Friday, October 15, 2010

' Why don't we get one of these ? '

The reliable, always starts first time, little Volkswagen chose yesterday to show its age. For at least a year 'the font' has been pestering me to replace it . Faced with ever rising restoration bills on the rickety old farmhouse I've kept on putting it off. This morning the dashboard would light up but as for the rest, nothing. Not a peep. A call to the garage. After much pleading an agreement they would send a truck out.

Wilf watched , entranced, from the safety of the terrace as the car was winched onto the back of the lorry. I was just climbing into the cab when I caught the family fellow looking at me. A quick chat with the driver. " Yes, of course, no problem " and so, of we set. Driver, Wilf in the middle of the bench seat and me by the window. Careering along the country lanes, windows down, French ballads playing on the radio. At corners he would nestle into me and I'd tickle him behind the ears. Sometimes he'd look up as if to say ' why don't we get one of these ?'.

At the garage all worked stopped when we arrived. " A Volkswagen " exclaimed the chief mechanic - stating the obvious. " Don't see many of these ". In the land of Renaults, Citroens and Peugeots, automotive esoterica takes mundane forms. While the garagistes set to work , muttering to themselves about the idiocy of buying foreign, Wilf and yours truly explored the car park. Ranks and ranks of neatly parked cars and trucks. Wilfs eyes sparkled. So many tyres, so little time. Thank heavens for perfect aim.

Fewer walks yesterday. More sleep. The intensity still there. This morning down to the cafe for coffee, croissant and bowl of water. Nose and paws peeping out from under the table. 'Bonjour Wilfee' and a tousle from the peroxide waitress. Back home to find that the plumbers van has joined the two others in the driveway. The plumbers brought Jaffa Cakes. News travels fast.

Happy days where joy and duty meet. No, that's wrong. The happiest of days where joy and duty meet.


  1. the trust of a classic car, the trust of a canine companion, pawfect... the sun sets on another day - something to remember, a classic maybe! loves and licks xxx

  2. Sounds like an interesting morning rides in trucks, cafes and crossiants then jaffa cakes at home!

    All the things wilf loves to do. Enjoy the rest of today.. living life to the full.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  3. Wilf, U lucky Dog, u found an ENTIRE garage to christen? What fun!
    And u even got a ride on that intersting sounding vehicle:)
    Have fun,boy...

    Wags, Buddy n Ginger

  4. Quality of life is most important :) Thank you for sharing Wilfee's day with us... it brought big smiles to us here.

  5. Wilf, like Digby, knows how to live and to allow the future take care of itself. If we wake up to a good day then have a good day. Don't look for ghosts in dark closets when there is the sun to feel on your fur and time to spend with good friends.

  6. Such a precious time.
    Sending an extra dose of love to Wilfee.
    On our street in Aberdeen, the German car is king,
    Cheers, Gail.

  7. I agree, the happiest of days indeed and one that Wilf has left his "mark" on! :-)

    I hope your Volkswagon has some good days left too--My first car was an 'automatic' VW bug.

  8. Wilf has left his "mark" on hearts around the world too :)

    Blessings and Love to all,
    Maggie Mae and Janelle

  9. Oh man...I'm thinking of you!
    Such a difficult time! Yet.... I recall you flouting the word 'Noble/nobility' during Maxdog's era. are noble! No wonder you understood what it's like to live in the moment!
    Hang in there...the Power of the Paw is surrounding you!
    Sending lotsaluv
    Your friends in South Africa

  10. Greetings to all from sunny Saudi Arabia.

    Thanks Angus for sharing Wilf with us, with bated breaths I read your daily blog about Wilf..may he have lots more happy days ahead..and beyond

    God bless you all.


  11. We need deliberately to call to mind the joys of our journey. Perhaps we should try to write down the blessings of one day. We might begin; we could never end; there are not pens or paper enough in all the world. -- George A. Buttrick

    Angus, thank you for sharing the joys of your days with us. It brings a smile to my face to imagine your life with Wilf and "the Font".

  12. Your stories make the love between you and Wilf so very obvious. It sounds as if you communicate telepathically... So, are you going to buy him a lorry?

    Christening all the tires at a repair garage? I hope that Wilf had a big drink ahead of time plus bowls available at the garage. Now, that's a big big job!

    I'm making my wishes for you one day at a time. I hope that you, the Font, and Wilf have another loving day filled with Jaffa cakes today.

  13. Whew. We were scared to visit today. Thanks Wilfy; it's just not quite time is it?

    Too many tyres!! Too many sausages and cakes!!

    We're holding you close to Our hearts today and always.

    AAARROOOOOoooooooOOOOO! Stuart (and my peeps,too)

  14. Sounds like a wonderful day...cherish each one!
    Sending a hug to you and Wilf, from Georgia.

  15. We don't often get to write as our mom seems to think she speaks for us as well as for herself. But this time -- imagining Wilf riding in a lorry -- we just had to say how extraordinarily wonderfully thrilling such a ride must have been! How much he must have enjoyed it! And all those tyres!!!
    We love rides. We've hopped into every single vehicle that comes our way: postal truck, UPS truck (shhh don't tell...), neighbor's van -- and of course our cars. So happy woofs to Wilf for getting to live life to the fullest in these days of transition. And heartfelt wirey licks to you Angus and the Font for sharing so much love!

    Jake and Just Harry, the Barkalot Boyz

  16. Mum feels the same way here in America. Fall has established itself with brightly colored leaves and crisp mornings with fog. We took a walk last night and heard the leaves scrape about the path. Enjoying each day as it is presented without worrying what is coming around the corner adds so much more quality to one's life. Of course Jaffa Cakes add even more quality to life!

    Love, Dozer and Cooper

  17. What a wonderful, wonderful day! Please give Vilfy an extra head tousle from us in L.A.

  18. Your strength is amazing. We have so much to learn from you.

    Thinking of you moment by moment. With hope and love.
    Jake and Fergi and Sally

  19. it's the quality of life that counts. Wilf shows us that.

    keeping you in our thoughts.

  20. i love that wilf got to ride with you in the service truck. also, i can just picture the huge grin spread across wilf's face as he took in the expanse of cars. :)
    big hugs to wilf for me.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  21. Live Strong, Wilf! Keep enjoying your day sharing the things you love doing with your Mom. Your love has touched so many of us and we will cherish this furever.

    We are keeping our faith and we send you our prayers.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  22. An entire car lot full of tires to christen? Wilf, by the end you must have been spouting air! Either that, or you have a bladder disproportionately large for the rest of your adorable furry little body!

    May your days all be filled with tires, lorries and jaffa cakes!

  23. Maggie Mae said...
    Wilf has left his "mark" on hearts around the world too :)

    Blessings and Love to all,
    Maggie Mae and Janelle

    ^^^ So very true! He's certainly left his "mark" on me!

  24. Hmmm wish we went along for the ride
    Benny & Lily

  25. I am sure many of us are hugging our dogs closer as we share your days with Wilf. So pleased to hear he had an outing with Dad today filled with all the important things of life xxxx

  26. A garage full of tires - priceless


  27. Way to go Wilf...sprinkling all those tires...we can just see it!

    Sounds like a lovely day...

    We are surrounding you with love!


    Scruffy, Lacie and Stan and Mumsie too!

  28. A whole lot of pups around the world are getting lots of extra scratches and cuddles this week, thanks to Wilf.

    I'm praying that like Maxdog, you will prove the experts wrong and have many wonderful "days of grace."


    Jane and Petey

  29. What a fun fun day!!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO