Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby Bats .

Wilf full of energy on his morning walk . He heads off to the far end of the village . A trip he's not wanted to make in at least four months . After a troubled night, this sudden burst of energy as unexpected as it is illogical . En route he passes Brunhilda sitting by the gate house of the chateau . She barks but he's far too busy ploughing , head down , along the grass verges to do anything more than look up briefly . It has rained during the night , the embedded wayside scents now maturing like fine , canine , wine .

Home to be told by the tall painter that he has found a colony ( nest ?) of baby bats behind the end shutter on the side of the house facing the church. They are a protected species and the volets can't be touched until they mature . Having had a house with twenty three green shutters and one grey one , we will now have a house of twenty three grey shutters and one green one . Plus ca change .

The family fellow spends the afternoon in the kitchen with ' the font '. As the roti de veau farci au chevre frais et la coriandre is prepared he enters his angelic mode . This entails sitting still while occasionally licking his nose , noisily. Very noisily . A reminder to anyone interested that he's still there. PON motto of the day : " Greed grabs , gratitude receives "


  1. OMG, if it's not one thing, it's another. I don't know what's worse - bees or bats. I hope the volets mature quickly and can be removed.

  2. My roast veal is usually a farce as well! :)

  3. A super Wilf-ponder - love your menus - love is all around - give Brunhilda my regards -
    love from Southern Italy Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  4. We love to hear when you're having a particularly good day Wilf.
    Hope you ALL enjoyed the lunch.

  5. At long last we get a glimpse of that
    wonderful raspberry red wall in the
    kitchen. Always cheers my day to read
    that Wilf is doing so well.

  6. Wilf is certainly a PON of purpose; so encouraging to hear of his energy. Perhaps all the recent sleepy days have given him a nice reserve of energy to pursue his favorite activities. Wilf knows his nose knows when something tasty is forthcoming!DBH

  7. I hope you got to be a grateful receiver, Wilf and - take good care of those baby bats. Would ♥ to see them!

  8. We, also, are overjoyed to hear Wilf is having a good day. Bats are considered lucky. They bring luck and wealth! Also bats are symbolic of rebirth. Your house coming alive again after much neglect. We would consider that nest of bats an auspicious omen. With all the work you have done and still needs to be done, you could certainly use a bit of luck and extra wealth. Our love to you.

  9. ah... well said kari! i think it's a good omen for wilf too. maybe why he feels so good. then again, with the worldwide love coming his way maybe the dreaded cancer is gone. miracles do happen.
    ongoose... get ready for madame to say you have bats in your belfreys! belfries? belfrys! oh well.
    love and hugs, tammy

  10. How long will it take the baby bats to mature? I wonder if you'll be able to sneak in a photo of them sometime. I've heard that they're lucky, too! :)

    I'm glad to hear that Wilf is feeling more robust for the day. I can just picture him licking his nose in anticipation!

  11. we are very pleased to hear that baby bats are protected ... the shutter story priceless. Kisses & many pats to Mr. Wilf from Missy D & Sam I Am xo S

  12. Let's hope the energy lasts and lasts! This is great news....lots of "letters" to read along the grass verges then....Keep on going Wilf! Lovely boy! Let's hope a treat or two falls onto the floor....

    With love your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  13. Wilf looks energetic and happy in those photos - I could tell just from looking at them that he had a great day. I hope that he was the taster for the font's gourmet meal!

  14. We hope his angelic waiting earned him some food samples.

    Never knew baby bats formed a coloney, or perhaps a creche.

    XXXOOO Daisy, kendra & Bella