Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank you Edward Calvin Kendall.

To the vets for the results of Wilfs tests. En route a quick detour to the cafe in the square for a coffee. A chance for an unbelieving 'font' to see the aluminium foil dress, fish nets tights and flashing 'Bon Noel' apron combination in all its glory. 'Amazing ?' I asked. " Alarming !" came the reply. 'The font' now convinced that the cafe is the local equivalent of one of those bars found next door to Greyhound bus depots in large American cities. While I'm choosing a croissant a gentlemen in a white cap , bedroom slippers and white socks offers to buy 'the font' a pastis. " Thank you but never before ten ".

The waiting room at the vets full. A sure sign that the clinical young veterinaire from Paris is not working. On the opposite side of the reception a French lady with blue rinsed hair cradling a blue rinse toy poodle in her lap. " Isn't it odd how some people end up looking like their dogs?" I ask . 'The font' looks across the room, then looks at Wilf, then looks at me. "She's probably thinking the very same thing" . We're both still laughing uproariously when it's our turn to go in.

A special word of thanks to Edward Calvin Kendall . Professor Kendall was awarded the Nobel prize for developing Cortisone exactly sixty years ago this week. The magic medication has had nothing short of a miraculous effect on Wilf, delaying the inevitable. The large tumours growth has slowed and the spread into the other organs has, for the moment, been halted. Apart from an opportunistic respiratory infection , the arthritis and some liver impairment he's as well as can be expected. The vet says cancer is like detecting un voleur dans la nuit - a thief in the night. Some additional medication and the next check-up scheduled for early in the New Year. " You'll be getting turkey and potatoes for Christmas " I say to Wilf as he's lifted into the back of the car. He gives me a look that says ' and don't forget the coconut ice cream with the pudding '.

Home to find the hyper-active gardeners chopping down trees and planting new ones. Wilf heads off for a celebratory tyre christening.


  1. Yay for Edward Calvin Kendall! Cortisone helped my Sophie kitTON for almost 4 years after she was diagnosed with lymphoma. It truly can be an amazing drug.

    don't forget to ask for some gravy with the turkey & potatoes.

    wags, wiggles & slobbers

  2. I am so glad!! Wonderful!!it's the first thing I looked at this morning to check how Wilf was doing... I am absolutely delighted.
    Much love and hugs for Wilf form a cold and snowy Wiltshire

  3. That's the best news I've heard in a long time!

  4. A predictable hooray from this quarter for what we take as recognition of the role of modern science in improving lives (it's not all down to 'miracles'!)
    And hooray to Wilf, just because.
    Hugs to you all from Gail and Bertie.

  5. What wonderful news! Cheers to Mr Kendall then!

  6. So glad to hear the good news for Wilf!

  7. What wonderful news for Wilf. I love his hair do in that one photo!

  8. Here's to Edward Calvin Kendall! What a great legacy.

    HER first scottie was named Kendall--purely coincidental.

    Was 'the font', perhaps, indicating that you need a haircut?

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  9. What a wonderful early Christmas present - so glad for you all, and somewhat selfishly, for us, Wilf's devoted followers!

  10. We are delighted to read Wilf will be sitting down to Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. Fantastic news.

    You certainly live in a colourful community!

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  11. I echo the thoughts of 'Kit and Kaboodle!' We continue to keep Wilf in our prayers for many more enjoyable days of croissants and tyre christening and today we will add our thanks to Professor Kendall!

  12. Such wonderful news to wake up to! So pleased with the result of your visit to the vet. Happy Friday my friends!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  13. Hurray! And let's not overlook the possibility of an amuse bouche for Wilf on Christmas day too. Wonderful news. Wonderful day.

  14. Happy, happy news!!! The best Christmas present of all.

    Hugs al around -- posthumously to Professor Kendall!

    xxx Joan, Jake, and Just Harry

  15. I'm laughing a lot myself about owners looking like their dogs! Oh, if only I could manage to look more like the hounds! lol What that really made me wonder was what Madame Bay's dog would look like if she had one...

    I'm glad to hear Wilf will be celebrating a family Christmas with all the good stuff!

    Oh, yes, Monsieur Funny Man, the PreK's are more than excited about Christmas! They're ready for it to be here yesterday. Our classroom is like Santa's workshop right now as we try to get ready for the Christmas concert and get presents done for parents, too! It's the most wonderful time of the year!

  16. I think Santa came early to France profonde in the form of Dr. Kendall. Maybe Gail and Bertie will excuse us if we consider this news to be the results of medication with a pinch of miracle thrown in or good measure! Now with the plans or the Christmas menu underway, be sure not to include anything with raisins! While my houseguest and I were out for some last minute shopping, Petey decided to check through her open carry-on bag on the floor and found a pannetone to his delight. When we arrived home, he gave us a sheepish grin as if to say " this is delicious! And look! I saved you 2/3's!" calls to poison control and two trips to the vet for purging and blood work, he's fine and my purse is $420 lighter! No more visions of sugar plums for Petey!

