Monday, October 25, 2010

The most intelligent dog in the world ?

Off bright and early to the local supermarket with Wilf. It had rained heavily overnight and he was decidedly reluctant to set foot outside the house. His nose poked enquiringly out of the front door but the rest of him remained firmly rooted in the warmth inside. Our boy is clearly not a believer in the old school view that exposure to fresh air is good for you. He patently did not have a Scottish mother.

Use of the magic word 'croissant' and he was scampering across the courtyard and into the back of the car. Forget those stories about dogs that know two hundred different words. When it comes to food this boy is a world beater in the intelligence stakes . French, Italian, English, German , Swedish - the language doesn't matter. If its edible he knows the word.

Overnight the local supermarket has been attacked by Santas little helpers. The shelves have become piled high with garishly coloured soft toys, a carpet with the word 'Noel' in large woven letters has appeared, and chocolate Father Christmases have seized control of the confectionery counter. If you missed all of these pointers to the imminence of the festive season then the rendition of 'I'm dreaming of a White Christmas ' over the tannoy would surely do the trick. Despite it all this is still France. A large delivery of chrysanthemum plants had just been received ahead of All Saints Day. The staff were busily setting them out alongside the fruit counter. In a weeks time the cemeteries will be a solid carpet of colour.

Back home via the cafe to read the paper, have an early morning coffee, and maintain that daily routine that enables us to pretend that nothing is changing. Wilf still peers out from under the table cloth , his face still beams when the absinthe drinkers greet him with a unisoned ' Bonjour Wilfeee ' but the walk from table to car is now , noticeably, slower.


  1. You sure am the most intelligent fella i know... and the most welcoming smile to greet us each day. If there's a contest.. you will win all the awards.

    christmas so fast... i wish for a white christmas for you my dear Wilf.

  2. Hey there Angus...
    Each morning I log on and hold my breath! This is day 14...and again, I celebrate with you! Your writing is wonderful as you generously share Wilf and your surroundings with us all. THANK YOU for allowing us on this journey. I wish you all MANY, MANY more painfree, comfortable and fun days of grace.
    With love

  3. Ah I was just saying this about Pan, he knows what I say and listens intently, yes these dogs are way smarter than we ever had a clue they could be. Christmas already, they do start early over there.

  4. Dear Wilf, we know you & Angus and the Font will be gently celebrating Christmas early and often: the season of over-arching hope and love, even with the knowledge of a temporary parting to come.

    Joyeux Noel, notre ami!

    Jed & Abby

    PS: Mama apologizes for mis-typing [and not proofing] a number in an earlier comment. She obviously meant 380 years, but if you don't remember, don't bother to check. It's really not important. Mama's a bit OCD sometimes.

  5. Enjoy this new week sweet Wilf, hope rain will stop and let you have beautiful walks. Cuddles sweet boy.

  6. I agree, Wilf's face is beautiful and makes me smile everyday, especially as I hope the time has not come yet to part.

  7. I think every dog knows the words for food! Here is to another wonderful day together.


  8. Another new day, another gift for all who love Wilf. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  9. wilf,
    yup, i would definitely come running to the word "croissant", too. :)
    happy new week to you!

    many hugs and much love,
    the booker man and asa's mama

  10. Like MaxMom, I too begin each day by checking in with bated breath that all is still well and Wilfee will be there to greet me with a smile. I've just returned from a week in Mexico, and while the internet connection was sketchy at best, I still caught up with you and Wilf each day. Continue to treasure each day of grace.

  11. I firmly believe that Wilf might be the most intelligent dog in the world! He's certainly won over plenty of people around the world. And I'd be out the door with him if somebody said "croissant"!

  12. Oh Wilf is making me feel so unsophisticated. All those languages. And then Gail tells me that Hamish knew Doric (from his original home in Fraserburgh), regualr Scottish English (naturally), English English (from Gail), French (from the next foor neighbour who used to dog sit him), German (he used to attend class with Gail) and American Englsh (from Naomi the lodger)...
    Toodle pip!

  13. Wonderful again, You paint such amazing pictures with your words Angus. So glad you and Wilf are doing the carry on as usual but lets make every second count thing and for sharing these precious memories with us all. I feel honoured thank you.
    x x

  14. I'm in agreement with Wilf - If someone mentions croissant in France, I'm running out the door! So happy for another together for your family and Wilf. I hope that the rain stops so that he can enjoy his strolls with you.

  15. thank you for sharing this. Like Toby Puppy I also log on each day, holding my breath to see if both you and wilf are still here. And as much as I know Wilf won't be here forever, I really hope that you will continue your wonderful blog after he goes to share the next big adventure with Digby

  16. Ah... just checking in on you guys today.

    Hey, We were hoping somehow that France wouldn't be so, well, American-ized with Pre-Halloween Christmas retailing. (What WERE We thinking???)

    And about the language of food? Oh yes. Don't think for a minute that We don't know a thing or two about what word goes with what item in what language!

    Roodles to you and yours, Stuart

  17. words for food are the best words for pups! we love hearing about Wilf's adventures.

  18. Wilf, The photos your Dad is always snapping of your beautifully wise and inquisitive furry face bring such joy!

    Angus, I echo the sentiments of others ...thank you for taking us on this journey with you. xx

  19. Judging from that first picture Wilf, you're not only the most intelligent dog in the world, but the cutest! Your eyes just exude love...

  20. Hello Wilf!

    We spent the long weekend with a more extended crossed paws sessions with the piappies. Happy 14th Day of Grace with Angus and the Font and we are grateful that you share your wonderful day with us. We hope that the rainshowers we get here don't get blown to your side of the world so you can take walkies as much as you want to.

    Thank you for your humor, wit and great thoughts, dear Wilf!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  21. Wilf sure knows how to pack a lot into one day or one experience. Sending him much love from Michigan and would like him to know that 'us' Polish beings 'are' possessed of great intelligence☺

  22. I haven't noticed any Christmas things being put out yet at any of our stores BUT I passed by a local motel last night that already has their Christmas lights up!

    Wilf's walk to the car may be slower but at least he's still getting out and enjoying the sights and scents and that's the most important thing - that he still has a good quality of life. I wish many more days of grace for you both.

  23. Dear Angus,
    Don't know WHERE we have been (on vacation the first two weeks of Oct.), but we are just catching onto the news. I am so sorry to hear about Wilf but glad that you are so kindly passing on news each day. Sam and Avalon might figure out foreign foodables words too - instead of "come" must call, "cookie." However, it takes a Wilf to get it in Swedish! The golden girls send Wilf big furry hugs - yes... you do get the xmas stuff pretty early!
    Hugs from Sammie, Avalon and Miche

  24. Another special day. Another special "thank you."

    You enrich our lives (and croissants and bites of cherry pie make it all the sweeter.)

    Jake and Fergi

  25. When you're that cute, you really don't need to be smart (but I'm glad you are!).
    Cat Mandu

  26. Celebrating another day with you!!!

  27. Maybe Christmas season is starting exactly when it needs to. Maybe it is time for you and this wondrous dog to become boys again for one time, for the last time. To experience all of those horribly corny things that delighted us so as children. Two best friends, savoring the delight and wonder of this time of year. Making memories of joyous abandon that will warm your heart during the cold days to come.