Sunday, December 5, 2010

A hint of punk in his hairstyle.

A good week for Wilf. He's tasted a meringue in the bakers, had croissant crumbs drizzled into his mouth at the cafe and been given coconut ice cream at home. The only downside for him was that he had a bath. His first, much needed, encounter with water and shampoo in eight weeks. This morning his coat is warm, soft and sparklingly clean with just a hint of punk in his hairstyle.

No hiding the fact that he's getting tired more easily now. His time is divided between sleeping, eating, being fussed over and going for gentle ambles. A stable, surprise free routine. Thankfully, there's still no pain and his quality of life is second to none. But his senses are dimming and his entire world is getting smaller. This week for the first time his joints stiffened and he wasn't able to leap into the back of the car. He accepts being lifted up and down with all the grudging grace of a grumpy, old retired colonel .

In the 'tartan' family bedroom at the end of the upstairs corridor a huge surprise. One of last years poinsettias has not only survived but its leaves are turning red again. In the afternoons , when he wants peace and quiet, Wilf wanders into this bedroom and dozes on the sunny floor. It's as if he's waiting for the rooms occupant to come back home - his herding not complete until all his flock is accounted for. Dogs communicate with us in so many ways.


  1. Let's hope for as many good weeks to come as possible.

  2. A true Family Fellow. He surely waits for the Gannets' return.

  3. Love the first photo of Wilf. The look on his face is priceless.
    Wilf your next step forward is to order afternoon tea to be served in the tartan bedroom and enjoy it while laying on the sunny spots.

    Molly, Taffy and Monty

  4. Love the photos of Wilf. I hope that he has many many good days to come.
    Lotsa Love & Licks for you Wilf
    Your friend
    Casper Bear

  5. The first picture of Wilf is priceless, one of my favorites. He makes me smile, no matter what mood I am in. :)

    Happy Sunday!

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  6. Happy Sunday Wilfee, i really love your punk hairstyle, you're simply the cutest boy of Southern France, believe me...
    Cuddles and bisous my sweet.

  7. I always think that there's a hint of punk in Wilf's fur!

    I hope that the Gannets will be home soon, letting your family be all together. But, I also hope that your gracefully slowing family fellow has many good weeks ahead of him. I admire all of you for living each day so fully and lovingly.

  8. Hi Angus,

    you constantly capture Wilf's wonderful expressions so well. We also love the first photo of this post.

    We got your paws for you and Wilf all the time. Many more happy moments together.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  9. I always think Wilf looks a bit like a rock star.

    Hopefully the gannets will have safe passage and be there to make Wilf's world complete soon! I know how those shepherd types love a complete pack!

    You've had better luck with the poinsettia than I have!

  10. Such a lovely fellow - Wilfie we love you - hoping for you to stay well for much, much longer!
    Cutest looking dog - love Susanne Foxiie and Daisy

  11. baths = sometimes you have to take the bad with the good. we love the quality of life and hope it continues much much longer.

  12. Oh Wilf you are such a good boy I love you.

  13. Hello Ongoose (sorry, I just couldn't resist the temptation!!), I find it amazing that Wilf is still with us when the early prognosis was so frighteningly pessimistic. So glad that he is still enjoying life so much that he occasionally needs a good bath !!

  14. It sounds as if he is loving his life, except for the bath of course.
    Wouldn't it be lovely if everyone could live their lives as much as Wilf loves his. God bless this wonderful boy. And thank you for sharing him with us.

  15. Cheers. We love the punk.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  16. I've always loved Wilf's hair. He has the best hair of any dog I know.