Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Exotic arrivals .

It's hot . 41 degrees yesterday . The heat so violent it's more of an enemy than a friend . General de Gaulle , the painter , has set up a production line in the shade of the barn . The shutters , which were first taken down to be sanded , then painstakingly rehung , have now been taken down for a second time so that the undercoat and top coats can be applied . The thought that there must be an easier way of doing things is left unsaid . Angus has learnt that anglo-saxon logic and French logic sometimes make uneasy bedfellows .

In the garden the slow process of clearing fifty years of neglect is allowing some weird and wonderful growths to reestablish themselves . Under the palm tree in the courtyard a score of exotic pineapple lookalikes have suddenly emerged from a long , weed covered , hibernation .

At the bakers the lady behind the counter slips Wilf the ends from a baguette. Hard and crispy and still warm from the oven . An early morning , lip slapping , treat . Angus buys the bread and a raspberry cream cake that the baker says is his summer speciality .

Wilf continues to sail through life . His attitude to advancing years and illness : " I plan on living forever . So far , so good " . A furry testament to the life affirming power of croissants , coconut ice cream and tickles.


  1. Spot on, Wilf!

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  2. Wilf certainly looks 'in the pink' in his photo this morning. The array of pastries and bread, scrumptious. No wonder he ambles through life. I think you have got a slice of the good life there in every sense.

  3. If they ever give away one of the Opera cakes, would you pick up one for me? :)

  4. I so wanted to get on and read the blog but Gail made me pause for just ages on the cakes photo....
    Personally I think that croissants, coconut ice cream and tickles make for the perfect recipe!
    Toodle pip!

  5. I am so happy he is doing great - with all the food therapy and the LOVE!
    More croissants, coconut ice cream and TICKLES - Wilf forever - we love you - Susanne, Daisy and Foxiie

  6. Have a beautiful Tuesday Wilfee, begining the day with a "morceau de baguette tout chaud" is the most wonderful thing you can find.
    Here, in Brittany, the temperature falls from 40° to 20°, yeppee !
    A beautiful Tuesday to you Angus, and the Font.
    Bisous to my beloved boy.

  7. Wilf is so right!! Add freshly baked baguettes and raspberry cream cake to anyone's list and who wouldn't want to live forever?

    I hope you're all having an enjoyable day!!

  8. Can those pineapples be converted into cream cakes?

  9. I think that Wilf has the right outlook on life!! And I'll take a baguette please.

  10. From the mom - Oh I am so glad I stopped by here first on my way to an otherwise mundane workday. That first picture of sweet Wilf, under your subject line just gives me a good start to the day - Wilf looks absolutely ecstatic.

  11. 41º C = 105º F !!!! That heat is our enemy too. :)
    Hopefully it will not last long for you.

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

    PS We will take one of those Opera cakes to go too please. ;)

  12. Goodness, 41C ! Where you live? Was there any air left to breathe?
    We were 46C, but we live in an area known to have such weather. Luckily, only 5% humidity.
    The joys of discovering a vintage garden! The plants and stylings of times past! Just glorious! Irreplaceable! We're envious!
    We're with you, Wilf! We love you so! Looking wonderfully handsome and robust!

  13. We thought we were bad here yesterday at 33C. Hope it is cooler for you today Wilf.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  14. i'm with wilfee! he's going to live forever. just think, the vet gave him 3 days ...
    the power of sheer love, croissants and coconut ice cream!
    he looks happy. he is. all his best people are at home! all's right with his world.
    love and hugs,
    tammy j
    ps... blessed rain! supposed to be 106 tomorrow but today is what counts and it sounds and looks and feels WONDERFUL. (even if the blue tarp still covers my roof.)

  15. We have temperatures here in South Carlina in the upper 30's c and extreme drought conditions but also 75-90% humidity that pushes the heat indices up to 40-degrees and beyond. (How can we have such high humidity AND a drought? Can't we just wring the air out?) Petey's response is to nap for much of the day on the bed directly beneath the ceiling fan, followed by an early evening swim in the ocean. These dogs truly know what's important in life!

    I love the flowering "pineapple"-- does it have an exotic tropical scent?

  16. Save a slice of that raspberry cream cake for me, please!


  17. Wilf you amaze me! Youre a tough little fighter!

  18. He took the shutters down, sanded them, rehung them and then took them down again to paint them? I am not sure I could have kept my comments restrained! You're a better person than I!

    If reincarnation exists, I'd love to come back as Wilf! Is there anybody in France who doesn't feed him?

  19. Yes, lots of goodies for Wilf, but the most important is lots of TLC from Angus and the font!


  20. '.....croissants , coconut ice cream and tickles.' seems to be working for Wilf so I think I'll give it a go too!

    x (for Wilf!)

  21. Croissants, coconut ice cream and tickles would suit me fine when I'm in my dotage, I'm sure.

  22. Hooray Wilf !! and pass the raspberry cream cake s'il vous plait ?!? xoxox Missy Winnie D & Sam

  23. I always enjoy your bakery pictures.

    I truly wish that Wilf could live forever.

  24. Wilf certainly looks cute protecting his toy. You go guy, no need to give up yet, treats are still tasting good and tickles NEVER stop for cute boys!

  25. What a beautiful surprise emerging from the weeds! Wilf certainly has a zest for making the most of every day!