Monday, October 18, 2010

Olive and ham angel cake.

Having hired the mobile discotheque for the weekend the canny village folk were determined to get a return on their money. Five thirty on Sunday afternoon and the 140 beats per minute thud, thud, thud of the sound system announced that the petanque competition had come to a close. The mayor was there, standing on a wooden orange crate for formalities sake , beaming broadly as he handed out the prizes. A bottle of wine for the seniors. A model Citroen for the youngsters. Everyone got a something. Liberte, egalite, and a pretence of fraternite between the warring village committees.

We arrived in time for the 'vin d'honneur'. Wilf was thrilled to come along - absolutely convinced that these gatherings in the village hall are held in his honour. Madame Bay and the village ladies had been busy in the kitchen. Handed what looked like a quiche we were informed that it was an olive and ham angel cake. 'The font looked at me. I looked at 'the font'. We both expressed diplomatic delight and amazement at its sophistication . Two weeks ago there would have been zero chance of Wilf tasting one of these high cholesterol bomblets. In current circumstances why not ? The rolling motion of his tongue, licking and re-licking his nose and muzzle, signalled a mark of ten out of ten for taste. Choucroute and now olive and ham angel cake - is there any dog out there that can match this culinary repertoire ?

The Cortisone continues to fuel his energy and his appetite. Two forty five minute walks, and no less than four thirty minute walks on Sunday. Add to that the swing biffing, rug surfing and the trip to the village hall and you have a feeling for just how lively he is. The Cortisone makes him drink a lot so the forays outside are a necessity. He's eating and playing to his hearts content - just what we would all want for our family fellows. Only the rapid, harsh breathing hints at what's at work inside. Onto a happy day seven.


  1. Happy seventh day of grace Wilf, and may there be many more days for you filled with extraordinary food and fun.

    From reading your post I've discovered that you're going for more walks than me, and your menu is much better... I might have to have words with my family about following your example and living each day to the full and therefore allowing me extra treats and extra walks everyday!

    Thinking of you and your family,

  2. Good for Wilf glad to hear he's taking in the cholesterol !!

  3. wilf, we know you must be so proud of angus and the font for spoiling the heck out of you, we thank you for hang'in there, sharing the tales, teaching us the swift moves of rug surf'n and wooing madam bay and the villages into submission, keep it up buddy - and when you decide to lay and rest your head to sleep with all these memories we just hope that angus and the font continue blogging their life and the memories of you & your bro... the tails!... soul buddies... loves and licks xxxx

  4. Wilf is doing what all of us should be doing - having fun and letting the future take care of itself. Olive and ham angel cake? Now, that's a new one for me. Uhm, did it taste good?

  5. We're with Riley (above).

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella

    ...and Wilf looks wonderful! I know these days too well - bittersweet stuff! On the cortizone, Max did the same - heavy breathing contrasted with an exuberance for life that I couldn't believe!
    You are sounding noble yourself, Angus - a good sign too. Hang in there dear friend - I know it's not easy!
    Sending lotsaluv
    Your friends in South Africa

  7. Yes, happy 7th Day of Grace, Wilf!

    Wilf deserves to have a town gathering just to honor him! I'm sure he'd say so too.

  8. Olive and ham cake is quite usual, I don't know what you mean by angel cake though.
    Anyway, Wilf loved it, and it is what matters. Let's hope he can enjoy many more treats and walks with you.

  9. Hi there Wilf!

    Happy and thankful for your 7th day of Grace! Keep up the spirit, Wilf. Angus and the Font are right beside you and we are all here for you.

    Hang in there and have lots of fun and yummy treats!

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  10. Enjoy this day 7 sweet boy. I agree with you, olive and ham cake is just something "sublime" !

  11. Olive and ham angel cake seems like a pretty yummy thing to have.. :) You sure am one of the luckiest fellow around.

    They should have a gathering just in your honour dear Wilfee. You have done good teaching us all to embrace our lives and live each day with zest!

  12. Sending hugs your way - and hoping you have many more days of grace.


  13. I won't be mentioning Wilf's culinary repertoire to my dogs--While I do cook for them every day, one thinks that cat food is about as good as it gets! I'm glad Wilf is finding that the world is his oyster---Will he be having those for lunch? :-)) ~Enjoy your day Angus!!~

  14. They say you should live each day as if it were your last. Not many really get the chance to do that and also enjoy it. Wilf is getting so much out of his days of grace. I hope they're a help to you, too, Angus.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  15. Every day is a gift - we all need to be thankful for it and enjoy it to the fullest - Wilf has learned this lesson and he sets a great example for the rest of us.

  16. Living life to the fullest is what it is all about! Happy Day Seven!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  17. Wilfie: Day 7..good for you !!! Did you save any of that olive/ham cake for your friends?


  18. You didn't tell us whether *you* liked the unique angel cake? :) Or, did Wilf prevent you from needing to eat it? When I was a child, our family dog under the table saved me from eating many things that I thought were awful!

