Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The cloned men of Koln.

A new Cortisone side effect. Sleep walking. 1.30 in the morning and Wilf has wandered into the bathroom - a strict 'no go' area. He's found sitting in the middle of the floor looking mightily confused. " Blimey ! How did I get here ? " Taken downstairs to get some fresh air he stares at the open door in amazement . " Me ? - Outside ? - In the dark ? - You must be mad " . Another subtle hint that our old family fellow is changing by the day.

Yours truly was in Koln talking to the directors of a large American company. 23 of them. All square jawed, identical and for all I know interchangeable. The sort of wild night where my grey suit marked me out as a rebel amidst the corporate American blue. In pre-dinner small talk I looked out of the window across the Rhine to the cathedral. The Chairman seemed less than interested when I pointed out that the hotel, and the ugly Lufthansa data processing centre next door, were built on the site of a Roman fortress. Davitia - the home of the XXII legion and at one time civilisations farthest outpost. From the monosylabic response I gathered this was not my best conversational gambit. Perhaps we were still deep in barbarian territory.

Wilf was waiting in the arrivals hall at the airport . The French are on strike again . As a result the terminal was unusually quiet. Only foreign carriers who had taken off with enough fuel for the return journey were operating. A military honour guard was standing waiting for some dignitary from the near east who had drawn up in his personal 747. Our family fellow soon spied 30 pairs of freshly polished French Army boots standing, tree like, in a row. He set off towards them with a determined , tyre christening, gait . One Polish Lowland Sheepdog hastily apprehended before he could demonstrate the precision of his aim. Diplomatic incident averted.

Day ten. This gentle, shared journey can still generate gales of laughter. He's sleeping longer in the mornings now and do we detect the first hints of confusion ?


  1. Very interesting. I'm not aware of these side effects for his medication.

  2. I'd lay money that your corporate clones claim that creativity is valued in would-be employees...
    Dear Wilf. I am sure that deep down he senses that he is in loving hands.
    Best wishes, Gail.

  3. at art school the biggest lesson they took pains in teaching was to understand when the piece was finished... I see your pain I feel your pain I hope this piece isn't finished there still is joy to be had... when the canvas is clear, we hope you still paint with your words the tales we are fond of - loves and licks and thanks!

  4. Hey Mongoose...
    Day ten of Grace!...Wow!...and I must admit, I am rather tearful this end. Here at home, I have a detailed account of each of Maxdog's days of Grace...and I've been matching Wilf's up... until this point, it's been almost identical - except now with Wilf's confusion, things are obviously a little different.
    Hang in there, talented friend!...Carpe Diem!
    I must also admit, I had a chuckle. My imagination allowed Madam Bay, in all her glory, into that board room...imagine her 'serving tea'! I'm sure she would have brought them all down a notch or two.
    I'm fascinated as to what you do for a living (besides spending time with four-legged fellows)...It's been two years and I still haven't worked it out...?
    Anyway...I wish you and your loved ones a fabulous day. If our weather is any indication of yours, you are in for a treat! :)
    Sending lotsaluv

  5. Happy to know that our little man is pain free. Has the dog-tor spoke with you about the side effects of the medications? I had an elderly Cocker Spaniel years ago who would go out into the middle of the yard and just stand there, peacefully - much like he was solving the problems of the world. After a few minutes he'd go about his way and do his business. I always wondered what was going on in his head☺

  6. Hope there'll be sausages tonite for dinner for you dear Wilf. *hugs*

  7. It would indeed be a hysterical sight to see Wilf's christening of polished boots!

    Diplomacy however prevails over bravado..

    A blessed 10th day indeed.


  8. Wilf christening the boots! That would have been "comparution immediate" and the headlines on TF1 :-)
    I'm a bit upset to see we can find 30 pairs of boots to welcome a VIP on a private trip, and not able to find 30 pairs of boots to help kids in schools, for example... but that is another story. Glad you could come back home despite the strikes.
    I had a cat who spent hours sitting in the garden starring at nothing at the end of her life. She seemed quite happy with that.
    Snuggles to Wilf.

  9. You sure have been busy, Angus. Good to know that you are home safe and sound and with Wilf!

    We are assured that Wilf is feeling how much he is surround by your love. Of course, the font's as well.

    Happy 10th day of Grace. We are constantly here to send our healing vibes and happy cheers for Wilf and for you and the font.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  10. Enjoy day 10 sweet Wilf, i send you all the sun and fresh air we have today here in Brittany. Cuddles to you sweet boy.

  11. Happy 10th day. Wilf may appear confused, but he was definitely focused on those boots. Glad he can still meet you when you return home.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  12. Thank-goodness an incident was averted! I keep seeing France on the news for all the wrong reasons, and wouldn't want a little "confusion" to add to it! By the way, I've also not heard of or had confusion as a side effect of medication, only old age as a cause for it.

    I so hope you're having a delightful day!

