Friday, December 17, 2010

Reassuring good measure.

Madame Bay arrived at the front door, unexpectedly, to bid an emotional farewell. She, the long suffering Monsieur Bay and fifty or so other members of the local retired gendarmes club are off to New York for a week. For the journey Madame Bay was wearing a lime green headscarf that had been knotted at the front. Those old wartime posters of Rosie the riveter sprang to mind. " Don't worry M'Ongoose. It's only a week " she said wrapping her arms round me in a remarkably hearty, breath depriving embrace. Then, she repeated the " it's only a week " for reassuring good measure. Wilf had a little boy look on his face that seemed to say ' please tell me she's not going to plant one of those kisses on me '.

A slight dusting of snow yesterday. Wilf was delighted. Polish Lowland Sheepdog heaven. He followed me across the fields, head high into the wind. Every so often he would run on ahead and pounce on something invisible in the long grass, emerging with a smile on his face and a muzzle and nose covered in snow. I'd like to say that his hunting technique was lithe and graceful but that wouldn't be entirely true. It was however highly entertaining. Play mode firmly set.

When, after a long day out in the cold, an old dog sits in front of the fire, lays his head on your foot and falls gently asleep is that happiness, delight or joy ?


  1. How lovely.I would say it was all three...
    Have a lovely day today with Wilf.

  2. You never know what's hiding in that snow do you Wilf? And it is SO important to check it out.
    Toodle pip!

  3. It is all three my friend...all three.

  4. That is a sign of a good life well-lived!

  5. I think it's a sign of contentment, of trust...yea, probably joy :-)

  6. It is just "du bonheur" Angus and the incomparable thought to have a sweet house, with lovely parents in it, a sort of Wilf's heaven on earth.
    Enjoy this new day Wilfee, all my love for you, and cuddles, and lots of bisous.

  7. Absolute joy, for all concerned. So glad Wilf looks like he will be opening his presents on Christmas Day.

  8. Hey there Mongoose...
    What a beautiful piece of poignant too!
    I hope that your home will be filled with Meerkats soon and that the "Font" has settled Granny too. Big hugs to Wilf(or rather...pats! I'd hate to be regarded as another Madam Bay!)
    Sending lotsaluv

  9. All our New York friends need to be on the alert to spot the itinerant gendarmes and the baboushka look-alike with the lime green scarf.

    Happiness, delight, joy --- my Roget has them nestling together under Pleasure -- but they also belong under Dog, dear furry companion.

    We share each of these delicious moments with you and Wilf!

    xxx Joan

  10. I do believe that's all three wrapped up in one delightful furry package!

    Try to do things this week to distract yourself from the time apart! lol

  11. Your day with Wilf encompasses all three - happiness, delight, and joy. And, may I add, contentment.

  12. all of the above! of course.

  13. The answer, dear Angus, is "D."..."all of the Above." ( As I write this, Petey is stretched out alongside me, snoring loudly. Charming in canines, not so much in humans.)

  14. True Bliss!
    Hugs from N.CA
    Fay & her girls

  15. We agree, all of the above! :)

    Blessings and Love,
    Janelle and Maggie Mae

  16. i would definitely say it's all three, too!
    by the way, i've alerted my NYC friends to be on the look out for a brightly clothed french woman. ;)

    the booker man and asa's mama

  17. We say all three. Madame Bay Does NY.....could be a movie in that.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Kendra & Bella

  18. Worth a million dollars - nothing short of sheer, utter bliss...

  19. oh my. it may be cold but Wilfee boy's endless summer goes on. I just call it all a miracle of one Texas Tough PON!(seeing as how he remains an hnorary Texan ya know ;) all of us here at The Texas Sundogs wish all of you the erriest of Christmases We will continue to hold all of you in our hearts. nice scrithes,belly rubs and a sneak kiss on that sweet head of Wilf. my day has been made !
    The Texas Sundogs and Jamie too

  20. Agreed - all three and peace. The thought of a movie of Madame Bay Doing NY is hilarious! There would need to be outtakes of her outfits at your home, Angus, with some of Wilf's reactions/verbage. Have a lovely day with your snow hound.

  21. It's heaven, Angus, it's heaven.

    Love to all.

  22. I read that first sentence and thought that Madame Bay was quitting her job! I'd have been so sad. I've come to quite enjoy her antics.

    Dogs really do smile, I've seen it for myself!

    When, after a long day out in the cold, an old dog sits in front of the fire, lays his head on your foot and falls gently asleep that's happiness, delight and joy all rolled into one!

  23. Hi, Wilf! Mom has been busy taking care of her sick mother and hasn't been looking at blogs lately. She is glad to see you looking good!


  24. Having Wilf content and alseep on your foot sounds like bliss.

  25. It's almost as if we were there. Thank you for sharing.

    Jake and Fergi

  26. Perfection.

    Hope Mme. Bey has something warmer than a kerchief for her head. She'll need it.

    Jed & Abby

  27. It is the definition of happiness and joy.
    For both of you.
    Nothing better in the world.