Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wheresoever thou goest..

Two o'clock on Saturday morning and while the rest of the world was heading into Delhi for the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games yours truly was heading in the opposite direction. British Airways were very proud of the brand new Boeing 777 they were operating on the route - it was so new it had an engineer from Boeing onboard to deal with any snafus. The redesigned interiors are just a tad too blue for my liking. Blue carpets, blue seats, blue window blinds and blue lighting. As I was wearing the perfect camouflage costume of blue shirt and blue suit there was a real danger that the drinks trolley would pass the invisible passenger by. There again what do I know about designing aircraft interiors? This is a man who thought those bright orange seats at the back of a Delta L-1011 were the height of fashion. Tartan would be a prominent feature on any Angus Air cabin. Tartan and dog bowls.

This is the first time 'the font' and Wilf have been left on their own for more than one night since last years unpleasantness. 'The font' was just fine but Wilf seems to have decided around night three that I'd gone off to join his little brother in that place you don't come back from. Not even the expedient of a conversation on the cell phone would shake him out of his torpor. He is now acting like a cojoined twin determined not to let the lost sheep out of his sight. The PON ' wheresoever thou goest I shall follow too ' stare is much in evidence.


  1. Tartan and dog bowls.
    Yes, that would be my kind of airline.

  2. It has been three days since Mema and I have returned from a week in Vegas, and that many days since our Sophie and Miss Betty have taken their eyes off the two of us. Profuse apologies and many biscuits have not deterred them.

  3. They actually pay people to come up with those aircraft interior designs? I think not.
    Cheers, Gail.

    Wilfy my man, I am so relieved that Angus is back. All those long days with no rug surfing. I was feeling your pain. Oh and, yes, tartan and dog bowls (with food in them) sounds just the perfect design.
    Toodle pip!

  4. i love the blue! nice pics...poor Wilf, all alone with the Font....
    it is bow and arrow deer hunting season here in wisconsin...some idiots go out to kill deer, some to drink, and some to kill whatever moves....the owners of the dog shot with the arrow have no idea who did it, they live on a large plot of land...the dog was just doing her thing...came home that way...
    (no offense to nice idiots who only kill deer...)

  5. Next time you have to make a business trip, you'll have to consider getting it all approved by Wilf beforehand, or ask the men in the black-suits to come to you--In the comfort of an Angus Air cabin of course!

  6. I'm glad that you and Wilf are back together. It's funny how dogs just don't understand telephones - you'd think that hearing your voice would help but it never does.

    I love the invisible man story! Tartan and dog bowls - now I'd love to travel on that plane!

  7. Yes. Wilf does not look amused in his photos today. I hope "the Font" is more easily reassured :)

  8. Poor Wilf. He must've thought he was hearing a ghost voice since he heard your voice, but could not see you. We humans forget that dogs really don't understand technology like phones!

  9. That's a whole lotta blue! I'd ride in the tartan plane over that any day!

    I'm glad Wilf has you back. No doubt he slept much better knowing that you were back where you belonged. Next time, maybe you should try a webcam so he can see you as well as hear you!

  10. It's amazing how they know when we are leaving!!

  11. My mom is not a good flyer so there is NO way she would ever let the "drinks trolley" get past her!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  12. At least now you know you are missed when you are gone.

  13. I'm glad you made it back. What would poor Wilf do without you?

    Plus I would really miss your blog.