Monday, December 27, 2010


It's a normal working day here in France and the first priority is to get to the vets with Wilf . Over the last 48 hours he's started to drink much, much more than normal. This also means that he's having to pop outside for a pit stop every couple of hours - day and night. Either a sign of diabetes or that the Cortisone is at last impairing the livers functioning . The indignity of having to scratch on the door to get out has left our proud fellow looking positvely crestfallen.

The peace of the small hours is a fine time to be with Wilf and catch up on the million and one little things that get overlooked during the rest of the year. There is something so elemental and trusting about the warmth of an old family sheepdog asleep across your slippers. In a drawer in the library came across two water colour sketches by a Scots artist, Francis Cadell. Done in 1915 they tell the story of Scots soldiers in London during the early, more innocent, days of the 'Great' war. Most of the ' Jocks' time seems to have been spent looking longingly at the behatted shop assistants. These two are cheekily entitled ' I don't think ' and ' Admiration '.


  1. I don't know what to wish for - that it's diabetes or his liver. Whatever it is, I hope it won't affect his quality of life or length of life any more than absolutely necessary.

  2. Will say special prayers for Wilf (and you) today. Thinking of you all...
    With lotsaluv

  3. Just waiting for the news Angus. Cuddles to you sweet Wilfee.

  4. What a worry for you , especially around this sorry to hear this..hope the news won't be too bad.
    Lots of hugs for Wilf.
    Love the sketches, seems from such a different time....

  5. Hugs for Wilf. Praying for all of you...

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  6. Angus, we continue to keep Wilf in our thoughts and prayers, and are so thankful that he's been able to enjoy the holidays with his beloved family. I hope that the vet visit goes well today.

    I like the sketches. The name Francis Cadell sounds familiar--I remember a book that my Mother had about 'Scottish Colorists' whose work was influenced by time spent among French artists--I'm wondering if he was one of them.

    Blizzard conditions in New York had me thinking of Madame Bay and if she has safely returned from her trip.

  7. At least France gets back to normal quickly after Christmas, so the help is there. All the best to you and Wilf.

  8. Wilf, we are hoping some simple medication adjustments will work for you. Keeping you in our thoughts today.

  9. love the sketches.....and hugs to Wilfie...

  10. Healing purrs for Wilf. We have our paws crossed that he will be OK.

  11. I too am hoping Wilf just indulged a bit too heartily in Christmas fare and will recover once his diet and routine get back to normal. My grandfather served with the Scots guard during WWI, so I especially enjoyed the watercolors.

    Prayers for Wilfie today.

    Jane and Petey

  12. I believe that my parents had sketches a lot like yours. I like them.

    I'm thinking of Wilf and hope that it can be helped. We're going to the vet today too.

  13. We wonder, like poster Petey, if maybe Wilf was given a few too many salty ,oily treats by well intentioned family members who couldn't resist his sweet longing face. When you are as adorable as he, God only knows what was offered.

    We begun our prayers before we composed our comment.

    Love, love the sketches.

  14. Holding thumbs that all will be ok!

  15. Sending big hugs to Wilf. I hope it's nothing serious.


  16. Wonderful sketches. They do tell a story! It is always a treat to rediscover old treasures which had been tucked away.

    My little poodles continue to migrate to their now closed doggie door...soon (we hope) to be available once again for them to freely access their yard. Workers expected back today.

    Hoping Wilf is not in too much trouble. Good luck at the vets. Hugs to Wilf! xo

  17. Did the vet check him for a
    urinary/bladder infection?
    Our guy is currently on his
    third course of antibiotics
    in six months, having all
    the same symptoms. Think of
    Wilf so often and hope he can
    carry on thanks to everyone's
    love and care. Sheila

  18. Fingers crossed that maybe it's a side effect of partaking of too much caviar or other rich foods at the holidays.

    I really like those art sketches! I thought you were going to say that it was a Christmas gift you got. Those are so charming!

  19. Hoping its just a reaction to the cortizone and easily remedied. Wilf's in my prayers today, as always.

    Wonderful watercolours. Hang them!

  20. Hope things work out well at the vets for Wilf. The water colors are just fantastic.

  21. Love the sketches.

    Normal work day! We have Boxing Day off, and because Christmas and BD were on a weekend, Monday and Tuesday are holidays. Also, it's summer and pretty much Australia closes down until after New Years!

    Love and a tousle to Wilf.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  22. I keep thinking maybe it was just the caviar???
    I do really hope you will have good news!
    Wilfie stay strong! Enjoy your winter - but that he was not given turkey nor icecream - scandalous!
    Healing thoughts from all of us Susannae Daisy and Foxiie

  23. Praying for Wilf from across the pond.

    Hamish & Rescue Sophie

  24. The water colors are lovely... Best wishes for Wilf as always. Hoping's nothing.

  25. Charming sketches. Disturbing news. We'll be waiting impatiently for the results of the visit to the vet.

    xxx Joan

  26. Those Cadell sketches are wonderful....we had a print of his "Orange Blind" painting in our house when I was growing up. There was a wonderful exhibition at Glasgow Art Galleries when I was there in May which has since moved to London - "The Glasgow Boys". Cadell was greatly influenced by them. A big hug to Wilf.