  13. Wishing you & dear Wilf more days. Peace and loads of love from all of us !
    Susan & les Gang

  14. So thankful that I am still able to start my day looking at his sweet face. :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  15. Even here on the sunny Pacific coast of Mexico, my day begins with checking in on Wilf. I daresay he'll keep proving the experts wrong for many more days to come!

  16. Wilf, for all your diplomatic ways, you still know how to create an international incident! That would have been a sight to behold.

    We deal with a lot of nighttime confusion here. It's not related to medication, just old age. Our suspicion is that it happens at night because it's dark and she can't see or hear enough to figure out what her surroundings are. Maybe a little bit of low light or a nightlight somewhere would help. At least he doesn't wake you up at 3:00 barking at you!

  17. Hmmm, a grey suit - you are most definitely a rebel! I love your vision of the international incident barely averted. But, Wilf might have made the international news - a star for a day!

    I'm so glad that your family is together and enjoying these days of grace.

  18. Vilfy, I often find myself in one room or another thinking, "blimey! what did I come in HERE for!" ( I don't really say 'blimey'.) I'm glad you're enjoying your beautiful autumn.

  19. w00fs, i love days of Grace...and soo happy Wilf is still with us....we lost little snowball yesterday..but wilf and luke are still with us..mayb the meds make him act confused...

    b safe,

  20. Perhaps if our corporate executives had a little more knowledge of civilizations that came before ours, we would not have the reputation (or make some of the mistakes) we often do around the world. Their loss -- the Cologne Cathedral is lovely, not to mention the ruins that can be seen beneath it.

    Wilf's farewell to this phase of his life is of far more real importance . . . may his days of grace go on and on.


  21. He can still brighten anyone's day better than just about anybody.

  22. Hmm, new British CEO is here visiting the offices of his recently acquired corporate flock. Engineers and architects don't typically do that pin-stripe, red tie, square-jawed thing unless it's for a presentation. Still, your graphic image has me wondering about impressions.

    I so hope Wilf's confusion was just the result of waking up at an unusual time... it does often happen with older dogs, but Wilfie is still such a sweet young-un!

    We were wondering how you were faring with the strike. I was in Paris during the 1968 greve generale, so can only too well picture what is happening. But not in your france profonde?


  23. Thirty pairs of polished boots? And not one drop sprinkled...oh, what fun that would have been!!!

    I peed on a BMW tire it in every crack and crevasse...

    Barking for ya, Wilf...

    Love ya lots,

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley

  24. Oh poor Wilf. We are wishing you many more (confusion free) days!

  25. Would have been most amusing to see Wilf "express" his opinion. Keep up the strength!

  26. I must apologize for my fellow Americans lack of sophistication. Perhaps if you had told them that the eyesores were built on the site of a former Hooters, they would have shown more interest.

    As always, you are in our thoughts and prayers Wilf.

  27. I'm so thankful for Wilf's 10th Day of Grace! Sad that he's confused though. I agree with houndstooth that he may be confused because it's dark and he doesn't hear any noise to indicate where he is. But then again, what do I know?

    I laughed at the thought of Wilf christening all those boots!

    I'm still curious as to what it is you do for a living?! Whatever it is, I'm glad you're home now with Wilf and 'the font' where you belong.

  28. we believe that American businessmen in suits are interchangeable too. blah. we're pawing for Wilf - it would have been great to mark on all of those shiny shoes!

  29. you never cease to put a smile on my face, dear wilf! had your attempted christening been successful, it would have caused quite the scene, i'm sure. haha.

    the booker man and asa's mama

  30. Americans can be such asses, I'm sorry I am one.

    I find where once I couldn't wait to get to Wilf's daily trek thru life, I now avoid til last a peek. Always happy, but still teary eyed, while reading of his march with time. Was almost brave enough to adopt another after 19 years of missing my little pal. Now, seeing your loss take place, all the wounds are first again.

    God bless you three and may He find a special place for Wilf next to Digby when the time comes.

  31. We love you and are here if you need us. From afar but still here. Our tears could fill the ocean.

  32. Another American apologizing for the troglodytes. We're about to have an election here to determine whether they're going to take over. If they do, wonder whether the Brits would overlook a little thing like 480 years of some of us being expats and a couple of wars [Revolution, parts 1 & 2] and let us reclaim our patrimony?

    Wilf's confusion reminds me of my mother at the end of her battle with cancer: by then, the cancer had spread everywhere, including her brain. Sorry to offer such an disheartening thought. But as long as Wilf's not in pain, every day is a treasure. And it's a blessing that Angus was able to get home to be with you, Wilf. Angus: sit! stay!

    Jed & Abby

  33. I see you're a roman history appreciator, like Mr. Wild Dingo.

    Too bad Wilf didn't get to express his opinion of the strike, or their lack of interest in the historical fact. sigh.

  34. I read your daily reports with sighs...knowing how special each extra one is.

    My vet has an easy way to describe cortisones side effects...1) It turns off their 'I'm full' sensor, so they are always hungry (maybe he is having late night cravings?) and 2) It increases their water consumption so they have to pee more often (maybe he's lookin' for the loo?)