Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This old PON.

When I get home the painter is there. He is incredibly tall, at least six foot eight , and the spitting image of Charles de Gaulle . " Didn't come last week because of the rain " he says by way of greeting . He is apparently oblivious to the rain drizzling down outside . For a moment Angus thinks of asking why this weeks rain is any different to last weeks but , wishing to retain good relations with at least one workman , decides to keep this thought to himself.

To the womens cooperative with some material to recover the two arm chairs in the hallway . En route we pass Oliver , still asleep, by the old widows doorstep . Audes friend with the cement mixer , the bib overalls and the eighty a day habit is standing , smoking , outside the cooperative . " What do you want ? " or more precisely " Warra yewwan ?" she curtly asks. I explain and am told to leave the silk on a bench in the atelier. End of conversation . She doesn't look up from hosing down her van as we drive off .

Away for only thirty minutes but return to find that the 'eboniste ' has returned with the repaired grandfather clock. To be more precise this is the case for the grandfather clock , the mechanism having gone off somewhere else to be repaired . When we found it in the attic it was pitch black, riddled with woodworm, and sported a healthy patina of pigeon guano. Now, the woodworm has gone, the bulk of the soot has been removed and the guano thankfully scraped off. Underneath it all a riot of marquetry and painted flowers.

Wilf is happy now his family is back together. On our evening walk he positively dances along the lane. " I shall grow old, but never lose life's zest ; because the roads last turn will be the best " .


  1. I have a lurking suspicion that this post was written by 'the font'. Am I right?

  2. You didn't tell us about the sheep!

  3. Well at least the tall painter felt it necessary to provide an explanation for his absence....
    Just love the image of old Wilf dancing down the lane.

  4. Aude's friend sounds like a delight! Are you sure it's a women's cooperative and not a prison work release program? ;-)

  5. Let us all hope that Wilf dances down the lane for a good while yet.

  6. The clock, what a find. Hope the workings can be fixed.

    Good luck with getting all the latest projects done with minimum fuss.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  7. Yes, i thought too, that this post is written by "the Font", not the same style of writting may be. More feminine perhaps...
    Happy to see sweet Wilfee has his family back together.
    Enjoy this Wednesday sweet boy.
    AmitiƩs to Angus and the Font, bisous to my beloved Wilfee.

  8. I shall grow old but never lose life's zest,
    Because the road's last turn will be the best .

    Oh, Wilfee . C'est poignant .

  9. Wilf's attitude is amazing. I'm sure that he's thrilled to have you home again!

    I, too, have been wrestling with workers. A pipe burst in our basement back in Jan or Feb, and they are still "working on" redoing the basement - new tile floor, new sheetrock, paint, etc. But, they work on the most erratic schedule that I've ever seen so it's already taken 6 months to fix a 20' X 20' room. I'm holding my tongue, trying not to alienate any workers...

  10. Dear wilf's words bring a smile but also a lump in the throat and a few tears. Hoping that Wilf will be dancing along for a long while; it isn't time to go. DBH

  11. We had a new telephone system installed at our office. The woman in charge of these phones and "assisting" us in understanding how to use them must have taught the woman at the co-op. We still have a minimal idea of how to use these phones and their features and it has been a few weeks since they were installed. (insert bad thoughts here..)

    Oliver ..... so sleepy and sweet.....

    Grandfather Clock! What a treasure! I wonder what the story is as to why it was abandoned in the attic.

  12. You're a better diplomat than I am! How could someone forget that clock? It's beautiful! Hopefully it won't chime thirteen times every hour when you get the mechanism back! :P

    I always love Wilf's attitude!

  13. am going to get a taste of workers' time... it will be interesting. last night we had a hail storm (size of golf balls) with 75-80 mph straight winds. fences down, trees stripped, power lines down everywhere, everyone with big roof damages... at least there will now be new employment for some workers!
    when wilfee is happy... i'm happy hugs to my darling fellow.

  14. Oh dear! That last line brought tears to my eyes!! Simply beautifully put, but bittersweet!! I see that from the looks on Wilf's face today, that joy is most certainly brought back! Lovely boy! Keep on going Wilf!

    With love from your slightly soggy Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  15. i need to borrow some of your tact. we are having an emergency generator installed at our house, and the gas man extended a gas line to the generator. the inspector came by yesterday only to tell us that the gas line had been run too close to the footers for the deck, so the gas line has to be dug up and rerouted. :/
    that old grandfather clock is gorgeous. i'm glad that it could be restored after years of neglect.
    wilf, i'm glad you are happy and have your pack back together!

    the booker man and asa's mama

  16. Hello Angus! I thought when I saw your 4th picture something had happened inside your home, and realize that it's no doubt the 'creative clutter' inside of the womens cooperative--I hope they don't misplace the fabric you brought and I hope it was a productive day for the painter.

  17. If Wilf is happy we are happy!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  18. Wonder why the tall case clock was relegated to the attic. Were the works hopelessly broken? How wonderful it would be to know it's story. How much do you know of the history of your house; the people who built it and lived in it ?
    Very interesting to know.
    I do hope the font writes. We love Wilf not only for his sweet face but for the personality that he is. The font is such an important person in Wilf's life. The observations and stories would be much appreciated.

  19. Another wonderful post :)

    We have an award for you on our blog. Take it if you wish and pass it on. We just want everyone to find your wonderful blog!

    Wyatt and Stanzie