. But mine all love salad and vegetables. They bark for kidney beans. I love how excited they get when I start cooking something that they know I'll share with them. Truly brings me joy to cook for them.

    All of mine love ice cream and popcicles too are a favorite. All in moderation of course. They rarely get ice cream because I rarely eat it but when I do....they get some.

    Still thinking of you and Wilf everyday and praying for this good time to go on and on.

  2. We love ice cream! Wilf is certainly living in style--makes our meagre fare look positively dismal.

    We hope Wilf has many more enjoyable days, even if they're a bit slower.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  3. I hope those ladies are messy eaters too Wilf!! And ice cream it's absolutely medicinal, get as much as you can boy.

  4. Angus, as I read every day about your journey with Wilf my heart aches for you knowing what the end result will be. It is something that every dog owner has to face, but it shouldn't be before their allotted time. The fact that you can do what he wants to do every day is a blessing, and you have the chance to enjoy each other, not something we all get to experience at the end. Bank up memories of each moment as they will help. Sitting here as I write this half a world away, my tears come for you and 'the font'.

  5. I can imagine wilf sitting on top of the hill with the wind in his face..not hurried to move anywhere..wish we all could sit on top of hills..

    Hope Wilf gets lots more ice cream!


  6. oh boy! Ice cream is da bomb! You're sure a lucky boy, got a great pair of humans there, and its such a blessing to hear you are enjoying yet another day of grace.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  7. your writing is beautiful...what a wonderful family wilf has...x

  8. Oh my stars wilf. your photos look like you are estatic! ;)

    nothing better than feeding a dog a little of what you eat. it's a great joy and bond.

    but i'm totally diggin' the food you eat! holy cow it sounds delicious. i wish i cooked nearly as well as that!

  9. I've heard said that knowing good food requires 'instinct and taste' and there's no question that Wilf certainly has that!

  10. We are sure that the ladies from Ohio are not messy eaters. But we are sure the ladies from Ohio will be messy eaters once they see a certain sweet faced boy with imploring eyes..
    Right now we are savoring the visual of the autumn breezes playing in Wilf's lovely fur. Sheer delight!

  11. As a lady who spent her formative years growing up in a bucolic suburb of Cincinnati, I'd be delighted to join you for dinner this evening. And if ice cream is on the menu, then Petey insists on accompanying me. None of us know the fates of our beloved cats and dogs and your posts remind us to spend that extra time playing ball, exploring the hydrants on the next block or simply spend some quality time scratching that silky soft place at the base of their ears.

  12. Wilf,
    We hope that the ladies are messy eaters too. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  13. I hope that Wilf's last lesson is that the next PON to join your lives won't have to wait until his final days to enjoy a bit of the delicacies of your table. My mouth waters every day as I come to find out what Wilf sampled this time! Those ladies from Ohio are going to be blown away.

    I'd also like to say that Wilf has reminded me not to rush through some of our daily routines and to enjoy a few moments of our own!

  14. Wow, ice cream for Wilf. It transports our dogs to ecstasy as well! I have tried to photograph the half-crazed happy look in their eyes as they eat it but have never captured it well. Oh well, it's etched in my mind.

    Yes, no hurrying needed. Just enjoy the moment soaking up life.

  15. This time is best spent not hurrying. Enjoy each day.


  16. With all the fine cuisine and ice cream too, Wilfie probably thinks he has already passed on to canine heaven. So so happy that his last chapter is so joyful for him.

  17. Wilf's menu is divine! He would have enjoyed joining us on the Pack walk Friday afternoon. We were startled (ok-my heart almost stopped) by Mama and Youngster Moose. As we passed by Rabbit Creek elementary school, the moose were across a fence from us, a minor hop over it would have created utter and complete chaos...we somehow hurried on and survived to write this comment. Mama moose firmly had her eye on us and Halle the Diva was getting worked up....

    We can smell the lovely Saturday evening meal... enjoy!

  18. And now, after reading your post, we will begin our day at leisure ... remembering to not hurry, and stopping to enjoy every moment. It should always be that way ... thank you for reminding us.

    We'll be thinking of you and your soon-to-begin evening together. With loved ones and friends. Enjoy.

    Jake and Fergi and Family

  19. I first came to your lovely blog through The House of Edward when you lost your Digby. Now to hear that you're moving toward the departure of Wilf is so upsetting. I'm afraid when I come to your site each day of what I'll read. But this journey of yours and Wilf's is one of great love and grace. A close friendship with a beloved dog is one of life's best gifts!
    Carol K.

  20. Hi Wilf!

    You got our support! We hope that the ladies would toss some nah, lots... LOTS of those yummy treats your way.

    Ice cream is totally yummy!!! We will also savor the moments we share with our loved ones. It is always to keep in mind that it's good to take time outs once in a while and not rush all the time.

    Enjoy and have lots of fun!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  21. I know this must be such difficult days in many ways for you both, but thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing these days of your journey with Wilf with all of us. Your writing is eloquent and beautiful, evocative and expressive, and by sharing and including all of us it makes me think somehow we are all there in person, supporting you and sharing in Wilf's daily joys with you. May you find some peace in knowing how loved Wilf is around the world. Karin in Colorado

  22. Sorry to be in late sweet Wilf, how is the dinner ? Is the roti de macreuse braisé au jeunes carottes really as good as supposed to be ? Hope the three lady professors were really messy eaters too...
    Have a beautiful dreamy night beloved boy. Cuddles to you. Don't forget to sleep one hour more !

  23. Wilf eats better than I do! Never heard of Roti de Macreuse braiseé aux jeunes carottes, gonna have to google that and find out what it is. Something with carrots is my best guess.

    To look at the pictures of Wilf each day, one would never anything was wrong with him.

    As always, Wilf has a lesson for us - take time to slow down and enjoy life, just as he did atop the hill.

  24. I read a few more blogs but I kept coming back to roti de macreuse braisee aux jeunes carottes and wondering what it was so I finally got the translation - braised beef chuck roast with baby carrots. I think I might just invite myself to dinner! lol And Wilf will welcome me with open paws because I'll be sure to share.

  25. Here is hoping that there were many dropped portions to satisfy your curiosities! I love so much how you are savoring the moments!

  26. Dear Wilf, you are so lucky to have a top chef and a poet in residence to help you enjoy every day to the max. We're all on the same journey, dear friend, just at different places on the path.

    Jed & Abby

  27. wilf, it sounds like you have quite the all-you-can-eat buffet going on there. enjoy all of your goodies. :)
    (booker and asa are giving me looks of discontent over the fact that they have never had ice cream!)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  28. Wilf still have many lessons to share with us. The simple joy of ice-cream... we have all forgotten. I wish for you many more days of summer with him and at the least.. hopefully no pain for dear Wilf.

    Reading you posts each day... has taught me not to hurry anymore.

    There is always love for this PON and he is very very loved. The approaching winter will be kind. The bridge is love.