Saturday, October 2, 2010

'Where exactly do you think you've been ?'

Back from five nights away in Asia. At the airport Wilf fixed me with his best 'where exactly do you think you've been ?' look. This is 90% delight that the lost sheep has returned, 10% 'leave you alone for five minutes and you get lost' admonitory glare. There'll be a longer post tomorrow after some relationship restoring touch rugby and swing biffing.

PS : I see that Wilfs Ponderings have all been published with last Sundays date. PONs and technology !


  1. wilf I'm sure you are being a bit ruff on the big boss! Glad your excited again!!

    Hugs & smoochies!! XOXO

  2. welcome back! i misunderstood and thought you were already back from asia. don't be too harsh on wilf...typing and posting can be tricky without opposable thumbs. ;)
    enjoy the touch rugby and swing biffing with wilf!

  3. Oh I bet he's thrilled the pack is back together.

  4. Yeah, I wondered about the date, but thought that perhaps if he wrote them all on Sunday, he forgot to change the auto publish date or something! :P

    I'm betting a lot can be forgiven for a good belly rub and rugby match!

  5. We figured out the date problem -- don't blame Wilf if blogger is a bit irritating. (See our vitriol to that effect.)

    Glad you're home safely -- and hope those dark suits appreciated your time and effort.

    FYI, as of yesterday at 10 am EST, my husband is a corporate "limey."

    Joan (and the Barkalots)

  6. Your posts give me joy. Seriously thinking of getting a pal of my own from the dog rescuers. Looking at pictures of Wilf makes me realize twelve years is far too long to spend without a dog in my life.

  7. Welcome home!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  8. Wilf, we were wondering the exact same thing!

  9. Welcome back!

    Yes, I've no doubt all will be restored with a few rounds of rug surfing and swing biffing. Oh, and a few extra treats too!

  10. Wif, you have to keep those humans in line, you know. If you aren't 'on them' all of the time they stray and may get lost☺