    So please confirm that you most resemble Wilf in that second photo...

  17. I add my thanks to Edward Calvin Kendall - we've seen the miraculous effects of cortisone on our dogs in the past and now on Wilf! I'm so happy that it has given you this wonderful time with Wilf.

    Tyre christening! What a celebration!

  18. I check in every morning before I go to work to see how Wilf is faring....good news today.
    I trade in vintage stuff and I have a "never used" c. 1966 aluminum/paper dress still in it's original packet....maybe there's a market for this item in S.W. France.

  19. Wonderful, wonderful! More quality time. What a blessing.

    So THAT'S what you look like Angus. We can just picture it :)

    Emma Rose and the Duchess

  20. This is nice news to see. I hope Wilf has many quality days ahead of him.

  21. I don't know if I would be able to resist a pastis offered by such a classy gentleman.....

    Glad Wilf got a good report at the clinic! Thanks to great care, love and medicine, he can continue to soldier on and enjoy all the treats life has to offer.

    We hope you all have a great weekend!

  22. When I wake up in the mornings, I look a lot like Wilf in the 2nd picture.

    As always, it's good to hear your news. Let's hope that we have many more good reports from the vet in the year to come!

  23. Oh Mongoose, that is wonderful news! You must be absolutely thrilled! So much angst...but now a cherished Christmas present!
    Sending lotsaluv
    (ps We want a picture of the Wilfey look-alike!!!...go on...for Christmas sake!)

  24. Wonderful news!! Hard to type through a sea of tears, but they are tears of joy, relief!! Well done Wilf!! Its the coconut ice cream, to be sure!

    Love the second picture, what a treasure!

    Keep going Wilf!

    With love and cuddles, your Canadian pals,
    Dianna along with Tor, Willow and Tucker

  25. Oh hurrah! Answered prayers! Thank God!
    Some celebrating is in order, don't you think? A happy day for all and that includes us. Our love and continued prayers for you.
    ( if I still had my silver tyvek/paper dress I'd put it on and dance with joy!)

  26. Big heavy, stress-releasing sigh here.
    Happy Day.
    Thank the Lord.

    As for looking like one's best friend.... I'm often told that Edward and I "look just alike", something that took me a little aback the first time I heard it, but also something that I have chosen to take as the very best of compliments.

  27. That is such wonderful news that the cortisone is helping slow the progression of his tumours.

    My human and I smiled trying to imagine what you look like - wondering what characteristics “the font” thought you share with Wilf.

    As for Christmas dinner, is it the coconut or ice cream component of coconut ice cream that is Wilf’s favourite? If it is coconut has he experienced the gastronomic delights of other coconut food treats, coconut oil added to his meals (Google it as some people feed it to their dogs for health reasons – who knows if it works?) or possibly a coconut dog shampoo or conditioner for that lingering coconut smell and fluffy white coat combined? Perhaps a request could be dispatched to his brothers in America for some coconut treats to be added to Wilf’s Christmas stocking.

    Sending you woofs,

  28. I agree with Pamela and Edward - so very much a Happy Day. I wish I looked like my Shelties. Both of them are like the girls in high school I remember who had good hair!

  29. So you look like Wilf in that 2nd photo? Rad.

    Cortisone/Cortisol. very amazing stuff. I had some experience with it a few years ago for a chronic health issue. It was amazing without being overpowering or dangerous like it's stronger brother prednisone.

  30. I am so happy that Wilf is doing so well. Much to celebrate with lots of goodies!

    NC, USA

  31. Wonderful news!Love your 2nd picture,Wilfie.....makes me chuckle& wonder about Angus.All our best from N.CA

  32. Best news from you today Angus. Hurrah for Wilfee. We are celebrating and have treats in the honour of Mr Kendall and Wilf.

    Dogs and humans do resemble each other somehow either in character or looks.. ;)

    woofs n licks,
    Dommy & Piper

  33. I love to read your daily postings with my morning coffee. I'm delighted Wilf is doing well and enjoying life to the fullest. Who wouldn't enjoy coconut ice cream daily?
    I also salute Mr Kendall; having taken prednisone myself for over 28 years, and having the ability to live a fuller life.
    Cheers to you all from wintery Ontario.
    Kim and the Shelties of Fox Hill Farm.

  34. I worry about Wilf so much and it was a relief to know he's doing as well as can be expected.

    He looks so peaceful in that first picture. I love his hair in the second one. I look like that when I first wake up in the morning. He carries it off so much better.