    It's wonderful to hear what happy days this family fellow is having. He's seizing each day in a way that would make us all proud. I hope that his happiness is infectious to you, as much as can be possible.

  19. These days are just so precious for you all. Bon appetit, Wilf, you darling PON.

  20. Hi Wilfee, Angus and the Font!

    The last few days with all of you has taught me the value of life..meant to live it to the fullest..not a second wasted and not a loved one unhugged.


  21. How lucky to have such a boon of time! Especially with so much to see and enjoy! I'm going to just say that if I'd been there, Wilf would have probably enjoyed a lot more of that cake. Yegads! The French have some strange ideas about food!

  22. We are going to celebrate Wilf today by going for an extra walk and getting more hugs and kisses! This is turning out to be a great Monday :) My Duchess is furloughed from her job this week so she will have lot's of time to spend with us. She says we will play and cuddle in honor of Wilf.

    We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

    Emma Rose

  23. One day at my vet's office the front secretary took me aside and said she had something she needed to tell me. I had immediate fears that Dozer had bitten someone or Cooper had pee'd a river on a rug or something equally embarressing. The young lady told me that it was common knowledge in the office that all the vets felt that if they died and came back as a dog they wanted to be the dog of my house because of the care, the spoiling and the general good times our dogs have. This, she said, is the highest compliment that can be given to a pet owner - to have their vet want to be reincarnated as that pet owner's dog.

    We have no doubt that Wilf's vet feels the same about you two - what wonderful days you are giving dear Wilf.

  24. so pleased to return to the computer monday morning and read of your weekend exploits wilf! 7 days of grace indeed (and i must speak with my mum about some olive and ham cake!)

    edgar the scottie (& his mum)

  25. Now I am starving and it is only toast, juice and coffee time here in Anchorage as I read this post!!! Give Wilf a big hug from us please! xo

  26. good for Wilf! enjoy it and make the most of it - each day is a gift to be enjoyed and savored.

    keeping you in our thoughts.

  27. What a dear creature he is. I can close my eyes and picture Wilf's look of delight at the fun, the food, and the festivities. Truly days of grace -- for him and for you and the font. We are all so grateful that you share these moments with us!

    xxx Joan and the Barkalots

  28. Happy 7th day Wilf. We are drooling at your wonderful menus.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  29. Hi Wilf,
    All that talk about gravel piles reminded me of my pal Diesel,his Mom Majka takes him SAR training, he gets to climb rubble piles and allsorts of exciting things,he is soooo clever!It's in his blood,his Dad is from West Wales on a working farm,he gets to chase goats and sheep up and down mountains all day....wouldn't you just love to have a go at that Wilf?
    My Mom says I wouldn't be very good, I have trouble sniffing out kibbles.... does your nose make that funny noise,you know that sound like a party ballon pump. Don't suppose I would ever get to try truffles, I bet you have eaten them, as you seem to have tried alot of intersting things lately ha ha!
    Have fun with your new duck.
    Your Friend,

  30. So glad Wilf continues to enjoy himself.
    Olive and ham angel cake? Unique.....(I hope)
    Cheers, Gail and Bertie.

  31. Lots of Houndsong from us to you and your family and friends, Wilf! ARROOOO!!

  32. Honestly, Wilf, I think I've gained five pounds in the last couple of days readin' your bloggie...and you know how disturbing that is for this petite figured fashion conscious Lakeland...

    I am so glad you have the family you have dear boy...they are truly giving you heaven on earth....

    This post's feed sounded truly delightful...

    We love you!!

    Lacie Cakes with a slightly bigger bum than usual!

  33. I am so glad Wilf is enjoying himself. You said in one of your other posts that you feel you have a small invisible army of other dogs and their owners wishing Wilf good times. I am not sure whether Wilf will be so impressed but please add me and my cats to that invisible army of well wishers.

  34. 'olive and ham angel cake'? Must have been a famine in the land the first time they tried that concoction.

    Sending purrrrrss and purrrrayers to Wilf and his famibly. Hang in there, puppie.

  35. I'm glad someone appreciates olive and ham angel cake. It's nice to hear he's happy and hopefully pain free.

  36. happy day 7 to you, wilf!
    olive and ham angel cake is making me feel a bit queasy, but it sounds like it was right up wilf's alley. :)
    by the way, now that the mobile disco is gone, i'm wondering how long it will take for you and the font to stop hearing "thump thump thump" in your heads. haha.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  37. Wilf...enjoy every day to the max!!! You too Angus and the font!!! Remember doctors are just making educated guesses...heavy on the guessing.

    Blessing Deborah and the furry gang-Fuzzy,Sofia & Sage!

  38. Oh Wilf you are so adorable with your toy
    Benny & Lily

  39. Happy Seventh Day of Grace, Dear Wilf. Enjoy every moment!

  40. Did you tell her that in England, angel cakes are always iced?